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Best Newborn Baby 0-6 Month Sleeping Bags

The follow is a small sample of some of the best 0-6 month baby sleeping bags we've been lucky enough to test out

1. Sweety 2.5 tog Fox Sleeping Bag

Sweety Fox Sleeping Bag

Sweety Fox makes sleeping bags that come in 0-6 months, 6-12 months, 12-18 months, 18-24 months and even 3-6 years so if you like this design but want to move up a size be sure to check them out. Their sleeping bags are made with 100% organic cotton. This particular one comes in 2.5 tog so it's designed for colder temperatures or lesser layers. What we liked about this particular sleeping bag is the simplistic design and focus on safety thanks to its Oeko-tex certification. Sweety Fox gives you a lot of convenience with a great zipper making quick nappy changes a doddle. The zipper has a safe fastener to not hurt the baby.

The Sweety Fox sleeping bag feels extremely soft to touch and the seams are all excellently stitched together - this bag should outlast the baby's growth depending on the size. It's machine washable and Sweety Fox will even give you exact instructions should you be confused. The design is very simple and should blend in with practically any interior decor. However, those who want a flashy looking slumber sack will no doubt be disappointed.

Sweety Fox Features

The price point for Sweety Fox's sleeping bag is very good. and should be suitable even if you're on a budget. It's back by only positive reviews on Amazon and quite often it's on offer if you're after a bargain. We can't fault this sleeping bag for parents of babies 0-6 months looking for their first ever sleeping sack. It's safe, well made, soft and good looking. There's nothing not to like here. Like we mentioned earlier, if you're keen on this and want a different size just follow the link and make your selection of three different styles!

Sweety Fox 2.5 tog 0-6 month sleeping bag
2,779 Reviews
Sweety Fox 2.5 tog 0-6 month sleeping bag
  • BABY SLEEPING BAG 2.5 TOG FOR ALL SEASON - Sweety Fox’s baby sleeping bag 0-6 months are light and made for warmer nights : the 2.5 tog newborn sleeping bag is the perfect nursery accessory when baby grows

2. Gro Bag Roll Up 1.0 tog 0-6 month sleeping bag

Gro Bag Roll Up 1.0 tog 0-6 month sleeping bag

The Gro Bag Roll Up sleeping bag is one of the most widely reviewed 0-6 month sleeping bag on the UK market. They are a multi-award winning household name who make quality products which are BS8510:2009 approved and an intense focus on comfort and usability for both parent and baby. Reviewing baby products can be a bit tedious at times because they are so regulated they're not allowed to be that different quite frankly but these guys go the extra mile with the number of extras you get with purchase.

You get two in a pack. There are double shoulder poppers and zips on both sides which makes it simple to put on and secure once it's on your baby. The zips use zip clicks so they can't be opened accidentally (or on purpose for larger sizes). For the 0-6 month size, there are underarm poppers to compensate for the fiddliness being smaller brings. The material is 100% cotton jersey which is soft to touch and machine washable. We mention extensively in the buyer's guide that the key to picking the right tog is the temperature of the room so you might be pleasantly surprised to find a Gro Bag Roll Up 1.0 tog 0-6 month sleeping bag comes with a free nursery thermometer.

Gro Bag Roll Up 1.0 tog 0-6 month sleeping bag
Cot for scale

Get this sleeping bag if you're after a tried and tested product and tend to go for mainstream brands. The added thermometer and the fact it comes in a two pack is a major sweetener. Don't forget that if you want a higher or lower tog or a different size they also cater for that.

Available togs: 1, 2.5

Available sizes: 0-6 months, 6-18 months, 18-36 months.

