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Best Baby Bouncers

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Our Top Pick

Munchkin Bounce and Play Door Bouncer

Why you should buy

Our research has shown that you do not need to buy an expensive bouncer to keep your baby fit and active. This Munchkin bounce and play door bouncer is usually less than £30 and does the job exceptionally well. It's safe, very convenient and backed up with hundreds of positive reviews.

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The Best Baby Bouncers, Jumpers and Rockers in the UK

Baby bouncers are one of the most common items on expectant parents’ shopping lists as they provide a wide range of benefits such as baby entertainment, napping, relaxing, physical exercise, sensory education and mental stimulation. However, with such a variety of different types of baby bouncers and then a few different products for each type, it can be a complicated process trying to select the best bouncer for you. Here at Best For Mums, we’ve reviewed over 50 different bouncers, rockers, jumpers and seats to bring a definitive list of 12 of the best baby bouncers in the UK market.

Benefits of a baby bouncer

Give yourself a minute

One of the features of a baby bouncer that many mums love is the fact that it takes the baby away from you safely so that you can go and have a brew, some food or even have just a minute without a baby hanging off of you. If you’re a single mum, alone without any help or whatever then a baby bouncer can be an extremely useful piece of kit to give you a break.

Of course, you shouldn’t leave the baby in a bouncer unsupervised but while you’re baby’s in there you can get a chance to vacuum the house, do the dishes, send some emails, prepare some food and so on. Don’t underestimate the difficulty of going hands-free without a bouncer!

Tire them out

Some bouncers such as door frame bouncers and seated bouncers are physically interactive for the baby which can tire them out effectively and give you a minute while they’re at it. If you have a very active baby and struggling to get them to burn it off then a bouncer could be a godsend for you. Perfect for rainy days or just when you just need a long break.

Some seated bouncers can also be a fantastic aid for their development as it helps them learn about touch, sight and hand-eye coordination. However, repeated use of baby bouncers is not suggested and they should be exposed to a wide variety of physical exercises and mental stimulation.

Relaxes your baby

Some bouncers such as the rocker and balance seats are made to try and relax and chill your baby out as opposed to physical exercise and excitement. Buy one of these if it’s just a safe place to relax you’re after or a device that will help you get them to sleep so you can have a minute. This type of bouncer can work well alongside another bouncer that does the tiring/entertaining bit if your budget can stretch to it.

Some bouncers can relax them better and quicker than others with fancy features such as a swinging arm or vibrating chair. Then again, some relaxing bouncers fold flat and are much more portable. Make sure to research the best one for you and your baby’s needs.

Keeps them in one place, safely

Perhaps a benefit which is overlooked because of its simplicity is a baby bouncer’s ability to just keep your baby strapped in and safe in one place. You may find yourself just needing to do something but you need to put your baby down to do it – a baby bouncer could be the best thing to be able to do this. Even if it’s just for 5 minutes. Because most bouncers have buckles and straps your baby will be safe while they’re in there so you won’t need to worry.

In theory, every bouncer can do this but we recommended the seated or balance bouncers to do this.

1. Red Kite Baby Linen Cozy Bouncer

At A Glance

A very solid purchase for any parent looking to keep their baby entertained. It is popular, a bestseller and a neutral design.

Best For Mums Rating


This is one of the best selling baby bouncers from a very popular brand, and we can see why.

It’s a pretty solid all rounder that does everything you want a bouncer/jumparoo to do without costing the earth. The seating area for the baby is padded with enough material that your baby’s never going to be rubbing or be uncomfortable while in use. You can also remove the cover and machine wash if an accident does happen.

It is suitable from birth, and has musical and soft vibrate options in case your baby has to nod off for a rest. Ideal for something with which they can both play and nap.

2. Disney Sea of Activities Jumper

At A Glance

This is a branded, bright and colourful seated jumperoo with a near perfect track record of exceptional feedback. This is well built and fun but is somewhat let down by a hefty price tag (that many feel is worth it).

Best For Mums Rating


Usually, products which are made by a brand as big as Disney carry with them an extra premium that can sometimes make the product too expensive to be considered class leading but with the Disney Finding Nemo themed Sea of Activities jumper this is not the case. This is an excellent jumper for a few reasons which we’re going to explain here after I was able to get a test product with my baby boy.

