About Best For Mums

Best For Mums has been helping parents since 2005 as a Facebook group before finally converting into a website in late 2017 by Maggie Jones and Samantha Davenport. Maggie and Sam have been friends for years and both became mums for the first time in 2005 – the both of them enjoyed learning all about motherhood and would share their experiences with other mums and mums to be in their small North West facebook group for 12 years before taking the plunge and creating their very own website.

Best For Mums is a portal to read and share interesting and informative articles to do with parenting and everything else in between and now has authors from all over the country from all different walks of life.

Meet the BFM team

Samantha Davenport

Samantha Davenport

Samantha Davenport is one of the original founders of Best For Mums and hails from Southport. Sam first became a mum to Charlie in 2005 and has since had another two children, Ben came along in 2010 and Julie came in 2015. Samantha enjoys running, cycling and cooking and the day to day management of Best For Mums.


Maggie Jones

Maggie JonesMaggie Jone met Samantha Davenport in Liverpool University and they were good friends and they both became pregnant and had their first children in 2005. It’s during this time that they both started the Facebook group to help NW mothers by sharing their experiences. Maggie is a professional photographer and proud mum to Sally and Daniel.

Kate Richardson

Kate RichardsonKate is a mum of three – two boys (11 and 5) and one girl (3) and has been a contributor with Best For Mums for a number of years now starting off as a moderator on the Facebook group. Kate is an English teacher from Huddersfield by day and a Yoga instructor by night. You can get in touch with Kate by emailing kate[at]bestformums.co.uk.

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