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Best Nappy Bins and Disposal Systems

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Nappy bins serve to trap the odour of the nappy and make it convenient to dispose of them right after a change – Best For Mums have reviewed the best nappy bins to save you time and money on your purchase. You’re likely to change hundreds if not thousands of nappies before potty training – a solution is needed to store the dirty nappies and to keep the smell away from the home. Enter the nappy bin.

Here are our selection of 10 of the best

Best Nappy Bins Reviewed

1. Angelcare Nappy Disposal System

Angelcare Nappy Disposal System​


The Angelcare nappy disposal system is perhaps the most popular nappy bin in the UK as it offers all of the features you’d want in this product at an affordable price. It uses a 28 day cassette system and an air seal so there’s very little emptying you’ll need to do and the odour stays trapped. Considering this can be purchased for less than £20 in most cases it is a steal.

Convenience is the key word with the Angelcare Nappy Disposal System as it takes the nappy with a simple push through the clamp. The air sealed cassettes claim to keep all odour away and we can verify this claim – even a full bin of dirty nappies did not produce any smells in the surrounding area making it a triumphant win. Even when it’s time to finally replace the cassette you will still not tough the nappies as they are sealed away completely.

The Angelcare Nappy Disposal System uses up to 4x less plastic than its competitors and is much more environmentally friendly than bins which use liners. We’ve mentioned how nappy bins can complement a home’s decor and this one is no exception as the exterior design is very discreet and streamlined. It genuinely looks good considering it is a bin.

The only drawback with this disposal system is the reliance on branded cassettes in the future, however they do last 28 days and they are relatively cheap. This is an outstanding nappy bin and quite possibly the best on the market. It can be purchased from Argos and Amazon which gives three different options for the best price.

2. Tommee Tippee Sangenic Tec Nappy Disposal Tub

Tommee Tippee Sangenic Tec Nappy Disposal Tub


Tommee Tippee Sangenic Tec Nappy Disposal Tub is the best rated nappy bin on Amazon by a country mile. It has over 1,000 positive reviews which is quite frankly insane for any sort of product, this alone should let you know just how good this product is and that it’s a safe bet as one of the best nappy bins.

The way it works is with cassettes with liners which twist and lock the nappy when they’re placed in the bin. The film itself is antibacterial and kills 99 percent on contact, this film is also what offers the odour protection (citrus) which is the most common method. Despite the Tommee Tippee Sangenic Tec Nappy Disposal Tub essentially being a nappy sack it isn’t quite the same – the antibacterial and the twisting makes it up to 101 times more effective.

A single Tommee Tippee Sangenic Tec Nappy Disposal Tub can hold 28 nappies at a time, that’s a massive amount between being emptied. For a baby that poops and wees often that’s at least a week of odour free nappy changes. Once twisted the bags just fall into a tub so you can empty the Tommee Tippee Sangenic Tec Nappy Disposal Tub at any time, obviously. 

If you’re into saving the environment then rest assured that this is made with 98% recycled plastic so has a minimal impact. The bin has been well designed and looks discreet enough, however there are smaller ones and better looking ones available if that’s what you’re after. 

We mentioned the large amount of reviews on Amazon and on a lengthy read it’s clear that the biggest pros of the Tommee Tippee Sangenic Tec Nappy Disposal Tub is the odour repellent and how easy it is to use – you simply put the nappy in the whole and push it though – that’s it. We love this product and think it’s one of the most risk free parenting products you’re ever likely to buy and has a big claim as the best nappy bin.

3. Korbell Nappy Disposal Bin

Korbell Nappy Disposal Bin


The Korbell nappy disposal bin is a 16 litre, 25 nappy capacity bin which offers odour neutralisation and a convenient child and pet proof pedal opening that is as easy as dropping the nappy and moving on. 

This nappy bin gets all of the basics right which is why it deserves a spot on this top 10 list. It has no set up whatsoever and comes with a pre installed cartridge of 25 nappies which is around a weeks worth for the average baby, probably more. The method of keeping the nappy sealed is a cutter and a twist which means there is no chance of the smells or content every getting out even during a full empty.

As for the negatives – first of all we should say as our opinion is that the Korbell nappy disposal bin is not a looker and although some effort has been made to make it look contemporary it is pretty clear that is a bin and not exactly discreet. The pedal to open the bin is handy and safe but there are models out there which take even less effort to get rid of the diaper, however to say it is not convenient would be a lie. Lastly, although it is not expensive by any stretch it certainly isn’t cheap, either.