The comfortable padded seat your baby sits in is nice and soft which will cause no rubbing or discomfort for the baby. The seat is also designed to be used 360 degrees as the 13 different features are all around you, the high seat gives the baby extra support and helps maintain a good posture while in use – this will make you feel like you’re getting more of a product than it’s worth. Some baby bouncers only have a one direction seat and then a limited feature area which can seem cramped – this is not the case with the Disney Sea of Activities jumper. Secondly, what we really liked (because baby liked) is the characters which appear on the four legs/struts which are out of range – because our young baby’s eyes are developing they captured their gaze as they jumped along despite not being interact-able.

We’re not big Finding Nemo fans but that doesn’t matter as the bright colours and toys are entertaining regardless if you know who they are, your baby certainly won’t. With this jumper you’ll get 13 unique toys and activities which are texture, sound, music and teething as you’d expect. This is a very generous array of toys that will definitely keep baby entertained for a long time so you can get some errands done or even just relax!

This will be a jumper that you can use for a long time as the legs/struts can be adjusted as your baby grows.   The whole assembly is very sturdy and can take a good kicking from your baby so there’s no fear of accidental toppling over. It’s quick to assemble and easy to fold and put away, too, which is always a welcome bonus. The fact that it has the name Disney on it has perhaps inflated the price a little but we found it to still have a lot of return on your investment and one of the better high-end baby bouncers on the market. We simply don’t have a bad word to say about it and neither did over 100 other people on Amazon who have reviewed and rated it.

Overall, this bouncer is seriously feature rich, it’s extremely colourful and engaging and it’s comfortable for your baby to use. The price point is on the expensive side but we wouldn’t say it’s actually expensive.

3. Ingenuity Morrison Baby Bouncer

At A Glance

Sure to fit in with any decor, but most importantly, it will soothe them to sleep and ensure they are comfortable and safe.

Best For Mums Rating


Plush, comforting, relaxing and adorable – the Morrison baby bouncer is the ideal option for any little girl or boy.

With 7 melodies which will help them nod off to sleep, there are also light vibrations which will give a rocking feeling. Volume control lets you lower the music as you see their eyes close, and cushioned foot rests and side supports will keep them safe and secure.

There is also a cushion to support their head, which can be removed as they grow. A toy bar is also removable for if they outgrow it or you want to take away any distractions, and you can also move it out of the way for getting them in and out of the carrier.

A three point safety harness finishes it off, to keep them secure.

4. Babybjorn Soft Balance Bouncer and chair

At A Glance

This premium quality soft baby bouncer is a touch of luxury and practicality in one package. It’s on the pricey side but the ergonomic design and double action bouncer and seat make it a product that can be used to entertain and calmly soothe.

Best For Mums Rating


This futuristic looking floating chair bouncer by popular Swedish Baby product manufacturers Babybjorn is one of our favourites over at the Best For Mums offices, here we’ll explain why. The chair can be set at a much more acute angle than most which will put your baby in a more vertical position which helps keep them in great posture from a young age which means that a newborn baby can use this chair no problem. We also feel this could help a lot more with your baby’s balance come the day they start to practice walking. The angle also makes the bouncing a bit more engaging (when compared to other floating bouncers) which led our babies to get tired quickly. That’s what we all want to hear right?

The materials used are super soft and snuggly which is kind to your baby’s skin if you let them get on it with just a nappy. You’ve got a choice of three materials which are breathable mesh, snuggly cotton/jersey or soft cotton. All materials are free of harmful substances and are Oeko-Tex standard approved. They are machine washable, too, so no need to panic if an accident was to occur.

You’re probably wondering where the heck are the toys, bells and whistles and we’re here to confirm to you they are not here! None at all! This bouncer is what we’d call a ‘natural’ bouncer if there ever was such a thing – it’s designed for them to rock themselves and for the parent or guardian at the time to engage with them otherwise. If you’re after a bouncer that’s bold and bright and will keep them glued in for hours then this isn’t it. This may seem like an awful lot of money for not much but believe me, this thing really did work well and we felt like the baby got more out of this chair than a lot of bouncer with a hell of a lot more bells and whistles.