Gro Bag Roll Up 1.0 tog 0-6 month sleeping bag
10 Reviews
Gro Bag Roll Up 1.0 tog 0-6 month sleeping bag
  • Contains 2 x 0-6 mm grobags in 10 tog warmth rating for use from 18 lbs

3. Gro Company Baby Sleeping Bag

The Gro Company's offering in the 0-6 month segment is a top quality sack which is another multi-award winner and the only sleeping bag approved the Lullaby Trust and of course the EN16781:2018 standard. The shoulders have poppers and on the sides are YKK zips for safety and ease of use. Perhaps the most striking feature of this sleeping bag and why you might want to consider it are the bright colours and vibrant patterns you can get. We've only shown one pattern here but if you clicked through the view the product you'd see other ones available.

The Gro Company offer sleeping bags with front zips and side zips (both YKK zips) which are secure zip clicks and practically impossible for the baby to take off whether it is by accident or on purpose. Go Company's products are well priced and well marketed making them a fairly mainstream and well-tested product. You'll find hundreds of positive reviews like ours online so be rest assured that this is a reliable product and safe for your baby to use. All we can say is if the pattern takes your fancy then why not check this out.

Togs available: 0.5, 1.0, 2.5, 3.5

Sizes available: 0-6 months, 6-18 months, 18-36 months

Gro Company Baby Sleeping Bag
11 Reviews
Gro Company Baby Sleeping Bag
  • Includes free nursery thermometer and what to wear guide in 0-6 and 6-18 month sizes

4. Snuz Pouch 0-6 months

Snuz Pouch 0-6 months 2.5 tog sleeping bag

A slightly different approach to the sleeping bags we've reviewed so far is the Snuz Pouch which works more or less the same but there is a different front opening - this helps in two ways - this allows easy access to change the nappy with little to no disruption to the baby and the other is to allow the baby to be cooled down in a hot night. This sleeping bag is still oeko-tex certified, conforms to BS 8510:2009 and is made using 100% organic wool and has safety zips and poppers on the shoulders.

Clearly, in such a competitive market which is heavily regulated, every company had to make the effort to create their own USP and Snuz have gone for this opening. And do you know what? It's a really, really handy one too. If you have a baby that dream poops then this may be the best baby sleeping bag for you. It's relatively new, so there isn't a massive amount of existing third-party feedback but there is some and it's all positive.

Togs available: 1, 2.5

Sizes available: 0-6 months.

Snuz Pouch 0-6 months
555 Reviews
Snuz Pouch 0-6 months
  • SnüzPouch’s clever Nappy Change zip gives you a quicker and easier way to access your baby’s bottom to nappy change during the night. Your little one can stay snug with less disturbance during changes

5. Snooze Bag 2.5 tog 0-6 month sleeping bag for babies

Snooze Bag 2.5 tog 0-6 month sleeping bag for babies

The Snooze Bag 2.5 tog 0-6 month sleeping bag for babies is our final entry in the 0-6 month category and it's because this is one of the cheaper sleeping bags for babies on the UK market as well as one that's got a front zipper for a bit of a change from the others. It's made using the very same 100% organic jersey cotton for comfort. This one is geared towards boys but perfectly suitable for girls in this day and age. Despite being a somewhat budget offering this is still a product which is compliant with British standard BS 8510:2009, has double front YKK zips for safety front and back. We feel the reason why Snooze bags are particularly good value is that they've doubled down on making them only 2.5 tog which is the most common rating.

This is a fantastic entry level sleeping bag for those who just want one that's all year round with a simple style and a low price. The front zipper is a personal choice. Backed by a large amount of very positive reviews this bag is unlikely to disappoint. No bonuses will come with this like the others but they do make a sleeping bag for 3-6 year old toddlers if you fancied that.

Togs avaialable: 2.5

Sizes Available: 0-6 months, 6-18 months, 18-36 months and 3-6 years.

Snooze Bag 2.5 tog 0-6 month sleeping bag for babies
281 Reviews
Snooze Bag 2.5 tog 0-6 month sleeping bag for babies
  • ✔ SAFETY ASSURED: Snoozebags are rigorously tested to comply with British Safety Standard (EN 16781:2018) to ensure peace of mind and a safe sleeping environment.

