Best Baby Comforter

We've ranked the best baby comforters in the UK to help soothe and calm your baby
Last updated: January 2, 2020

A comforter is a cheap product to help newborns feel calmer and sleep better at night with a soft toy they’re familiar with. Many children keep their comforters for years and years so getting the best one is essential. We have reviewed the best baby comforters available in the UK to save you time and money on your purchase.

1. Personalised Comforter and Blanket

Personalised Comforter and Blanket

These personalised comforters are absolutely fantastic because of the simple design, soft dimpled fabric and the ability to put your cherished ones name on it makes special to you, as well. The satin tags give something for your baby to hold on to while they are being comforted. This is 35 cm 35 cm and comes in blue, pink and white so perfect regardless of the gender. A cheap item for your loved one or as a gift to friends and family.

One of the original and perhaps most recognised soothers.

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2. Jellycat Bashful Bunny

Jellycat are one of the most popular brands of small soft toys in the UK thanks to their perceived reputation as being a bit more posh than your standard plush. However, after being gifted one and purchased one for our little one we can confirm that it’s no myth – Jellycat toys really are super soft and very durable. The Jellycat Bashful Bunny is no exception – it is superbly well put together and seriously soft to hold. Measuring in at 30cm x 20x 30 cm it is the perfect size for little hands. 

This is one of the better looking comforters and definitely one of the finest put together – the fact that it is not personalisable does let it down somewhat.

3. Rabbit Comforter

Rabbit Comforter

If you’re looking for a comforter for baby which resembles more of a toy and a different way to grab then don’t look passed JoJo Maman Bebe’s personnalisable rabbit baby security blanket. Extra soft and made with 100% polyester with a toasty 100% cotton lining there are very few products this nice to touch. Machine washable, too, as baby comforters will get dirty very often especially if they’re used by parents to get them to sleep.

This is another personalised product so be sure to get your little ones name on it to make it extra special.

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4. Ollie the Owl

Ollie the Owl

Ollie the Owl is the Gro company’s breathable comforter for babies and it’s a rather fancy one, too. Made using seriously soft velour with twists at the end to grasp and Ollie at the top to hug this is one of the more popular products Gro make. What separates this from a lot of the rest is that it has some extra sensory features such as fingerhole, the twists and Ollie himself has some extra colours that a lot of the others just don’t. Handy for parents who want babies to have something while they’re awake and to get them to sleep.

A really great product at a reasonable price from a baby company you can trust.

5. Tommee Tippee Ernie Elephant

Tommee Tippee’s take on the sleep aid world is a fantastic one with the adorable Ernie Elephant. It’s well designed and put together and has some extra bits in the form of a teether, small labels across the side and graspable corners – it’s one of the most feature rich on the market and costs only around £10. If you’re looking for a comforter that’s also somewhat of a sensory tool then this is the one. Along with Ernie Elephant you can also get the exclusive Marco Monkey, Gerry Giraffe and Lilly Lamb which is great if your kids have a favourite animal.

A quality, feature rich item in the bed and elsewhere.

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6. White Unicorn

This cheap and cheerful comforter is one one of the cheapest comforters on the market and ideal for those on a budget or for friends and family looking to get a small gift to celebrate the birth. Also a good stocking filler. This is made with 100% polyester and is very soft to the touch – it feels more or less the same as any other product and will help sooth your little one to sleep or until calm.

A great value choice to cuddle to sleep in the bed.

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7. Personalised elephant

An alternative comforter to rabbits is the elephant by Hoolaroo. Measures 30cm x 30cm so a perfect square with a cute baby elephant on the top this has everything a comforter should have and perhaps more as it is made with 100% velour rather than polyester and cotton mix. Plenty of material to snuggle in bed and the elephant is perfect for small hands to grasp.

A slightly different twist on a tested design.

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8. Nuby Little Fox Cuddle Buddy

Nuby Little Fox Cuddle Buddy

We love this! First and foremost because of the really cute design but also as it has an extra teething element. The little fox on the top is neutral and uses stylish colours to really stand out and goes against most “boring” designs in the segment. It’s made with 100% polyester and is super soft just like all the others. From a price point of view it’s below £10 which suits any budget.

The perfect sleep and teething comforter that doesn’t conform to gendered designs.

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9. Me to You Tiny Tatty Teddy Comforter

This adorable comforter for girls is from the popular Tatty Teddy brand. It is a little smaller than most coming in at 22cm x 22cm but has bags of personality with extra detailing done on the blanket itself. Doesn’t come with any grasping corners or teething elements – this is an aesthetic purchase for newborn baby girls to get to sleep in our opinion. Also available in blue for the boys.

One of the better looking comforters for baby girls on the market.

