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About Best for Mums

Best For Mums has been helping parents since 2005. Started as a small North West Facebook group where new mums would share their experiences, the website was created in 2017 and is now providing reviews and information to parents all over the world.

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My name is Beth and I’m so glad that you’re here. Whether you’re a new parent, parent-to-be, or have a lot of experience with children, I hope that you’ll find some value in the information on the blog.

When I first fell pregnant, I had barely ever held a baby, let alone know how to take care of one! After the excitement of the pregnancy had worn off, we started to prepare for the baby’s arrival.

I’m a planner by nature and started making lists of all the different gear that we would need. I soon found myself overwhelmed at the vast selection of items and brands, as well as the varying opinions of what people thought was actually necessary.

Were we going to use cloth or disposable nappies? Bottle feed or breast feed? Co-sleep or not? What kind of baby carrier would I need?! The decisions seemed endless!

So, I started researching, talking to friends, and checking out products in the shops. I read books and made spreadsheets with my findings (yes, I’m one of those people!). It took a lot of time and energy, but I was happy with all our choices in the end, and I felt prepared when we welcomed our little girl into the world.

Our goal at Best For Mums is to help you save all of that time, so that you can spend it with your family. Let us do the research for you and help you make the best choices.

Check in with us when you need help with breastfeeding or have a question about your baby’s condition. Need suggestions for toys or concerns about your relationship post baby? We have information on that as well. We share information and articles on parenting, pregnancy and everything in between.

Anything else you’d like us to talk about? Comments or suggestions? Please let us know, we’d love to hear from you.

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About Beth

After learning all she knows about pregnancy, birth and babies the hard way, Beth is now sharing her knowledge with you. She has a degree in business but has honorary Masters in Taming Tantrums, Messy Play, Toy Finding and Cuddling. She lives with her husband and two young children, a girl and a boy, in West Sussex, UK. In her free time, she enjoys reading, baking, Pilates and tennis.

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