Best baby sleeping bag for 6-18 months

The following selection of sleeping bags are ideal for babies from 6 months to a maximum of 18 months.

1. Mamas and Papas Dreampod Sleeping Bag, 2.5 tog, pack of 2 for 6-12 months

Mamas and Papas Dreampod Sleeping Bag, 2.5 tog, pack of 2 for 6-12 months

The Mamas and Papas Dreampod is one the better products in the 6-18 month category and is pretty much the same quality sleeping bag as the 0-6 month one just bigger. It's got front facing zips if that's something you've been used to so far or if you want to try a different type. Mamas and Papas do all of their Dreampod line of snooze sacks in neutral colours if that's the kind of thing you're into but if you're after something a bit flashier then you're going to be disappointed. You will get two sleeping bags with a purchase which is fantastic and perhaps a lot of people don't realise that if there's been an accident and it needs to be washed then your baby will be without a sleeping bag for a night. Having two gives you an extra buffer.

We had to do some digging but we can confirm that this is BS 8510:2009 compliant. However, there is no word from oeko-tex or the lullaby trust. However, it is a safe product to use so don't worry. Overall, we love the simple neutral style and we have found that front zips are superior in terms of convenience. If you want a good deal from a mainstream brand on your next size up sleeping bag for a baby then this is the one for you.

Tog available: 2.5

Sizes available: 0-6 months, 6-18 months

Mamas and Papas Dreampod Sleeping Bag, 2.5 tog, pack of 2 for 6-12 months
40 Reviews
Mamas and Papas Dreampod Sleeping Bag, 2.5 tog, pack of 2 for 6-12 months
  • DREAM POD - Provides the perfect sleeping environment for baby

2. Jojo Maman Bebe Baby Cosy, 3.5 tog 6-18 months

Jojo Maman Bebe Baby Cosy, 3.5 tog 6-18 months

The Jojo Maman Bebe Baby Cosy, 3.5 tog 6-18 months is a sumptuous sleeping bag designed for colder nights with it being 3.5 tog. It's extra wadding and superior materials make it one of the softest sleeping bags we've encountered, which is a good thing considering the price tag! Jojo Maman Bebe are not known for being the cheapest but they do have a reputation for being one of the best websites to get better than average baby products and their branded product is no different. They do have other styles available but this was our favourite of the bunch.

Its design uses a safety YKK zip that goes down the middle for convenience putting it on, taking it off and getting access just to change a nappy. Perhaps the feature we all agreed was fab over here at BFM HQ was the detachable sleeves to make it even more snug or cooler if you were to use it in higher temperatures. It goes without saying the Jojo Maman Bebe Baby Cosy, 3.5 tog 6-18 months sleeping bag conforms with BS 8510:2009 and is perfectly safe to use. There are two colours available - fuschia and navy for a boy or a girl.

Togs available: approx. 3.5 tog

Sizes available: 0-6 months, 6-18 months

Jojo Maman Bebe Baby Cosy, 3.5 tog 6-18 months

3. Gro Company Velour Sleeping Bag, 3.5 tog 6-18 months

Gro Company Velour Sleeping Bag, 3.5 tog 6-18 months

The Gro Company Velour Sleeping Bag, 3.5 tog 6-18 months is one of the best looking premium sleeping bags on the market, we think. This is the same multi award-winning brand who are the only ones to be Lullaby Trust approved on top of EN safety standard EN16781:2018. This is an ideal sleeping bag for those living in colder climates or for people who want to go camping with their baby as 3.5 tog is a bit high to be classed as an all year rounder.

