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Best Baby Bedding Sets

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Getting the nursery prepared for a baby is one of the most time consuming and expensive activities you can do while pregnant. We’ve created a fair few product guides on Best For Mums and in this article we are going to help you find the best baby bedding that you can buy in the UK along with a short buyer’s guide to help you navigate the 1000s of different products out there.

Best overall baby bedding set

The Little Green Sheep Bear Crib Bedding Set

best overall baby bedding set

So, here it is. The Best For Mums choice for best overall baby bedding – The Little Green Sheep Bear Crib Bedding Set. It was a pleasure to review this set and to share our thoughts on why we think you should buy this while it’s still in stock. This is a set designed for cribs and bedside cribs.

Best For Mums Rating

The first in a long list of loves about this product we want to discuss is that the 3 piece set only comes with things that you need – two fitted sheets and a blanket. You may have already read the buyer’s guide at the bottom of the page but if not we clearly make the point that baby bedding should be kept simple and a blanket and some sheets is all you neeed – no pillows, duvets or quilts. This reduces wastage and makes it easier to buy it twice and that’s your bedding done and done.

We have championed using 100% cotton for your bedding because it is breathable and kinder on skin – this set we’re pleased to say is 100% certified organic cotton so it ticks all the boxes and a bonus box for being organic, too. As you’d expect, a product which is 100% cotton feels soft and clean and makes you feel at ease having this up against your baby for a prolonged period. If your wondering what being certified means it refers to the global organic textire standard (GOTS). We have placed their website in the references section if you want to learn more.

The Little Green Sheep Bear Crib Bedding Set 1
The Little Green Sheep Bear Crib Bedding Set 2

The fit of this bedding is absolutely spot on for cribs and bedside crib, it could be suitable for most cots. The sheets will fit cribs and cots which are between 35 x 80cm and 55 x 90cm so be sure to take measurements before a purchase. The blanket is 75 x 75cm. If you have a snuzpod crib then this product is designed specifically for this. 

We love the simple design for the bears and the grey melange colour which keeps it classy and simple. It is also available in a rabbit design with a green finish.

You can touch and feel the quality craftmanship in the sheets and blanket in this product, especially if you have another lower quality set right next to it to compare. The seams are all tight and the product feels very light and natural which are highly desirable qualities which are often missing in inferior and budget items. They are all machine washable and tumble dryer safe and if you were to buy two sets (one of each design perhaps?) then you’d be pretty much safe for life.

Little Green Sheep Bear Bedding Set Argos

To give it a balanced review, we’d have to agree that it is on the expensive side but things rarely are cheap when it comes to quality baby products. You get what you pay for, if you want the vey best for your baby then paying a little more is something that should be (begrudgingly) expected. We’re also a little dissapointed that this product is not available on Amazon and a few other stockists to be able to offer more than one price.

Overall, there are very few products can compare with the The Little Green Sheep Bear Crib Bedding Set. If you’re buying for yourself or buying as a gift then you can’t go wrong. We think this product is simply amazing to be quite honest. Just be sure to measure your crib/cot first to avoid dissapointment!



Best For Mums Rating

Best starter baby bedding set

Red Kite Baby Cosi 4 piece bedding set

Best starter baby bedding set​

After reviewing hundreds of different kinds of baby bedding we feel that the best overall bedding set is the Red Kite Baby Cosi 4 piece bedding set in this short review we are going to let you know why we’ve made this decision.

Best For Mums Rating

There are a lot of baby bedding products on the market and with it being so heavily regulated most products are of a high standard. However, we found Red Kite’s offering to be not only a good product but also a very good deal. This would be an excellent purchase for parents themselves as a first bedding starter pack or for family & friends as a gift for new parents.