Overall, this is a very solid nappy bin with some great reviews and does all the basics right. It keeps the odour at bay, it’s easy to use and has a decent capacity. However, small little niggles make the Korbell nappy disposal bin tread dangerously between being a good product and an also-ran.

4. Rotho Babydesign Nappy Pail

Rotho Babydesign Nappy Pail


This is a sturdy pail, with a decent carry handle and 10L capacity which can be used with all standard bin liners.

It is designed to save you space, easily fitting next to a changing table or in the bathroom so it doesn’t clutter up floor area. The thick plastic material is not only easy to keep clean with every change, but also sturdy in case of any possible damage.

The grips cut out of the lid give you the option to open it up with just one hand which will no doubt come in handy, and the robust lid also gives odour-proof closure.

There are matching products available, from a changing pad to a wash bowl, and it is available in a range of colours in case you have a scheme in mind.

5. Chicco Refill Free Nappy Bin

Chicco Refil Free Nappy Bin


The Chicco refil free nappy bin is a stylish alternative to those who don’t want to mess around with having to buy specific refills all of the time to retain some control and save some money and convenience. It’s one of the best looking nappy bins but does come with an extra cost for the adaptable disposal system.

Indeed, this is the first nappy bin we’ve recommended which can use any of your everyday plastic bags. It uses a simple twist mechanism, much like any other nappy bin. It can hold 25 nappies at a time before it needs a refill. It does have an odour capturing system via the bin itself and not the liners and having tested it ourselves we can attest that it does work just as well as its competitors.

The clear unique selling point of this one is that it gives you the freedom to use your own plastic bags which you can get at a massive discount from any stores – it can save you a fortune with every fill and of course the convenience that if you have run out that you can just nip to a supermarket to get more.

The bin itself we love and it’s easy to use. Although we do admit the price tag on the bin itself is significantly higher than most others, you will get your money back via the plastic bags after a few months. It’s also one of the best looking bins on the UK market in our opinion.

6. Skip Hop Nappy Bin

Skip Hop Nappy Bin


Incredibly slimline, and giving you a space to keep absolutely everything in one place so you will never have to go and hunt down that last nappy again, this nappy bin is perfect for any small rooms.

The air-lock will trap those bad smells so you can avoid stinking out the room when it is filling up, and it can use standard kitchen bin bags which are easy to pick up in the weekly shop. The steel build also resists odours, and it is simple to keep clean and hygienic.

A child proof lock will keep any small hands in the home away from it, and the built-in storage compartment is also large enough to keep things like wipes, creams and powders in one place.

7. Munchkin BagIt Portable Disposable Nappy Bin

Munchkin BagIt Portable Disposable Nappy Bin


Innovation is the key word with Munchkin’s BagIt portable nappy bin and is one of the only products in this list where it can make sense to get this along with another bin. It’s designed to be a nappy bin on the go while still getting the capacity and odour busting qualities you would expect. It’s quite an outstanding product to be honest and one of the most recommended nappy bins for those who travel around a lot for long periods.

In a pack you get 5 disposal bins that can hold 30 nappies each and therefore 150 in total so this is certainly a temporary product but one that will do the business for quite a while. They start off folded which is great for saving space and unfold to be freestanding. There are no liners of cassettes to speak of making this a really cheap and convenient product. When the bin is full you then just literally bin the bin. No problem and no fuss!

Overall, this is the best (only?) temporary, disposable or travel nappy bin on the UK market by a country mile. It locks in the odour, holds a staggering amount of nappies and they are rather cheap!

8. Sangenic Maxi Easiseal Disposal Unit

Sangenic Maxi Easiseal Disposal Unit


The Sangenic Maxi easiseal disposal unit is quite a mouthful but essentially it’s a much larger, slimline and discreet bin which locks odours in with a superior capacity for those who want one in the room with the most amount of traffic such as in the bathroom or nursery. It is made by Angelcare and uses the same refill cassettes which is great if you already have another Angelcare nappy bin.

On top of the odour locking system, the liners are also antibacterial so they will keep your house smelling great and hygienic. This bin doesn’t just advertise itself as a nappy pail but also a place to put other biological waste such as sanitary pads and dirty tissues so a fantastic place to have this is as mentioned, the bathroom. For those who have very recently had their baby and in the phase of using nappies or paper knickers for yourself this is one of the few products which can kill those two birds at once. 