It uses shoulder poppers and side YKK safety zips. It's USP over the other bags, including the other ones made by Gro Company is the velour feel on the outside. Specifically, the sleeping bag is made with 80% Cotton & 20% Polyester outer; 100% Cotton lining; 100% Polyester wadding. This leads to a softness unrivalled but it's pretty much for the benefit of the parent as the inside is the same as all other sleeping bags. All in all, we think this is a really fab sleeping bag which looks fantastic, feels fantastic and keeps your baby dead cosy. As a bonus, you will also get a nursery thermometer!

Togs available: 3.5

Sizes available: 0-6 months, 6-18 months, 18-36 months

Gro Company Velour Sleeping Bag, 3.5 tog 6-18 months
204 Reviews
Gro Company Velour Sleeping Bag, 3.5 tog 6-18 months
  • Double shoulder poppers and side zip on all sizes

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Baby Sleeping Bags Buyer's Guide

Welcome to the Best For Mums baby sleeping bag buyer's guide. In this section, we break down everything you need to know about buying sleeping bag for your baby including the differences between products and brands, pros and cons of a sleeping bag to help you decide which one you should buy or whether you should buy one at all. All Best For Mums reviews are impartial and simply the opinion of our testers and writers - always do your own independent research and do what feels right for you and your baby.

What is a newborn, baby and toddler sleeping bag

Baby Sleeping Bag
A typical baby sleeping bag

A baby sleeping bag is pretty much the same thing as an adult sleeping bag is, but instead of being used for sleepovers and camping trips a baby sleeping bag is used for naps and nighttime sleep. A newborn baby sleeping bag is constructed in a way that it can be seen as a wearable duvet/quilt or even a dress in some cases. Most sleeping bags are made more or less the same to work like a sack with sealed sides and straps which go over the shoulders so it can't be accidentally taken off with sleepy time wriggling.

The biggest differences between brands of sleeping bags are the patterns, sizes, entry method and the tog measurement. A baby sleeping bag is not an essential baby purchase but the benefirs far outweigh the drawbacks, we feel, and if it can fit within the budget we believe every parent should have one in the home.

Should I be using a baby sleeping bag?

Although we are big fans of baby grow bags, we know that they are more of a luxury item than a necessity. They're not something you 'need' and if you're a family on a tight budget we would probably recommend you spend your money elsewhere. That being said, a newborn sleeping bag is on the recommended list of products from the Lullaby Trust, a charity created to raise awareness of SIDS and is a product which provides a lot of conveniences and can make bedtime much simpler, especially in summer and winter. To counter that, Which? conducted a survey which found many sleeping bags to not be 'safe' leaving many parents anxious about buying one at all. Don't worry, we won't be mentioning any of these!

Baby winter sleeping bag

If you strive to have the absolute safest sleep possible for your baby then a sleeping sack which has been thoroughly tested to British standards can definitely help with that, it can also prevent babies kicking their covers away or accidentally having covers put on them as they move about. Our advice is to read up on a buying guide such as this one to make sure you are getting the right one for you and your baby's needs. To make it easier for you to determine whether or not a baby sleeping bag is for you we've curated a list of benefits and drawbacks from many other sources alongside our own to help you out.

Benefits of a baby sleeping bag

Here are some benefits of baby sleeping bags and more reasons for why they could be right for you and your baby


For most mums, especially if you're baby is younger than 6 months or breastfed then bedtimes can be a source of frustration. If you're not using a baby sleeping bag then preparing your baby's clothes and sleeping area can be fiddly with several steps before they finally get their head down. Using a baby sleeping bag removes a few steps which allow you to get them prepared quicker and easier. There are no sheets or layers to contend with, either.

Just put your baby in the sleeping sack, secure them and place them in the cot.

Helps establish bed time

There are a few things which let the baby know it's time for bed - the lights go off, perhaps a sleep-aiding toy comes out to play and a special type of milk is prepared. Putting on a sleeping bag can be used as another icon of a great night's sleep for your baby. When you put it on they can start to associate it with a great rest and it may get them in the mood quicker as a result as they feel secure and comfortable in the familiarity of the baby sleeping bag.