With three different seating positions which can entertain, relax or put your baby to sleep this bouncer is more akin to an adult massage chair or some fancy furniture from IKEA than some of the other bouncers. It’s the most contemporary bouncer we came across and if you care about decor then this could score some major points with you. It’s available in four colours – grey, beige and grey, dark grey and grey and rust/orange. As with IKEA furniture, the Babybjorn Soft Balance Bouncer and chair also fold flat and is easy to put away when it’s not in use. The frame is solid, too, and won’t be toppled regardless of what position it’s in.

To conclude, the Babybjorn Soft Balance Bouncer and chair look basic and boring but it really works to entertain, soothe and put your baby to sleep with its three different positions. It’s great for your baby’s posture and focuses on your baby rocking themselves instead of a distraction from flashing lights and funny noises. It’s expensive, yes, but it works really, really well and definitely a baby bouncer to consider if your budget can stretch to it. If you’re not convinced then follow our links to read the vast amount of glowing reviews from other real mums and dads.

5. Badabulle Easy Bouncer

At A Glance

Able to be fixed or a rocker, this chair is easily converted and positioned. It will fold away in case you need to store or carry it, and is practical and washable

Best For Mums Rating


Simply adjust the feet at the back of this rocker to take it from steady, still chair to comfortable, relaxing rocking chair in seconds.

They are in the ideal position on placement, with a cushioned seat and adjustable headrest which will keep them secure. It will recline in five positions, adjustable to suit the shape of your baby whether asleep or awake.

It will fold down to a nice easy to carry size, with two large handles, so it can be taken to days out and overnight stays. This also makes it simple to store in case it isn’t needed. The cover is fully removable and machine washable in case of crumbs and spills, and the toy bar has two toys and can be taken off too.

6. Tiny Love Gymini Bouncer

At A Glance

The Tiny Love seated gymini bouncer is one of the most colourful and feature rich seated bouncers on the UK market and should be considered for those who want a chair to entertain and bounce.

Best For Mums Rating


The Tiny Love Gymini bouncer is a multiple award winner and a product with over a hundred positive reviews on Amazon. As you can see from the picture, this is a seated bouncer with two arches on the side to hold the ‘entertainment’ and are adjustable – more on this later. At a glance, this is a versatile all rounder bouncer that can be used to relax and entertain so many would consider this an all in one. We were sent a tester version of this baby bouncer and we were suitably impressed in a few areas.

First of all, the chair part of the bouncer is exceedingly comfortable and made of quality materials. Your baby will be comfortable, supported and snug. As it is a chair type of bouncer this can be used from birth even before they can support their own heads. The chair has two reclining positions to suit your baby’s comfort needs or to make it flatter to promote good posture and a healthy sleep. The cover for the chair is also removable and washable at 30 degrees.

Perhaps the biggest USP for the Tiny Love Gymini bouncer is its adjustable arches which can be moved to go outward to get your baby to learn how to reach and exercise in different directions. Its these arches that the entertainment is attached to and if you have a lot of toys which have a ‘ring’ or a ‘claw’ then this toy could effectively have up to 20 toys in total. As standard, you’ll get light and music, a jittering toy, a teether and and a calming vibrator device which will help soothe your baby asleep. The vibration feature is another feature which is not common in a baby bouncer and could be a deciding factor for you. The vibration is not too soft or overly strong and it did definitely make it easier for the baby to nod off. AAA batteries are required to keep all the toys going and they are not included. A single set of batteries should last you a long time and the bouncer really isn’t a thirsty device with energy.

The entire bouncer is easily assembled and disassembled, however, it does not fold flat as it is so it is not the most portable of devices. In saying that, it is still easy to transport when disassembled. The arches and the frame which holds the chair is very strong and has a good amount of suspension to prevent toppling. We found no issues or concerns having our baby sit in this but we still didn’t leave him in there unsupervised.

To conclude, this is a fantastic baby bouncer that’s bright and colourful which entertained our darling son effortlessly. It doesn’t have the largest amount of toys but the vibration feature and the adjustable arm arches enabled the Tiny Love Gymini Bouncer to stand out from the crowd and not an also ran. As far as the price point is concerned it’s not the cheapest or the most expensive but we felt the return on your spends to be quite high because it’s both a bouncer and a chair in one. This is definitely one of the bouncers you should consider.

