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Baby’s First Easter Keepsake Ideas

Let’s face it, there is just something so cute about babies and springtime, especially Easter. My guess is that the new life of spring resonates with us and our new baby. Whatever it is, what better way to help capture the season than with an adorable baby’s first Easter keepsake.

I know not everyone has the time, skills or energy to make their own keepsake at home. So we’ve broken down our list into two sections – those ideas that are DIY and those that we can purchase. Either way, you are sure to find some way for you to remember how small and sweet your little bundle was on their first Easter.

These are also the perfect gift for you to pass on to grandparents. And we may be speaking of them as first Easter ideas, but there is nothing to say that these wouldn’t also be perfect for toddlers and older kids. Do the same thing every year to show how much your baby is changing. Or do a different one every year to create an array of decorations around the house.

Whatever you choose, just be prepared that if you continue to read this article, you are going to be overcome by the cuteness and will NEED to continue with one of these. Consider yourself warned!

Table of Contents

DIY Baby’s First Easter Keepsake Ideas

Whether you’re using your baby’s footprints, handprints or photo, there are so many gorgeous ideas for keepsakes of baby’s first Easter. We’ve rounded up some of our favourites below.

Natural footprint bunnies
Photo credit: sowandexplore

I love this one for two reasons. First, it’s a great way to show how tiny your little one’s feet are compared to the rest of the family. Over time, this will be even more memorable as it’s crazy how fast their little feet grow! This would be a fun one to do year on year to show the changes. Secondly, it incorporates elements of nature which allows you to add your own personal touches.

2. White Footprint Bunny

This white footprint bunny is absolutely adorable. It uses both your baby’s footprint and thumbprint, so keep that in mind before you clean up and put the paint away! Use it to create a calendar as she has done, or do the bunny separately to create a cute first Easter keepsake or gift for the family.

Salt dough handprint Easter Keepsake
Photo credit: Learning and Exploring Through Play

Not interested or keen to get messy with painting your baby’s feet? That’s ok, we completely understand! Perhaps salt dough is more your style? Learning and Exploring Through Play shows how to mix up a batch of salt dough and get an imprint of your baby’s hand (I definitely recommend enlisting the help of an adult with this if your baby is very young!). After it dries, paint it to your liking and you’ll have a first Easter keepsake ornament to bring out year after year.

4. Bunny and Carrot Footprint Canvas keepsake

Double the cuteness with this footprint bunny and carrot pair. It’s fairly simple and quick to make (as long as your baby cooperates with the footprints), and is perfect way to celebrate the spring and Easter season.

5. “Hoppy Day” Footprint Bunny

This canvas might require a bit more skill to create a bunny you’re happy with displaying. But if you are skilled with a paintbrush, you should be able to put together a cute hoppy bunny using your baby’s footprints. Something that you’ll be able to hang on the wall every Easter and marvel at how tiny your child once was!

6. Easter Silhouette Portraits

These silhouettes are an impressive decoration to make for your baby’s first easter (or any year really!). This one will require a bit more technical skill, as well as a printer, but I’m sure you will agree that this Easter keepsake is one that you will enjoy bringing out every year.

Footprint bunny cards
Photo Credit: rooboo_and_bear

Looking for ideas for Easter cards you can give to family and friends instead of a keepsake as such? These cards may look simple, but if you plan on making a lot of them, be prepared to get messy!

Handprint chick Easter keepsake
Photo credit: A Little Pinch of Perfect

Easter isn’t only about eggs and bunnies. It’s often also associated with the start of spring and that means cute baby animals such as little chicks. You’ll use prints of both your baby’s feet and hands for this one from A Little Pinch of Perfect, so prepare for a bit more mess! But the end result will be worth it.

Handprint Easter Keepsake
Photo Credit: Teach Me Mommy

This is another salt dough creation using a handprint, but this one from Teach Me Mommy also adds your baby’s picture to add an additional level of cuteness! You can personalise this chick as much or as little as you want, adding the year, or extra colours. Or keep it simple with the photo and handprint. I’m sure grandparents would love one of these.

10. Footprint Bunny with Photo

Here’s another one from the talented Michelle at Craft Morning, this time incorporating a photo into a sweet little cotton ball bunny. You couldn’t possible meet a cuter little bunny than this one, once you’ve added your own baby’s footprints and face!

Easter bunny keepsake with photo
Photo credit: A Hosting Home

This bunny from A Hosting Home is similar to the last idea (it was actually inspired by it!), but has a different take on it. By using paper instead of cotton balls for the bunny, you are free to personalise or add on any message you like. In this case “some bunny loves you!” is a sweet message to include on your newly created baby bunny and makes for a perfect baby’s first Easter keepsake gift. Also, don’t forget to add the adorable footprint carrots!

Personalised Keepsakes and Templates

Not all of us are crafty or have the materials at hand to create our own keepsakes. Luckily, there are some fantastic ideas available to make sure you still have a wonderfully cute Easter keepsake for your baby’s first Easter.

If, like me, you don’t fancy yourself very crafty, than perhaps a pre-made template might appeal to you a bit more. This cute downloadable bunny still allows you to add your own child’s footprints, but you don’t have to fuss around with painting or drawing any extra bits. Even better, you can print it out as many times as you like until you get the perfect “ears”. Because we all know that getting a baby to cooperate with footprints isn’t easy!

If you just want a cute keepsake to mark your baby’s first Easter, this cuddly bunny is just the thing. You can pick a white or grey bunny, and personalise it with your baby’s name and the date. A great first Easter keepsake that your child will also love!

A book can be enjoyed together again and again, and this personalised Easter Egg hunt book is no exception. While a new baby might not appreciate it as much, as your baby gets older they will delight in hearing their own name as part of the story. The pictures are beautiful and there is so much personalisation included. Makes a great first Easter gift for a friend or a keepsake for yourself.

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