Caters for all seasons

If you think baby sleeping bags are just for winter then think again. Most baby sleeping bag brands in the UK make versions with different togs (more on tog later) to suit different seasons. Effectively, a sleeping bag for a baby can be used in the summer and it will keep their temperature the same as a higher tog baby sleeping bag for the winter. Obviously, this means you'll need to fork out on more than one, though.

There are also other differences between summer and winter baby sleeping bags other than the tog with some baby sleeping bags having arms and others not covering the legs.

Easy to get on - hard to get off

Most sleeping bags, especially the ones that we recommend, will have zips or easy clips to allow you to get it on your baby in the first place and to be able to get in and out of the sleeping bag for nappy changes and so on. It's also very hard if not impossible for your baby to get out of on their own so you don't need to worry about your baby slipping out and being uncovered in the middle of the night - this feature also makes the baby sleeping bag much safer than using covers which can lower the risk of SIDS as we've previously mentioned.

Drawbacks of a baby sleeping bag

There aren't many drawbacks of a sleeping bag to be honest as they're pretty good products. Sure, there are drawbacks to indvidual products but not the genre itself. Either way, this is what we could find


Baby sleeping bags are more expensive than the product they're replacing, generally. By that, we mean they are more expensive than using covers. They're actually pretty expensive in general as well so those on a budget who simply can't get everything on their wish list may need to reconsider this one.

Babies can outgrow them

Babies grow quickly and they will outgrow their slumbering bags. Sizes of sleeping bags come in ranges of 0-6 months, 6-12 months, 12-18 months and 18 to 36 months so that's 4 different bags you'll need to get before they become toddlers. We previously mentioned how they're more expensive and this is yet another reason on top.

You'll need more than one

Not only will you need up to 4 different sizes but you'll also need more than one depending on the season due to the differing togs. That's unless you opt to not use a sleeping bag in the winter or summer and use a different sleeping product for those seasons.

Needs washing

Because it's an item of clothing it can become dirty from general use or soiled by the baby itself. Once it's dirty and/or in the wash it's out of action and you'll need to use an alternative sleeping arrangement. If your baby really loves sleeping bags and you haven't got a spare this could cause some problems for you and your baba.

How do I use a baby sleeping bag?

If you were expecting a really complicated guide then fear not! A sleeping bag or a sack is a dead easy product to use - you just put your baby in and zip them up, or button the shoulders and that's it. Perhaps an easier way to demonstrate is via the Grobag company's instruction video whom we recommend.

What to look for in a baby sleeping bag

Here are some key features of baby sleeping bags we feel you need to consider before buying the best baby sleeping bags.

Safety compliant

In the UK we have rules and regulations which baby sleeping bags should adhere to. Specifically, all, not just the best, baby sleeping bags need to conform to BS 8510:2009 standards. This standard is specific to this product. "BS 8510 specifies requirements for the safety of sleep bags for the use of children with a minimum weight of 4 kg designed to provide sufficient warmth so as to remove the need for additional bedding when sleeping in a cot or similar product in which a child is contained."

If the brand of sleeping bag you're considering has not stated that what you're buying conforms to this then don't buy it.

A good fit

How a baby sleeping bag should fit
How a baby sleeping bag should fit

You won't know definitely know how good a baby sleeping bag will fit until you've purchased it and tried it on. To be fair, it's very hard for most manufacturers of baby clothing and apparel to get it right with every one of their sizes. My son, for example, could fit in 6-9 month clothing at the age of 4-5 months - when it was us buying the clothes it was easy but it is a nightmare for relatives and friends when they buy clothing as gifts. What you should look for are sleeping bags with extra poppers which allow you to adjust to fit the size of your baby snugly. Your baby should not be able to get their hands into the bag and potentially stuck in the night. The neck area should have plenty of play but not so much that they can duck their head into the bag, but not so much that it's tight and inhibits the head's natural movement.