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10. Suki Bobtail Bunny Cuddle Blanket

Suki Bobtail Bunny Cuddle Blanket

The Suki Baby Bobtail bunny blanket is a scrumptiously cute clutch blankie with gorgeous detailing and a very soft boa finish. There a few rabbit themed comforters on the market and perhaps this is just an also ran but the warm brown colouring, the large number of genuine customer reviews (all positive) and the extra effort on the rabbit themselves is enough to give it an edge. 

A popular tried and tested design.

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11. Sweet Dreamers ewan baa baa blankie

Sweet Dreamers ewan baa baa blankie

The sweet dreamer blankie is a cute white sheep designed blanket with doll at the top to help babies sleep easily and feel better when upset. Ewan is fan favourite in the best baby product world and the attached soft plush and silk material is great on skin and nice to hold. It’s machine washable and tumble dryer safe which is essential for an item which is likely to get dirty over and over again. Measures 38cm x 30cm x 5cm.

A classic design to delight parents and little ones if you choose it.

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12. Mum Dad and Me Dog


This quirky design can be an amazing friend for babies and toddlers. Super soft with grabbable corners and a huggable dog’s head at the top. The cutesy text in the middle just adds to the personality of this great product.

Measures 25cm x 25cm so a little on the small side but it does make up for it with colours not usually seen in these products which tend to be blue, pink or neutral greys and whites. It is machine washable and tumble dryer safe.

A great breathable sleep aid for all babies that parents will love, too.

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What is a baby comforter?

Best Baby Comforter
Photo by Michal Bar Haim on Unsplash

Sometimes called a security blanket, a comforter is a small toy or blanket or a combination of the two which helps soothe a baby from being upset or to sleep. They act as a constant object which can help a baby stay calm when everything around them changes – this can include a change of location or in the middle of a growth spurt. 

A comforter is not a complicated object by any stretch as it is essentially just a piece of decorated cloth with graspable elements so that they are able to hold them from newborn. Some comforters can come with teething elements which gives it a dual purpose.

Do comforters work?

A small study conducted by Tizzie Hall of Save Our Sleep concluded that comforter baby can be a great aid to get baby to sleep. Raising Children also express that babies who are overstimulated can find calm with familiar surroundings. Therefore, it can be assumed that the familiarity of the same comforter (not on its own of course) in their presence can help settled down an upset baby.

This absolutely does not mean that a comforter on its own should be used as a soothing or sleep tool but should be used as an aid in conjunction with responsive parenting and your usual routine of soothing your baby.

Do babies need comforters?

Definitely not. There are no studies which suggest that a baby can not be comforted without one. However, a great many parents on Mumsnet swear by their effectiveness in soothing their baby, one poster says “My 6 yo has a doll that she got for her first bday and quickly became attached to it. We bought a second one and kept rotating and washing them so that we had a spare. It used to have to go everywhere with her but when she started playschool, we explained how it might get lost so doll stayed at home. Now she only looks for it at bedtime and if she is unwell/hurt. It brings her comfort so I have no issue with a child having one.” 

Secondly, a New York University Psychoanalytical Institute study into the use of comforters found ““The transitional object may be conceived of in three ways: as typifying a phase in a baby’s development, as a defense against separation anxiety, and, lastly, as a neutral sphere in which experience is not challenged”.

Therefore, all things considered they are not needed but in many cases can help them not just as babies but into toddlers and beyond as a constant presence during their transition through life.

Are comforters safe to use?

Comforters are safe to use under parental supervision but they are absolutely not safe to be used during sleep, especially for baby 6 months or under. Science Direct’s study have found that the use of these kinds of products during sleep can increase the likelihood of SIDS and in some cases could be accidentally thrown over the baby’s mouth which can restrict breathing.

To make your choice as safe as possible choose a material which is breathable. 

Can babies have comforters in cots?

Using a comforter in the cot when they’re awake and playing under parental supervision is fine. Babies should only use them under supervision of the parents if they are sleeping unless they are over 1 year old. This is because of the increased risk of SIDS and a potential smothering hazard.

How much does a comforter cost?

A decent comforter should cost between £5 to £20. Any more than that and it could be seen as a bit of a ripoff in our opinion.

Does a comforter need to be washed?

Absolutely. A comforter is in contact with the baby often and will attract spills and dirt – a piece of material which is left to be unwashed over a prolonged period can attract nasty germs which can make your baby sick in extreme cases. Therefore, ensure your purchase is machine washable at the very least with tumble dryer safe as a big bonus.

It may be true that in some cases familiar smells can help comfort a baby but a dirty piece of cloth will certainly not. 


Babies will either take to them or not. But, what is pretty clear is thatthese items are scientifically proven to be helpful for a baby to transition from one stage of their lives to another and with sleep. There are a lot on the market which are pretty much the same so the choice is an aesthetic one in our opinion.


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