Inside the pack you will get a padded and embroidered bumper (not a definite requirement), embroidered coverlet (blanket), fleece blanket (not needed but a welcome bonus) and a fitted sheet and packaged in a really well made glossy box that looks grea. It can help you put it away neatly if it’s a spare set. It’s also a well presented box which looks impressive when given as a gift.

red kite 4 piece baby set 1
red kite 4 piece baby set 2

With a few different parts included in the set it’s quite hard to find what materials the individual bits are made of. Luckily, we have found the information from Red Kite themselves.

Quilt: 50% cotton / 50% polyester

Bumper: 50% cotton / 50% polyester

Fleece blanket: 100% polyester

Sheet: 50% cotton / 50% polyester

If you’re wondering what the dimensions are:

Quilt: 100 x 120cm

Bumper: 155 x 38cm

Fleece blanket: 100 x 100cm

Sheet: 120 x 155cm

All of the products included in the Red Kite Baby Cosi 4 piece bedding set is soft, comfortable, well made and presented nicely. As we’ve covered in the buyer’s guide the quilt isn’t necessary but a nice bonus for those who want to use it anyway. Because it’s a set that has been designed to be ‘one for all’ and the measurements are nigh on perfect for practically any cot or cot bed.

You may have noticed that the Red Kite bedding set isn’t 100% cotton, which is one of the reasons it is not voted by Best For Mums as absolutely the best. However, the 50% polyester is what helps it become a little more durable, waterproof and cheap. Also, polyester is a little easier to colour and put a design on which is why the Safari design we’re showcasing is so jazzy and perhaps right up some people’s streets who are keen on colourful decor. 

Red kite bedding set boxed

It has been thoroughly tested to meet the strict British and European requirements though so don’t think that you’re taking a risk here.

Overall, the Red Kite Cosi Safari set is a belter of a starter set, a spare set or as a gift for new parents. The return on investment is huge, the quality is really good and the bright gender neutral colours mean it’s a relatively safe bet. However, if you’re looking at the go-to set then this isn’t it as the quilt isn’t necessary and it isn’t 100% cotton which we champion.



Best For Mums Rating

Best baby bedding on a budget

Mothercare cotton-rich grey star bed in a bag

cheap baby bedding

We’ve looked everywhere for a baby bedding set that’s both cheap and quality and haven’t come as close as we have with the Mothercare cotton-rich grey star ‘bed in a bag’. It’s a really food product and doesn’t compromise too much on quality in order to make it affordable. Take a look.

Best For Mums Rating

Inside this pack you’ll find a coverlet, bumper, fitted sheet and a fleece blanket which is exactly what you want in a baby bedding set. All of which are in a light grey almost beige colour which is neutral and clean. The important thing here is that the bedding isn’t designed to make your nursery pop but to be practical and just do the job at hand – this also makes it a relatively safe baby bedding set to get as a gift for someone else.

Clearly, Mothercare had to make some cuts to bring the cost down and the area they’ve done it is by not making it 100% cotton. The material composition is as follows:

Coverlet – front 60% cotton, 40% polyester back 100% polyester

Bumper –  outer 60% cotton 40% polyester, 100% polyester filling

Fitted sheet – 60% cotton 40% polyester
Fleece blanket – 100% polyester

mothercare cotton-rich grey star bed in a bag

We champion 100% organic cotton and we haven’t changed our mind but we completely understand it puts the price up and some people just can’t afford it. Polyester is in our lives and is perfectly safe and to be fair, the quality of the product here is top notch and we can’t fault it.

The fitting of the set is suitable for a cot (120×60) or cot bed (140×70) or smaller which is standard. It’s machine washable as you’d expect. The polycotton mix makes it a little less breathable than 100% cotton but the result is a set which is more water resistant and hardy so it can withstand a few more uses and you may be able to use it for more than one child in a lifetime.

Overall, the Mothercare cotton-rich grey star ‘bed in a bag’ is a fantastic product which has a huge return on investment. The neutral design makes it ideal if you don’t know what the gender is going to be or if you’re buying as a gift!



