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Best Baby Scales – Track Baby’s Weight at Home

The weight of the baby has long been a key indicator of the child’s overall health. A healthy baby should continuously gain weight and parents will visibly see this day by day especially in the early days, the biggest  and most obvious sign of a growing baby is constantly outgrowing their clothes! With a newborn baby there will be regular checkups  at the hospital, Doctor’s, clinic, wherever, and they will alway weigh the baby to measure progress but sometimes you may want to be able to weight your child at any time and with the use of quality baby scales this is possible.

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Reasons to buy baby scales

The absolute number one reason to buy baby scales is to regulate and keep an eye on the weight of your baby. But why such a need to do it often if you can weigh them at the hospital or clinic? Feeding. Whether you are breastfeeding or not keeping an eye on your baby’s weight will let you know if they’re not eating enough or eating too much.

With a decent set of baby scales you can keep a record of your baby’s weight at any time and then you can adjust or keep on with the feeding schedule based on the results.

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What to look for in a good baby scale

Not all baby scales are made equally and they certainly aren’t priced evenly either which can make it difficult decision when choosing a good baby scale. We’ve listed some key features here to keep an eye on when you make that all important decision:

  • Accuracy
  • Ergonomically designed to prevent wriggling
  • Anti-roll sides
  • Battery or mains powered
  • Power saving
  • Ease of storage
  • Price

Best baby scales you can buy now

We’ve gathered a handy list of baby scales we’ve reviews and decided are decent choices, we’ve explained what makes them great and what drawbacks they have too to make sure the review is balanced. Furthermore, we have provided a link to where you can buy the baby scales right now! Without further a do, let’s run down some of the best baby scales for mums and babies.

Smart Weigh Baby Scales

Smart Weigh Baby Scales

The Smart Weight Bat Scales is a cost effective flat scale designed for small babies who don’t wriggle too much as there are no barriers to stop them on either side. Luckily, the smart weigh baby scales have a rapid weighing mechanism which mean you will find out the weight in a matter of seconds.

It is beautifully and modernly designed to enhance your decor if you care about that sort of thing and it’s quite comfortable for the baby even if it’s only in use for less than a minute each time.

Once on the scales will automatically kick in and stabilise after a few seconds and display on the crisp LDC screen. The Smart Weight baby scale has several weighting options – pounds, kilograms and stone so you’re free to use whatever you want.

The scales are also very easy to clean and the whole device is sealed should the baby (or you) have an accident for added peace of mind, and as us parents know these things can and will happen!

This is battery powered with an automatic on off function to save on juice, this means it’s portable and weighing does not need to take place near a power outlet.

Lastly, as scales are used sparingly, the Smart Weigh scale is slim and convenient to store away thanks to its small size. This is a fantastic entry level baby scale and although it is not incredibly accurate it will help you to easily weigh your baby and not take up a lot of space in the house. Price point is also very reasonable.

Smart Weight Baby Scale Information

Aquascale Bath and Scales

Aquascale Bath and Scales

My word, this is a fantastic baby scale purely because it helps you do more than just weight them. If you’re looking for a good baby bath at the same time then you’re luck is in with the Aquascale Bath and Scale. This scale can be used as just a scale, the baby does not need to be bathed every time so no need to worry. It’s also suitable for use from 2 months up to two years thanks to the positioning seat inside the bath (scale).

Has a large LCD screen which is very clear and easy to read both the temperature of the water and of course the weight of the baby. The ergonomically designed seat allows the baby to stay still whole you get the vitals off them, however this can be a bit of a problem especially if you want to use it as your baby gets closer to the 2 year old mark. However, by then you may not even need a baby scale as their most important during the early days.

This is a baby scale on the more expensive side but with good reason as there aren’t many which are essentially spas for the baby and built in scales. However, if you’re just after the scales and not the bells and whistles then this is one to avoid.

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Chicco Digital Scale

Chicco Digital Scale

Chicco is a well known brand in parenting technology and products and they’ve weighed in on the baby scale niche with one of their own ideas, the aptly named Chicco Digital Scale. From a price point of view it’s  right in the middle of being cheap and being expensive, you get the feeling the brand name played a part in this. But what about performance?

The Chicco Digital Scale is ergonomically designed, doesn’t take too much space, it’s easy to put away and it does look rather modern. But these aren’t the game breaking points potential buyers are after – what are the baby scales like?

Because there are no walls on either side the scales can be problematic for wriggly babies so the positioning of where you do the weighing is important and you won’t be able to take your eyes off them for a while. However, you may not need to as the Chicco Digital Scales weighs quickly and displays the real on the clear large LCD display. The Chicco Digital Scales is also daily accurate within 10g, although perhaps at the very early days that isn’t very accurate.

This is a very reliable digital baby scales and the reviews on Amazon show it. Perhaps on the expensive size but you do get what you pay for. This is recommended.

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Todeco Baby Scales

Todeco Baby Scales

The Todeco baby scale is a battery powered, ergonomic scale with a maximum weight limit of 44lbs (19.95 kg) which sits around the middle in terms of the price point in this article. This scale has been ergonomically design to fit infants and to weigh them, nothing less nothing more. It has a shallow dip in the middle which helps with wriggly babies. The LCD display is at the front of this one as opposed to being on the side with most of the best baby scales. The best feature of this scale is the fact that it has a memory feature so you can remember previous weights if you ever forgot to take a note or just wanted to know.

Todeco have added a measuring tape which is a nice little bonus, a backlit display is also present if for whatever reason you want to weight your baby with the lights off. Easy to clean and power saving features also included for your convenience.

It has to be said, this is one of the better scales on the list thanks to the extra bonuses like the measuring tape, economic design and the generous price point.

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TecTake Scales for Child

TecTake Scales for Child

The TecTake scales for child is a battery powered, ergonomically designed scale with decent reviews from actual owners. Has a music feature at the touch of a button to try and help soothe a troublesome child. It’s also easy to clean after every use which is a great plus point.

You may notice the textile mat in the picture and yes it is include for extra grip and hygiene. Batteries are also included in this bad boy.

The TecTake is nothing special and sits around the middle of this list here but with the extra textile mat, the music feature and the ergonomic design this is a pretty good choice. Price point is also very reasonable.

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