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Bathing a baby, especially as a new parent, can be a bit overwhelming and scary. Best For Mums provides you have all the bathing tips and information you need to make it as safe and fun as possible.

best time to give baby a bath
The Best Time to Give Baby a Bath
There’s nothing nicer than cuddling a freshly bathed baby. Their hair is all fluffy, they smell amazing and you know there’s no dried milk hiding in those adorable rolls. But when is the best time to give baby a bath? Obviously, there’s no right or wrong answer. As their parent, you can bath your baby whenever…
how to clean baby bathtub
How to Clean a Baby Bathtub Safely to Avoid Mould and Bacteria
How often do you clean the family tub? After every use? Once a week? As you know, it’s important to keep the tub clear of soap scum, dirt and other kinds of bacteria that can grow. This is equally, if not more important, with a baby bath. Their delicate skin requires clean water and gentle…
best baby washcloths, flannels and muslins
Best baby washcloths, flannels, bath mitts and gloves
Pregnancy is a time for planning, at least it was for me. I remember scouring the internet for checklists of things I would need for my new baby. Bathtime was a topic I was scared of; how would I find a washcloth or flannel soft enough for my baby’s delicate skin? Whether you’re looking for your…
how to give an oatmeal bath for babies
How to Give an Oatmeal Bath for Babies
Did you know that oatmeal can be added to a bath? It acts as an emollient and provides relief from itchy and dry skin conditions such as diaper rash and eczema. We provide a comprehensive guide on how to give an oatmeal bath for babies.