Best baby bedding for boys

sleepysaurus bed in a bag

best baby bedding for boys

The sleepysaurus bed in a bag is similar to another Mothercare product we’ve reviewed and we’re pleased to say they have made it in blue for the boys! We think the quality of the product is just as great and the design is super cute – perfect for your boy or as a gift!

Best For Mums Rating

This is not a budget item because Mothercare has put in the effort with the design and all of the materials are top-notch. This is actually a contender for best baby bedding and just one of for boys. In the box, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find 4 items – a coverlet, bumper, fleece blanket and a fitted sheet which is more than you actually need but everything you want.

All the items are soft to the touch, breathable and high quality. You will be hard-pressed to find a better product which is no surprise considering it’s from Mothercare who have a big reputation to maintain. Items are made with 100% cotton which is a huge plus point but there are some polyester thrown in which we’ll cover below. A note though – polyester is not the bad guy as it helps make the product more durable and water-resistant.

sleepysaurus bed in a bag 2
sleepysaurus bed in a bag

Coverlet – 100% cotton with 100% polyester fleece reverse

Bumper – bumper, 100% cotton with 100% polyester filling

Fleece blanket – 100% polyester

Fitted sheet – 100% cotton

Plenty of cottons but we are a little disappointed that the blanet is 100% polyester. However, we found it a really tough task to find a set specifically designed for boys that is made out of 100% cotton throughout. However, we have labelled the best baby bedding set which is 100% cotton and could be used for boys as it is neutral.

What we really want to talk about the is the gorgeous baby blue design with cute dinosaurs on it with a couple of other baby toy pictures. We are really in love with the way it looks as it gets the cuteness right to compliment your bundle of joy – it’s one of the nicest pairings of colours we’ve seen of any product and would really complement any baby boy nursery decor. The Mothercare design team really got it right with this set as we’re sure you’d agree.

The set is suitable for cot beds the sheet is 70x40cm, the blanket 100x120cm, the coverlet is 100x120cm.

Overall, we think as an overall package the sleepysaurus bed in a bag is the perfect blend of boy’s colours and designs with a quality product in of itself. This would go great in any nursery and as a gift for expectant parents of boys.

Best For Mums Rating



Best baby bedding for girls

Snuz crib bedding set in wave rose

Best Baby bedding for girls

Our top choice for the best bedding for girls is the crib bedding set in wave rose by Snuz. Snuz are such a well known baby product brand that they could have had an entry in any category but their strongest offering we think is in their girly bedding. Let’s take a look why.

Best For Mums Rating

The best place to start is by letting you know the contents – it is a three piece set with 1 reversible blanket and two fitted sheets – EXACTLY what you need and no more. Quite a few of the products we’ve reviewed also have what you need but often a little extra and you do end up having to pay for it anyway. With this set, you only get what you need and you won’t pay a penny for any more!

Once out of the pack, the sheets and the blanket are superb. All the products are 100% jersey cotton with no polyester which is right at the top of our wish list. It’s light, strong and breathable and perfect for your little girl summer, winter and every season inbetween. The cotton is jersey cotton which gives us a bit more longevity and strength which is especially important when it’s going to get washed over and over again.

Snuz crib bedding set in wave rose 2
Snuz crib bedding set in wave rose 1

Now, let’s talk about the design. It’s a very simple design which uses light and bubbly pink and grey tones. The waves add a classy touch to a girl’s crib we think. There are two different patterns on the sheet – plain baby pink and small rectangle pink on whites. The pictures explain better than we ever will.

Here are the dimensions:

  • Fitted Sheet Size: 35 x 80cm (min.) – 50 x 90cm (max.)
  • Reversible Blanket Size: 75 x 75cm
  • Fits SnuzPod 3 and all bedside cribs
  • 100% cotton
  • Machine washable and tumble-dryer safe

Overall, crib bedding set in wave rose by Snuz is the nicest baby bedding for girls, we think, and even when you look past the design it is still one of the best anyway.