This bin is large, easy to use and has a huge capacity to give you fewer trips to the outside bin. In our opinion this can be a very niche solution for those who want somewhere to store dirty nappies safely and hygienically and to help those suffering from incontinence. It’s rather cheap for its size but do remember it needs Angelcare specific refills. 

9. Bambino Mio, Nappy Bucket

Bambino Mio, Nappy Bucket


Another nappy bucket for you to consider it the Bambino Mio. It may only look like a plain square bucket but on closer inspection it has been designed to be quite discreet and coloured in such a way that it can fit into a nursery or bathroom elegantly. Because it’s quite short it has a child proof lock so your child can’t cause any devastation with the contents. It is a nappy bucket designed for reusable nappies and not disposal ones! Bare that in mind.

However deep and trendy it looks, it does not offer any odour protection but along with the accessory pack it can give you a cost saving solution of not needing to source liners every time it needs a refill. Plus, when not in use the Bambino Mio can also be used for other types of storage. A purpose built nappy bin can only really do one thing.

The key point on how this bucket should be used is with reusable nappies because it can be supplied with wash bags. You can, however, use it with disposable ones if you wanted. It’s a relatively cheap nappy bucket but one where it works for parent specifically using reusable diapers. This is the best nappy bin for reusable nappies.

10. vital baby HYGIENE Odour-Trap Nappy Disposal System

vital baby HYGIENE Odour-Trap Nappy Disposal System


The vital baby hygiene odour trap nappy disposal system is one of the best looking and innovative nappy bins on the UK market in 2019 and beyond. It does not need any special refills and any old liner will do and they claim to be able to save £300 because of this. It’s expensive for the bin itself but the claims really are true – this bin keeps the odour at bay, does not need refills and looks great!

It’s very easy to use and can be operated with just one hand, which is essentially all you’ve got most of the time with a baby. It can hold up to 25 nappies which is pretty standard. The odour trapping technology works just as well as the models which use refills and as far as looks go we think it’s one of the best looking on the market.

It all sounds perfect, and perhaps it is as close as it can get. The drawbacks however is the aforementioned extra cost and although it will save you money in the long run it’s not ideal for those on a budget to begin with. This is a new product, too, so the reviews from verified purchasers aside from ourselves are quite rare. Still, we think it’s a pretty good product.

Nappy Bin Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to the Best For Mums nappy bin buyer’s guide – here we take a look at the common features and questions about nappy bins to help you make sense of the products out there on the UK market.

There are hundreds of products out there and it can easily become confusing and overwhelming which ones really are the best.

Nappy Bin

Not all products are created equal, this has been the consistent case in every single product guide we’ve ever produced. Although there isn’t a single nappy bin which could be called ‘perfect’ that has every single desirable feature there are some which are clearly better than others. Then you’ve got to consider the price – this creates a new dimension of what classes as the best. This is why Best For Mums creates product guides to help mums up and down the UK make sense of hundreds and thousands of products – we want to help people find the best product for them.

With this in mind, we’ve created this comprehensive nappy bin buyer’s guide to highlight what the key differences between nappy bins are to help you find the best one for your taste, budget and needs.

What are nappy bins?

Nappy bins are specifically designed little bins to hold dirty nappies and to trap the odour inside and offering a way to transport the nappy to its final destination without any spills. Nappy bins often come with their own liners or ‘cassettes’. The nappy bins we will be looking at and reviewing are reusable/refillable holders and not specific liners for regular bins.

Do I need a nappy bin?

A reusable nappy bin is definitely classed as a ‘nice to have’ and definitely not a must have. However, a nappy bin does add a lot of convenience and they do indeed offer a solution to keep the smells of a dirty nappy at bay and in a lot of cases fit into the style of the home better than tradition bin. That being said, they do not do anything that a regular bin can’t and as such we’d label nappy bins as luxury items and can contribute to why the Money Advice Service claim that motherhood can cost £500 just in the first month.

How do you empty a nappy bin?

which is the best nappy bin

Every nappy bin will have a different way of being emptied and we will list the method to do so with every unique nappy bin review we write. In general, it will usually be a liner or a cassette that just needs taken out and tied.

How do you use a nappy bin?

A nappy bin works the same as any other bin, they have just been made differently to keep the odour out. Some may use cassettes over liners but in those cases we will specify how they work in the review.

