Best Baby Oils For All Skin Types

Give your baby a lovely massage while protecting their skin with our selection of best baby oils
Last updated: May 16, 2019

Why use oil on baby skin? 

Your baby’s skin is sensitive, thin and fragile. To avoid damaging the sensitive skin, it’s important that you use oils to cleanse, maintain moisture and protect the surface. Additionally, baby oil is used for baby massage which can be a wonderful activity to help you to bond with your baby and bring them more comfort. Baby oils can be categorised into two main types: vegetable oils (such as coconut oil or Shea butter) and mineral oils (such as Vaseline and Johnson’s baby oil). Depending on your baby’s skin and condition you may wish to use a mineral oil, vegetable oil or a combination of both. Here are 10 of the best baby oils on the market. 

Best Baby Oil Brands UK

1. Johnson’s Baby Oil

Perhaps the most common baby oil on the market is Johnson’s baby oil. You’ll likely get at least one bottle of this baby oil as a gift before your baby arrives but it’s worth stocking up on this versatile baby oil. The pure baby mineral oil keeps your baby’s skin soft by locking in 10 times more moisture on wet skin than and ordinary lotion can on dry skin. This oil is clinically proven to be gentle and mild for baby’s skin. Additionally, it’s so easy to spread that it’s ideal for baby massage. 

Johnson's Baby Oil
50 Reviews
Johnson's Baby Oil
  • formulated to help moisturize babies' delicate skin, and protect skin from dryness, great for relieving dry skin or rough patches
  • Pure baby mineral oil forms a silky moisturizing barrier to help prevent excess moisture loss and lock in up to 10 times more moisture on wet skin than an ordinary lotion can on dry skin
  • Baby oil is clinically proven to be gentle and mild for baby's skin, easy to spread, ideal for baby massage and relaxing bonding experience for you and your baby

2. Burt’s Bees Baby Oil

The Burt’s Bees brand aims to give your baby a gentle start to life ‘as nature intended’. This oil is 100% natural and can be applied to your baby’s wet or dry skin directly or even added into baby’s bath water. This is a combination oil; containing mineral oil mixed with apricot and grape seed oil which are especially helpful in relieving dry skin. Another benefit of this particular oil is that you can use it too to create a healthy natural glow. 

Burt's Bees Baby Oil
276 Reviews
Burt's Bees Baby Oil
  • Baby oil: Moisturise your baby's delicate skin and protect from dryness with this hydrating baby oil that locks in moisture for soft, smooth skin
  • Soothing baby oil: Rich in antioxidants and vitamins, this oil is made with apricot and grape seed oil to help relieve discomfort from dry skin
  • 100 Percent natural: Add to bath water or apply directly to skin after a bath, this natural skin care is formulated without phthalates, parabens, petrolatum, SLS and without animal testing
  • Paediatricain tested: This baby oil is paediatrician tested, safe, effective and non-irritating to nurture baby's delicate skin. Bathtub may be slippery after use

3. Child’s Farm Baby Oil Organic Coconut

Child’s Farm is a popular British brand which uses natural ingredients and essential oils to create mild, kind and delicious smelling products for the skin and hair of newborns and infants. This oil is so gentle that it’s suitable for sensitive and eczma-prone skin. One of the best points about this oil is the scent; the warm, tropical and delicious scent will instantly remind you of summer! 

Child’s Farm Baby Oil Organic Coconut
23 Reviews
Child’s Farm Baby Oil Organic Coconut
  • Award-winning Childs Farm Baby oil with organic coconut
  • Suitable for newborns and upwards
  • Suitable for sensitive skin and safe for those who may be prone to eczema
  • Paediatrician and Dermatologist tested and approved

4. Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil

This brand focuses on pure, natural and oh-so-gentle baby skincare. If you are wanting to use coconut oil on your baby, this one by Kokoso is multi award-winning and made from premium quality, raw virgin organic coconuts. It is suitable for newborn, sensitive and eczema-prone skin. The multi-purpose oil can be used to moisturise baby’s skin, nourish flaky newborn skin, soothe as a nappy change balm, naturally cleanse skin and is both a  winter saviour (fighting dry, chapped skin) and a summer hero (acting as a hydrating after-sun treatment). Furthermore, it is the recommended product for baby massage by instructors nationwide. 

Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil
88 Reviews
Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil
  • 100% NATURAL: Kokoso Baby is an award winning premium quality raw virgin organic coconut oil specially selected for head-to-toe baby skincare. Packed with nourishing natural nutrients and skin-loving fatty acids, our magical multipurpose moisturiser is the perfect body butter, bottom balm, baby massage oil and so much more. So gentle it's suitable for sensitive and eczema-prone skin.
  • THE SECRET'S IN THE COCONUTS: Each special pot contains the natural goodness of around 3 premium organic coconuts (1.5 in our smaller size) that are unique to the region they grow in. Luxuriously silky smooth in texture, Kokoso Baby is more lightweight than other coconut oils and therefore sinks into delicate skin faster without leaving your little one feeling greasy - just beautifully moisturised and baby-soft.
  • FAMILY FRIENDLY: Kokoso is completely safe to use from day one (skin patch test recommended). As well as being the most natural and gentle way of caring for babies' skin, mums can also enjoy the benefits of our multitasking wonder oil. Use it as a hair mask to revitalise tired looking locks or try it as a pregnancy tummy balm! Other uses include massage oil, lip balm, after sun, make-up remover and so much more.
  • FUNCTIONALITY: Available in two handy sizes for home and on-the-go. Here at Kokoso we only use baby-safe, recyclable, BPA-free packaging. Our thoughtful little pots are also foil-sealed for freshness. Remember, coconut oil melts to a liquid above 24 degrees - the mark of a natural product!

