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Best For Mums participates in a variety of affiliate schemes which help fund and run the website, visitors who follow our links and purchase a product may earn Best For Mums a commission.

We are open and honest about everything we write on Best For Mums, our use of affiliates to earn commission is another example.

Why do we use affiliate schemes?

Unfortunately, running a website has its costs such as server costs, media costs and time. We use affiliate schemes to earn commission and therefore keep the website free to enjoy as well as enable to use to be able to improve the website more and more.

The money we make from affiliate marketing costs you nothing but keeps us online, so thank you for your continued support!

Do affiliate links affect me?

Following an affiliate link does not affect your user experiences or the prices you see. The only way following an affiliate affects you is when the third party website places a cookie to enable them to track your visit and attribute the commission correctly.

What affiliate schemes do we use?

We only use reputable affiliate schemes, which have been carefully approved by them and carefully selected by us they are the following:

I don’t want to take part in your affiliate scheme

Although we have taken great care to label our affiliate links we can not guarantee that whichever link you click won’t be an affiliate scheme, therefore, to not take part in an affiliate scheme of ours do not click any link and clear your computer’s cookies after finishing.