7. Tiny Love Nature’s Way Bounce and Sway Bouncer

At A Glance

Tiny Loves Bounce and Sway rocker/swinger is a modern option for those looking for something that is can help get a baby calm and sleeping as opposed to active and bouncing.

Best For Mums Rating



Another bouncer from Tiny Love makes its way to our top list and this time it’s their electric sway bouncer chair that makes it. This contemporary looking bouncer is one of the best choices for a sturdy and efficient swayer that we were able to test. This is one of the most stylish looking baby product you may ever buy and it can effortless fit into most decors and in some cases may even enhance it. However, it’s definitely not all about looks when it comes to baby products so let’s focus our minds to the performance.

From the picture, it may not be clear if it’s a bouncer at all but rest assured it is a bouncer alongside a sway so you won’t need to buy a separate bouncer to go along with this. The chair is a deep bucket which makes it very snug for your baby and supports their body with good posture. This is suitable for babies from birth because of the fact it’s a bouncer chair. The materials used are of a good quality which is swappable and removable to allow machine washing. The harness has a 5 point safety buckle.

The chair itself has only a couple of toys as standard but the magic comes from the swaying arch. The sway has two motions which can be activated and we found that although it’s a machine doing the swaying it feels very human and natural and it put our baby to sleep in a natural way countless times. If you want a bouncer more for relaxing/sleep than entertaining and exercising then this is one of the best baby bouncers for that. On top of the swaying, it can also replay music – 3 categories and 19 different tunes to be exact which lulls as the chair sways. The mechanism is not motorised and instead, it’s a swing and roll system. It needs 3C batteries to operate.

Most swaying chairs are heavier than usual so it’s unfair to mark it down for extra weight. However, it should be said that there are definitely heavier bouncers out there. It’s not the bulkiest looking one either and it won’t just take over whatever room it’s been placed in. The arches which do the swaying are quite minimal so you’ll have no problem carrier this from room to room. The weight and the arches also provide the stability which enables this bouncer to easily resist toppling. The total weight is 9kg.

To conclude, although this bouncer is fairly bare when it comes to toys and colours its strength is in the double action swaying and 19 different melodies. If you’re looking for a bouncer which is more to relax and put your baby to sleep then this is it. It’s not the cheapest bouncer but the cost lies in the quality and the mechanisms included.


8. Jolly Jumper Baby Door Bouncer

At A Glance

A stylish and sturdy door bouncer with an emphasis on exercise. Compact and easy to take anywhere this is really handy for busy parents on the go who don’t want to lose much interior space to a bouncer.

Best For Mums Rating



Here’s another option for a door frame bouncer, and one of the originals to make them – Jolly Jumper. This product falls in the category of tried and tested as opposed to flamboyant and colourful like the Munchkin bouncer. It is very much bare bones and what you see is what you get but this is nevertheless one of the best exercise bouncers on the UK market.

The harness will keep your baby very safe with excellent posture. It should only be used with a baby that can support their own heads and until they are able to walk themselves. That’s still a rather large time frame so despite the cost of around £50-£60 this is still a good investment. But why choose this over a seated bouncer or a relaxing one? Well, it’s because this kind of a bouncer is the best tool to strengthen your baby’s legs as they prepare to learn to walk one day.

Most questions and fears we had about this door frame bouncer is how safe it is and how likely it will fall from the frame sending your baby crashing down. Well, be rest assured that this is a very safe and secure harness provided the frame itself is secure. We understand it may not look secure but it really is – the grips on the frame are solid and the construction allows the feedback to spread evenly. Your baby can be kicking and jumping as hard as they might and the Jolly Jumper will not let you down.

Secondly, some may not be keen that it’s made out of metal and that itself increases the risk about an injury to the baby if it was to randomly collapse but again we have to stress that that is not a concern you should have. The metal makes it sturdier and bouncier if anything. The Jolly Jumper is adjustable to accommodate a growing baby and different heights of door frames.

Once we got this up and running and placed our darling son in there he was off and away almost instantly. The bounciness was very generous and my baby was clearly having loads of fun, at times the baby was in there for 30 minutes and more and had not even started getting bored. Once the baby had had enough they were pooped and had a long sleep. For busy mums who just want a break, we couldn’t recommend this more. For mums who just want something for the baby to relax with then, this isn’t it as we’d definitely class this as an exercise aid.