Another fantastic way to ensure your purchase will be a great fit is by making sure you get a sleeping bag that's a good fit is the feedback and reviews left on third party sites that sell them such as Jojo Maman Bebe and Amazon.

If your baby's sizing seems spot on with baby grows and sleep suits then they will no doubt fit fine in the size guides of the sleeping bags. If you have a large or small baby for their age then go fown or up as appropriate.

Backed by reviews

We say this in every product roundup guide we've created on Best For Mums. Never just take our word for it! Our experience of these products do not necessarily reflect what you're likely to experience yourself which is why we recommend to always check out what others have said before committing. Websites like Amazon and Jojo Maman Bebe collect reviews on their products so be sure to check them out.

Clearly defined features

When viewing the product on whatever website you find yourself on, make sure the features of the sleeping bag are clearly defined and none are missing. You're looking for things such as - is it machine washable, does it use zips or poppers? Is it compliant with British standards and additional standard such as Oeko-Tek? What tog is the product? What material is the entire thing made out of?

Some manufacturers can write a load of fluff on their sites to make their product look amazing but it's these critical features that make a sleeping bag great and if they're not clearly shown then you should avoid.

What tog sleeping bag do I need?

If you're not in the know about what tog means then allow me to explain before we get into what tog a sleeping is depending on your needs. A tog is a unit of measurement for the thermal resistance of a given area. Think of tog as a rating to match a given temperature. A tog 'rating' is between 0.5 and 2.5. The lower the tog the less dense the material and insulated the sleeping bag is. In the summer you will need a lower tog and in the winter you will need a higher tog. However, a tog should match the temperature in the room and NOT the season. If you've got air conditioning, climate control or a home temperature control unit such as Hive then you can use the same tog sleeping bag all year round.

However, if you don't have any of these things and the nursery or the room your baby sleeps in is affected by the rising or declining temperatures outside then the tog of the sleeping bag is important.

Tog Baby Sleeping Chart
Credit: Tealbee

The first step in understanding what tog the sleeping bag should be is to find out the temperature of the nursery your baby is going to be in is. If you don't have one we recommending investing in a simple room thermometer.

Gro Egg
10,764 Reviews
Gro Egg
  • Changes colour with the temperatue of the room

0.5 Tog - 0.5 tog sleeping bags are the lightest sleeping bags you can get and should only really be needed in high summer in bedrooms and nurseries where the temperature could reach and possibly exceed 24/25 degrees. Ideally, if the rooms reach these temperatures please try and lower them if possible because if they keep rising you shouldn't be using the sleeping bags at all as it'll become too hot. For more people, 0.5 tog sleeping bags are for summer.

1 tog - A 1 tog sleeping bag is ideal for houses which get warm between 22-24 degrees. Like the tog chart shows, layers can be removed from the baby to adapt the 1 tog sleeping bag accordingly.

1.5 tog - We would say that a 1.5 tog sleeping bag is the most common tog fora bag which is suitable for room temperatures of around 19-21 degrees which is roughly the optimal temperature a bedroom or nursery should be. Think of 1.5 tog sleeping bag as the all-rounder, suitable all year round with some extra layers in winter and just a vest in the summer.

2.5 tog - This is a tog for winter or houses with poor insulation or a lack of heating at any time during the year, or for those who live in generally colder areas such as Scotland. We're talking sub-18-degree temperatures at any given time in the bedroom or nursery. If the temperature drops even further than you'll still need to any some extra layers under the sleeping bag. If the temperature is even less than 16 degrees then you will need more than a sleeping bag to keep them warm.

For our closing comments, we remind you that babies are not able to regulate their own temperature which is why there is this focus on room temperature, layers and togs. Find out the temperature of the babies nursery or bedroom BEFORE committing to a particular tog sleeping bag. If you have a thermometer in the room then understanding what tog and how many layers they need is easy peasy.