Best if money was no object

Silver Cross marie-chantal luxury baby bedding

Silver Cross marie-chantal luxury baby bedding
If money was no object and you really wanted the nicest looking baby bedding set in the UK then we would suggest giving Silver Cross’s marie-chantal baby bedding a look. I mean just look at it!
Best For Mums Rating

Now that we’ve all had a look at just how gorgeous this set is, it’s time to discuss if it’s actually any good. In short, yes it is. The marie-chantal dress sheet is superbly comfortable and made using 100% cotton which ticks our box straight away. It’s soft to touch and pretty much one of the nicest feeling baby beddings we’ve ever touched. Yes, it is that nice. 

However, we can’t ignore that the defining feature is the style of the bedding. It has soft turquoise accents and Eau-de-nil subtle lining. It is the best looking sheet on the UK market hands down. 

Overall, you don’t get an awful lot for your money when compared to other products but in all honesty if we had unlimited money then this would be the one we’d go for simply for the luxury.



Why is a decent set of baby bedding important?

A good night’s rest is absolutely critical in both cognitive and physical development and forms the basis for them to go from one milestone to another. This places greater emphasis on making sure that when babies do sleep that it is quality and undisturbed sleep. We’ve covered a few articles on the subject of baby sleep so this guide on baby bedding fits in nicely.

A good set of bedding helps regulate the body temperature easier, provides comfort and when purchased in good, organic material it can help with preventing allergies. These are the reasons why a good set of baby bedding can ultimately help both baby and parents.

What considerations are there for baby bedding?

Before parting with your money for any sort of baby or parenting product, a decent amount of time should always be spent to figure out what is it you actually need. In the case of baby bedding, there are different kinds of bedding, different materials and some sleep clothing are not bedding at all such as with baby sleeping bags.

It is critical to remember that babies can not regulate their own temperatures until they are at least 18 months old and by this time they are toddlers. Therefore, baby bedding is extremely important because it needs to be able to keep them cool or warm depending on the circumstances and seasonality.

Duvets and quilts are not recommended during the baby phase and those in Moses baskets shouldn’t need bedding at all (yet) so don’t waste your money!

Next, consideration should be made for where the bedding is going – does your baby sleep in a cot, Moses basket or perhaps even co-sleeping? Often, one type (even if it’s the best in category) of bedding is not ideal for some bed types and thought should be given before spending any of your money.

Baby bedding should be fire-resistant (or rather not easily flammable), waterproof and durable as it is likely to get wet at some point, it’s going to be washed repeatedly and the fire resistance is self-explanatory. These things considered, you should be looking to buy at least two sets of the product you end up choosing so that you have the backup while one is in the wash or drying.

Lastly, a baby’s skin is super sensitive so we recommend only getting baby bedding which is hypoallergenic or if you are familiar with what they are fine with, a material which will not cause allergies.

What is the best fabric for baby bedding?

Cotton. If the price was not an issue then organic cotton would be the hands-down best fabric for baby bedding because it is breathable which keeps your baby cool in the heat and warm in the cold. 100% cotton is more often than not hypoallergenic, too. Unfortunately, cotton isn’t a naturally waterproof material unless they are treated with durable water repellant (DWR) which can increase the cost further.

That being said, cotton is still the best fabric to get.

Are baby blankets and bedding safe?

It is not the blankets and bedding itself that could cause problems but how it is fitted and how much of it is used. The Lullaby Trust who is can be seen as an authority in the UK on the subject of baby sleeping offers guidance on baby bedding but does maintain that it is very safe as long as their guidelines are followed.

What items are included in baby bedding sets?

For a complete baby bedding set you should look to get a bottom sheet, top sheet and a blanket. You can get these individually or to save some money you can buy them as sets (advisable). There are no pillows, quilts or duvets in a baby bedding set and we would strongly advise NOT getting any form of pillow or duvet for a baby.

Baby bedding safety tips

Here are some quick tips to use bedding to give your baby a peaceful and safe sleep

We recommend visiting the Lullaby Trust website for more in-depth advice. Their guides can be found in our references section at the bottom of the page.


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