To conclude, the Jolly Jumper is a fabulous exercise bouncer that will entertain and tire your baby out every time. It may look unsafe and perhaps risky but believe us when we say your baby is safe in this. It’s expensive for what you get in our eyes but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great baby bouncer that we rate very highly.


9. Baby Einstein Neighbourhood Friends Bouncer

At A Glance

This bouncer could be everything you’ll ever need. Full of bright colours and gadgets to keep them busy and a fantastic bouncer makes this the complete package at a pretty reasonable price.

Best For Mums Rating



The Baby Einstein Neighbourhood Friends Bouncer is another solid entry in the entertainment bouncer category and is an ideal bouncer to consider if you want your baby to be engaged and entertained as opposed to relaxed and sleeping. What separates this one from the others in our eyes is the sheer number of colours and features it has which includes lights and melodies, we had a couple of the BFM writers test this bad boy and the consensus always came back that the baby was entertained for the whole duration, but again, not asleep or relaxed.

Baby Einstein Neighbourhood Friends Bouncers have 360 multi-sensory activities while being seated in a chair that bounces and swivels securely. The centre ‘console’ has 3 play stations and 12 activities all told. The light up piano lets your baby learn to associated actions with noises and gets their imagination going, the spinning frog bead chaser helps with their growing hand-eye coordination, spinning rattle drum and sun stalk and the spinning bird also helps them work with colours and sounds.

The middle seat pad is machine washable and made using soft, high-quality materials that won’t rub or chafe. There are no doorways into the bouncer which keeps them stable and secure and easy to get in/out. The frame is very solid so there’s absolutely no fear of toppling or collapsing. It should be able to take a beating as well so this won’t be a product that will be broken in a years time. There are 5 different height settings to that it can keep up with your growing babe.

Your baby can float in the chair or they can seat and bounce – it really depends on what stage your baby is in – we should also add that this should only be used by babies who can support their own necks. If the baby or even you get bored of the toys then why not remove, refresh and replace the toys by clicking on more to the arches? It’s easy to assemble and disassemble for better transport. Our final thought on this bouncer is that the price point is very generous and competitive and cheaper than you may think!

To conclude, this is a fantastic interactive baby bouncer that’s been proven to be effective by over 180 reviews by parents on Amazon and our own testers here at Best For Mums HQ. It’s bright and colourful and a delight for young babies who can support their own heads at this point. It can take up some space in your home but you knew this already by the very nature of baby bouncers. The price point is generous and a very strong contender for the UK’s best value for money baby bouncer.


10. Redkite Musical Vibrating Bouncer

At A Glance

An excellent musical and vibrating bouncer which provides amazing value for money for a product that really works to calm, entertain and soothe your baby.

Best For Mums Rating



The Redkite musical vibrating bouncer is one of the few baby bouncers which we’d class as hybrids and does the job of different types. As you can see this is a seated, reclining baby bouncer similar to some of the others we’ve already rated and reviewed here. What separates this one from the others is that it has a vibrating function to help your baby relax as well as the ability to play some music – features usually absent from recliner seated style baby bouncers!

So is this any good? Well, in our opinion yes as it makes this bouncer one of the best baby seats for relaxing and mild entertainment and increases the return on your investment quite a bit. The seat itself is very comfortable and snug thanks to quality padded materials which supports your baby’s weight and encourages good posture. This baby bouncer is suitable for babies from birth as it supports their heads for them.

You get two pretty boring toys as standard but the bar allows to add some of your own as is customary with baby bouncers. However, in our opinion, this bouncer is more for relaxing and napping than to keep them entertained for long periods of time. The colours are gender neutral as well; this may make it easier to fit it into your home decor. However, if you want some colours to aid your baby’s vision then this bouncer will disappoint.

The Redkite musical vibrating bouncer is easy to assemble and disassemble again and is fairly portable.  It’s not enormous so it doesn’t take over the room it’s in. The frame is robust enough to remove the possibility of being topped by the baby as well as make it strong enough to take even the roughest of bounces from an older baby. C batteries are required but are not included so make sure to buy some at the same time.