Benefits of using nappy bins

If you’re not sold on nappy bins, here are some benefits of having one or more in the home

Seals nappies individually

Most nappy bins will seal every dirty nappy individually which stops them from piling up becoming a very smelly and dirty problem which can spread germs.  This is a really handy benefit for mums who don’t have the time to change the bin then and there after a change – disposing a dirty nappy in a regular bin and letting pile on top of eachother can spread bacteria and of course, bad smells.

Compact and lightweight

Nappy bins are compact and lightweight enough for them to be easily transportable and not take up any more space than it needs. Nappy bins have been designed for one job and one job only and use lightweight materials.


Nappy bins are small in size and can easily blend in to existing decor and don’t become an eyesore in the home. They’re also designed that if there are dirty nappies in the bin that they can’t be seen which is great for visitors coming round during the early days where nappy changes are more frequent. 

Masks odours

Purpose built nappy bins have been designed to mask and hide the nasty odour that can come with a used nappy. Normal bins are rarely designed to do anything other than just hold rubbish before being moved to the outside bins. The ability to mask odours is perhaps the number 1 feature most parents look for when shopping for a bin disposal solution.

How a nappy bin hides smells differs from model to model and the method of storing the nappy. 

Can offer antibacterial properties

Some nappy bins offer antibacterial properties in their bags or cassettes which can help keep nasty illnesses at bay. Dirty diapers can be a haven for nasty bugs especially when they begin to pile up and the house is warm. Quite often, parents are simply too busy to empty the nappy bin with every single change so the extra peace of mind that you can keep the bacteria at bay is a must have feature.

No set up required

A nappy bin has been designed so that it is ready straight out of the box once a liner or a cassette has been inserted. If you thought that they’d need some kind of assembly then think again.

Look better than regular bins

We believe that a nappy bin looks a lot better than a normal bin. If the appearance of your products matters to you then this purchase is a no brainer and won’t take away from the effort you’ve made to the nursery and home already. 

What to look for before buying a nappy bin

Here you’ll find a definitive list of desirable features a nappy bin should have and if they don’t, considerations should be made before you pull the trigger on that buy now button.

Odour neutralisation

If the nappy bin doesn’t have odour neutralization to mask the smell of poo then don’t bother buying it all. A regular bin doesn’t mask odours so you may as well just use that instead, plus a nappy bin that doesn’t hide the smells which have accumulated a fair bit of dirty nappies will create a horrendous smell that everyone in the house will know soon enough.

Childproof opening

Nappy bins are usually quite short in height and can be reached by toddlers. Make sure you get a nappy bin which has a tamper proof/childproof lid so they can’t get their hands on the dirty goods inside. Dirty nappies don’t just create a mess they can also pose a significant health issue if your toddlers messes with them – some nappy bins also come with antibacterial features but we will get into that properly later.

Good capacity

It’s inconvenient to have to empty a bin constantly, especially for parents of multiple children and single parents. We recommend getting a nappy bin with enough capacity to last at least a week – we aren’t saying that it can’t be emptied in less than a week rather it could last a week if needed.

Easy to use

Products which are fiddly, complicated and have a prolonged set up are always marked down by the Best For Mums reviews team. It’s just not needed and we find it to be lazy from the manufacturers who haven’t given enough thought to the needs of the target market. Nappy bins which are not easy to use are marked down and probably won’t be included in any final shortlists.

Is it cheap to refill?

Most nappy bins will need custom bin liners or cassettes and you’ll probably get a pack for free with the initial purchase, however you will need to get more once they’ve run out and replacements should be cheap and easy to get a hold of. If manufacturers have purposefully made refills expensive to ‘trap’ customers they will get severely marked down and we would recommend avoiding that brand.

Is it fairly priced?

We don’t judge products on whether they are cheap or expensive, rather we look at the return on investment if you were to make that purchase. When looking at nappy bins we consider whether you get what you pay for. This includes the initial bin and future replacement refills as well.

Has it been well reviewed?

In the age of the internet, nothing can help you make a decision more than reviews such as ours and other third parties. When viewing a potential nappy bin take some time to read through the reviews of genuine purchasers to help back up your gut feeling. Also, take time to consider not just the star rating but the number of reviews, too. 

Clear and concise small print

Manufacturers or retailers should make it clear what the guarantee, returns and warranty period is. Know what your rights are before buying anything.