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Can I Dye My Hair While Pregnant?

Best for mums is a website dedicated to help mothers out with motherhood, in this article we are exploring the question – Can I dye my hair while pregnant? – and to give advice on whether you should first of all and then what to look out for if you still do want to dye your hair while pregnant. Many mothers care about their appearances before, during and after being pregnant, they continue to get regular haircuts, waxing sessions, massages and hair colouring treatment. Wondering whether the use of any chemical is safe during pregnancy is all too common and it is a great question to ask. Now let’s explore.

can i dye my hair while pregnant

Is hair dye safe to use while pregnant?

Most research has concluded that the chemicals found in permanent and semi permanent hair dyes are non toxic to both the mother and the foetus inside which means that yes, it is safe to dye your hair while you’re pregnant! For the chemicals to be damaging to either the mother or baby they would need to enter the bloodstream and very little do and definitely not enough to be harmful to foetuses. However, here at Best for Mums we haven’t used the word ‘100% safe’ or ‘perfectly safe’ as the risk isn’t exactly 0%.

This is because research has shown that hair dye in large quantities is harmful to people and therefore to the foetus. If you use hair dye as you should normally following the instructions to the later then obviously you should be fine. Want to make your hair dyeing experience extra safe while pregnant? Then follow these tips:

Hair DyingHow to use hair dye safely while pregnant

OK, so you’ve decided that you still want to get some colour in your hair, you are aware that there is some risk (even if it is tiny) and want to go ahead with it anyway. Good on you, girl! More and more pregnant woman are being terrified of doing something because of over exaggeration or outright myths surrounding some things and we feel dying you’re hair is one of them. Here we’ll give you a basic guide to be even extra safe while colouring your wig while expecting.

Use organic hair dye

Organic Hair Dye

It’s the chemicals in hair dye that’s the issue while pregnant so why not eliminate them from the equation and use organic hair dye?

Wait until the second trimester

We recommend waiting until the second trimester (Week 14) so that the baby has a bit more about them and not just a bag of chemicals at this point.

Have someone else do it

Having someone else dying your hair is an excellent idea as it ensures you use the perfect amount of dye and for better accuracy. We want to make sure no hair dye gets anywhere other than the scalp! Not only that, a friend helping reduces the risk of freak accidents.

Always keep the gloves on

Every pack of hair dye should come with perspex gloves, if not go and get some. Put them off before you begin and do not take them off until you’re definitely done!

Do not keep the dye in for longer than necessary 

Make sure to follow the instructions on the box you get and never leave more than the recommended amount. We don’t want any chemicals to get in to the scalp and if it stays in there longer that’s what could happen.

Open the windows

Hair dye is strong smelling stuff. Work with good ventilation and keep those windows open!

Rinse thoroughly!

Make sure when you’re rinsing the hair dye that you rinse thoroughly as to not fall in to the trap the above point of leaving the dye in for longer than is necessary. If you don’t rinse properly this is something which could happen.

Highlight, instead of dye

If all you wan is a spruce instead of a full on new colour then considering just getting highlights done instead of dying. This means that there will be no contact between the dye and the scalp.

Hairdresser while pregnant

Prolonged exposure to hair dye fumes can be harmful to mum and bump, if you’re a hairdresser and pregnant we recommend taking these actions:

  • Ensure the room you’re working in is ventilated
  • Ask your boss if you can avoid doing hair dyes while pregnant or at least doing them less
  • Always wear protective clothing, especially the gloves
  • Never eat or prepare food where you work

Overall, using and having your hair dyed while pregnant is pretty much safe and if you read all of our advice above you should be able to make it extremely safe. That’s all from Best of Mums for this one, happy colouring and please if you have any questions or comments to leave them below!