To conclude, the Redkite Musical vibrating bouncer chair is one hell of a fine relaxation/napping chair with mild entertainment. It’s seriously comfortable for the baby and has the distinction of having the vibration and musical lullaby features that many similar chairs don’t. All the while having a very generous price point! Thoroughly recommended!


11. Badabulle Compat Height Adjustable Bouncer

At A Glance

The Badabulle Compact height adjustable bouncer is a one of a kind bouncer on our list which can be adjusted to an almost high chair level. Its also a good bouncer to boot!

Best For Mums Rating



The Badabulle compact height adjustable bouncer is something a little bit different to consider when shopping for a new baby bouncer. It looks like your regular seated bouncer but it does have the unique selling point of being height adjustable to the point where it almost doubles as a high chair. First, let’s discuss its bouncer credentials.

The seat itself is very comfortable and made of top quality materials which will comfort and provide some suspension for your baby. This is machine washable.  The angle of the seat means that this chair can be used for birth as it will support their necks for them. The angle of chair enables it to be pretty relaxing so sleeping, napping and generally chilling out are the main uses of this bouncer chair. With a reclining backrest, you can quickly put your baby to sleep if you start to see them doze off a bit. The two positions are resting and a rocker so there is some movement-related activity with this but nothing that will tire them out. You’ll probably need to do that before you put them in this chair.

The frame and toy arches are pretty basic but sturdy but as we mentioned earlier this chair is height adjustable (5 heights) which can enable your baby to at your level when you’re on the sofa, in the kitchen and so on – this means you can sit down in your favourite chair while they sit in theirs! This is a fantastic USP and should not be underestimated! With most bouncers, there is a large amount of bending over but there’s none of that with the Badabulle compact height adjustable bouncer.

You’ll get two free toys which are ‘bare bones’ but there’s plenty of room to add some of your own as is customary with almost all baby bouncers we’ve reviewed bar the ‘entertainment’ ones. All in all, the entertainment factor is a bit dull.

Lastly, this bouncer folds flat nice and neat which means it can be tucked away when not in use.

To conclude, the Badabulle compact height adjustable bouncer is a very good bouncer for people who want ones which can be set to quite high. This is a relaxing bouncer that won’t keep your babe entertained but it can chill them out a bit. It’s a bit expensive but serves quite well to compare with other bouncers to help you make the right choice for you.


12. Joie Serina 2in1 Swing/Rocker

At A Glance

This is one of the most elite, expensive and well reviewed baby bouncer on the market. It’s pretty hefty but it’s about as good as it gets in terms of soothing your baby comfortably so you can get on with things.

Best For Mums Rating



The Joie Serina 2in1 swinger rocker is a heavy duty baby bouncer that’s one of the most robust and solid choices when shopping for a new baby chair. As you can see from the image it is certainly a visible presence in whatever room its placed and we can attest that this thing definitely takes up some space. However, there’s a good reason why it’s so bulky and it’s one of the main reasons why it’s been mentioned in this list of the top rated baby rockers.

The first feature we’re going to discuss is the giant arm which holds the chair – this is the main rocker unit which needs power from the mains. This allows the seat to be rocked and swayed from side to side infinitely – it works like a charm to get a restless babe to sleep – it’s not silent though as it does clunk around from time to time; you can reduce this noise by planting it on a completely flat floor which we’ll admit is quite hard especially if you live in an older house or have carpet. The rocker has six swing speeds to fine tune to your baby’s liking.

The seat can also vibrate while rocking which can intensify its ability to put a baby to sleep – this feature is great but again it does cause a bit of a noise that can be annoying sometimes if there’s anything touching the chair. However, vibrating is not that common of a feature so any chair with it has a USP right there for you. However, it does hike the price up and this chair is no different. To really hammer home the point that this is the best-equipped seat – it also comes with 5 lullabies and 5 nature sounds and a light which can grab their attention and take them gently to a soothing sleep.

Features aside, the seat itself is one of the most comfortable of any we’ve tested and the materials used are super high quality. Your baby will be drowned in the soft fabric which will support their heads meaning this bouncer can be used from birth. There are two little dinky toys for free but the supportive arch across the seat can have your own toys attached as is customary with most baby seats. From a design point of view, it’s very bland which may or may not suit your tastes and decor.