5. Storksak Natural Baby Oil

This is probably one of the most luxurious baby oils on the market. This wonderfully light is enriched with a blend of jojoba seed, sweet almond and Shea butter oils. Additionally, it contains chamomile to relax and aid peaceful sleep; what more could you want?This natural and organic oil is a wonderful oil for bath time and baby massage as it really does help to soothe, calm and relax your baby as part of their night time routine. This oil makes a wonderful baby shower gift if you’re looking for a little something to help a new mum out. 

Storksak Baby Natural and Organic Certified Baby Oil
9 Reviews
Storksak Baby Natural and Organic Certified Baby Oil
  • No parabens, SLS, mineral oils, synthetic fragrances or colours
  • Natural and Organic Cosmetic certified by ECOCERT Green life according to ECOCERT standard
  • Baby Oil can bed used for massaging, bed and bath time to help calm baby
  • Dermatologically approved

6. Earth Friendly Baby Shea Oil

This is a high quality, ultra mild baby massage oil suitable for all ages and skin types. Shea butter oil has fantastic moisturising properties to keep your baby’s skin soft, smooth and nourished. Containing chamomile, calendula, rose and scented with lavender; this oil is a wonderful one to include in your baby’s nighttime routine. This is a fabulous oil for baby massage and the bottle has a disc top cap to make it easy for slippery hands to open and close to avoid spills.

Earth Friendly Baby Moisturising Shea Massage Oil
43 Reviews
Earth Friendly Baby Moisturising Shea Massage Oil
  • Ideal for daily relaxing massage
  • Scented with Lavender
  • Organic - with Calendula, Chamomile, Rose
  • Free from artificial colouring, synthetic fragrances, parabens and SLS

7. Ellu Pure Baby Oil with Lavender Oil

This 100% organic baby oil is perfect for bed time, baby massage and skin care. Ellu Pure use only natural ingredients to give your baby’s skin a perfect blast of vitamins and nutrients. This organic and odourless sesame seed oil has been enhanced with lavender essential oil protected, healthy and soft. It moisturises as it nourishes, protects as it cleanses. Naturally packed full of vitamin E, K and B6, magnesium, copper, calcium, iron, and zinc. Sesame oil is absorbed very easily. It’s naturally antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory. Great for everyone- especially your little one.

Ellu Pure Baby Oil with Lavender Oil
26 Reviews
Ellu Pure Baby Oil with Lavender Oil
  • NATURAL ORGANIC BABY OIL - Beautiful Sesame Oil enhanced with Lavender Essential Oil Perfect for Baby's Skin - Nourishing, Deep Cleansing, Moisturising, Protecting - Soft, Pure and Gentle - Naturally enhanced with Vitamins E, K & B6 .
  • PURE AND GENTLE - Natures natural choice of oil has been used for centuries. Exceptional all-in-one skin care to protect and nourish baby's skin, leaving it soft, clean and healthy! Perfect for bath and bedtime. Use it to moisturise and massage baby, to promote good circulation, restful sleep and great bonding with baby!
  • ALL NATURAL, ORGANIC INGREDIENTS - we've only chosen the purest Organic, Odourless Sesame Oil, and Gorgeous Lavender Essential Oil to use on Baby's skin. Our skin care products contain no artificial ingredients, just pure health for baby's skin!
  • NATURAL SKIN CARE- With its proprietary blend of natural ingredients, our Baby Oil naturally provides a wealth of essential vitamins and other nutrients to promote healthy skin, and restful sleep.

8. Neal’s Yard Remedies Baby Oil

If you’re looking for a baby oil primarily for baby massage then look no further. This 100% organic oil gently softens the skin for a soothing, bonding massage. Infused with chamomile, rose and lavender essential oils, it’s perfect for baby’s delicate skin. This multi award-winning massage oil is a firm favourite amongst baby massage leaders and mums alike. Help to prepare your little one for a peaceful night by using this wonderful baby oil as part of their bedtime routine. 

9. Mustela Baby Oil

Another soothing massage oil for newborns, babies and children. This oil aims to hydrate and soften your baby’s skin. It features a hypoallergenic formula that reduces the risk of alerting reactions; perfect if your little one has a skin condition, sensitive skin or even if this is something you’re anxious about. The wonderful aspect of this Mustela oil is how it dries; it naturally provides a dry, non-sticky and non-slippery finish thanks to its unique texture. Ideal if your baby prefers to be dry before you put the nappy and clothes back on after their massage before bed.

Mustela Baby Oil
11 Reviews
Mustela Baby Oil
  • A soothing massage oil for newborns, babies & children
  • Features a hypoallergenic formula that reduces the risk of allergic reactions

10.  Cussons Mum & Me Baby Massage Oil

Last but not least is this wonderful massage oil by Cussons. Designed by mums and made with grape seed oil, this massage oil is equally kind to yours and your baby’s skin. Containing a unique blend of jasmine and Aloe Vera to help soothe your baby’s skin. A massage relaxes your baby and can help to reduce wind and constipation, to encourage a restful night’s sleep.

Cussons Mum & Me Baby Massage Oil
7 Reviews
Cussons Mum & Me Baby Massage Oil
  • Cussons Mum & Me Baby Sleep Tight massage oil

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