Overall, this baby rocker is by far the best-equipped baby rocker on the market. Swaying, lullabies, sounds, toys and lights help you catch a minute as your baby relaxes. However, it’s quite bulky and does not fold away easily and the price is rather high when compared to some of the others. Do we think it’s worth it though? Yes, absolutely!


Best For Mums Baby Bouncer Buyer's Guide

baby health advice, contact best for mums

Welcome to the Best For Mums baby bouncer buyer’s guide.Here you’ll find essential information on what to look for and what’s best for you.

What is a baby bouncer, rocker and jumper?

If you’ve had a look at our list of the best baby bouncers, jumpers and rockers you’ll notice there is no term that describes all of them and there, in fact, several subtypes of a baby bouncer. These subtypes cater to different needs of the parent and will entertain your baby in different ways. Here, we’ll list the different types and their features.

Seated Jumperoo Bouncer

Seated Jumperoo Bouncer

A seated baby bouncer/jumperoo looks like one of the above and what makes them a bouncer is that the baby ‘floats’ or is supported by the apparatus itself which enables them to bounce around safely in a harness. The seated bouncer has a chair that is the bouncer and the door frame bouncer on the right is attached to a mini hoist that suspends them gently. These types of bouncers are fantastic for a number of reasons – the main two being their ability to tire out a baby with healthy physical exercise and the other being their aid in helping your baby strengthen their muscles and begin to learn how to walk.

Seated bouncers offer the same level of suspension as the door frame bouncers but they will be surrounded by a plethora of toys which can range from feeling toys, lights and music. This kind of bouncer is typically the very best for entertainment and distraction – although it can tire them out they would most of the time need to be taken out and moved to go to sleep.

Prices and quality can range wildly between these two so some research will need to be done to find the perfect fit for you and your baby.

Balance Bouncer

Balance Bouncer

A balance bouncer looks like the above: it has an angled seat/bed with an arch for toys and should float allowing some bouncing but not nearly as much as the door frame bouncer as an example. This type of bouncer is designed for gentle relaxation and mild playtime as opposed to full-on physical exercise. The chair can be bounced and give the baby feedback when they do kick but the biggest selling point of this chair is its ability to relax your baby and put them to sleep.

You can get some variants which are quite basic and you can get some others which can rock them sideways which we’ll describe in more detail separately, vibrate the chair to massage them and even play some melodies. The cost between different types of balancers and rockets can vary wildly as can their size and weight, too.


Baby Rocker

A baby rocker is a much bigger piece of hardware which can include a motorised rocking arm which sways the baby seat from side to side to lull and relax them. The purpose of this type of bouncer is the same as the balance bouncer – to relax a baby as opposed to entertain and exercise.

The price can be high with these as you are buying more of a product and these can often take up a lot of space. If you’re on a tight budget then a motorised rocking bouncer may not be for you. Rockers are also difficult the move around and can not fold flat to save some space..

Baby Door Bouncer

Door Bouncer For Babies

A door frame bouncer is almost exactly what it says on the tin. They will have a clamp on the top which attaches to a door frame and then a hanging seat for the baby to sit in and bounce suspended just above the floor. This is the best bouncer to help them strengthen their legs and to get tired. However, if your baby is bored of bouncing or just doesn’t like it then this product could be a fail. Despite that, a door frame bouncer is a very basic piece of kit which does mean a low price and possibly the cheapest bouncer you can buy!

Benefits of a baby bouncer

What to consider when buying a baby bouncer

Once you’ve decided what type of bouncer you think is the best match for you and your bundle of joy it’s still not an easy task sifting through all the different variants of that type. We’ve had a discussion here about what traits the best bouncers have and why they’re important to consider when shopping.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Baby bouncers which conform to British and EU safety standards are perfectly safe. For baby door bouncers you should make sure that the frame is solid and safe before using it.

Baby bouncers are GREAT for physical development so long as they are not used exclusively. Regular playtime and cuddles should still be the main sources of entertainment.

We would recommend to not use bouncers as a sleeping area as their posture being upright is not optimal for a great sleep.

We would not recommend using a baby bouncer on anything other than a solid floor.

A baby bouncer is not designed to help with colic and we would not recommend its use for that reason.

As a rule of thumb for most jumperoos, 25lbs is the weight limit to use them. Always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines before purchasing.

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