Best Bubble Machines For Kids

Get the lowdown on the best bubble makers you can buy to keep your children entertained
Last updated: June 16, 2021

Bubble makers on face value appear to be a simple toy which can distract young children as they get mesmerized by the strange floating orbs and laugh with joy as they try and catch them, but underneath the bright and colourful exterior is a fantastic toy which engages children’s concentration and helps develop fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. There are very few toys you can buy which kids love that can create such an engaging play time.

Best For Mums are proud to showcase this buyer’s guide to help parents be able to find the best bubble machine for kids that kids, babies and toddlers love on the market and we can help you save money and get a product that has excellent value for money.

Best Baby Bubble Machine Reviews

1. Whirlwind Party Bubble Machine

Whirlwind Party Bubble Machine

With up to 7500 bubbles per minute, this maker is sure to start the party.

It is Whirlwind’s biggest machine to date, taking their expertise and putting it into something on a bigger scale. You don’t even have to wait for it to get ready; just pour the solution into the machine, attach the included auto-feed cap to the solution bottle and insert in the spout, and push the button.

Hundreds of bubbles will blow into the air, and it will keep going automatically until the solution runs out. You get a 16oz bottle of solution included to start off with, which is non-toxic so ideal if you have pets or plants around too.

It can be used indoor and outdoor, and switched on and off with a simple toggle of the switch.

2. Chad Valley Mega Bubble Blaster

Chad Valley Mega Bubble Blaster

A brand which needs no introduction when it comes to making great quality toys and play items.

This bubble blower therefore lives up to expectations. By far one of the best portable models, it can contribute towards a party or be used as a blaster and taken where needed. Just fill it with bubble solution, and it can output around 50,000 bubbles in just 5 minutes.

Thanks to the LED lights coming out of the blaster, these will shine on the bubbles and create a magical disco experience. It should only be used outside because of the scope of how far the bubbles can travel, but at only 1.1kg weight, it can be carried around by your child to surprise you when you’re least expecting it.

3. Dkinghome Automatic Bubble Machine Blower Maker

Dkinghome Automatic Bubble Machine Blower Maker

Instantly, you can see this is a fun toy that will appeal to young toddlers and babies. But, underneath the friendly exterior is a decently powerful device with a massive tank and a motor capable of pumping out 800-1000 gorgeous bubbles per minute with two speeds depending on if you want raucous fun or a gentle play.

Another unique selling point of this product is that it’s made from one piece of strong plastic with anti-fall technology. This means in the unlikely event it falls on a hard floor, it’s resistant to breaking. Bubble makers are typically rather flimsy products because they need to be lightweight, so the makers have thought ahead.

Perhaps the jewel in the crown of this bubble maker is the fact that it’s rechargeable via USB! Yes, no batteries! This feature alone makes it a very strong contender as the best bubble machine on the UK market and beyond. 

To conclude, there’s a LOT to love about this bubble machines – it’s strong, powerful, rechargeable and has a very reasonable price tag.

4. Gazillion Bubbles Tornado 2.0 Bubble Machine

Gazillion Bubbles Tornado Machine

For when the only way is a bubble storm.

At a simple push of a button, this machine can pump out 4,500 bubbles in a minute. There is an auto-feed valve cap so it can have a constant supply of bubble solution, and no pump means that it can start up automatically.

You get 4oz of solution with the purchase to get you started for the first use, and it can be used either indoors or outdoors. Nice and lightweight, it can be used pretty much anywhere and requires minimal assembly.

5. Megabubble Blaster With 2L Giant Solution

Megabubble Blaster With 2L Giant Solution

Sometimes, only a GIANT bubble fest will do. No surprises that the Megabubble can do just that.

Just connect the solution, which has been specially formulated to make the biggest bubbles imaginable, and start the fun. Give it a few seconds to get ready but once it is prepared, pull the trigger and the stream will start.

The non-toxic solution is safe to use around kids, pets and plants, and you get a whopping 2L of it to begin with. It can be used indoors and outdoors (although will cause a bit less damage if taken into a wider area).

It is 2.5kg, so best for an older child, who will be able to ensure the bottle of solution is fixed at all times and will use it safely.

6. Chad Valley Whale Bubble Machine

Chad Valley Whale Bubble Machine

Something which just oozes fun now – as well as hundreds of bubbles in seconds.

For those summer days when the paddling pool is out, this whale bubble maker is a great way of keeping them company for a wee while. Just put it down, fill with solution and it will automatically create the bubbles.

It is battery operated so can be taken anywhere, and while it looks small and friendly, it is definitely mighty. Best used outdoors, it is a little loud and uses up the provided bubble solution very quickly, but it is a good price to buy a bit of entertainment.

7. iPlay, iLearn Bubble Machine

iPlay, iLearn Bubble Machine

The iPlay, iLearn Bubble Maker Machine is a handheld bubble machine that’s cheap, easy to work and one of the most portable in the list.

The performance is not on part with models which have a larger reservoir, more wands and bigger power but it does the job perfectly well which will please those not wanting to invest much into their product. 

8. EpochAir Bubble Machine

EpochAir Bubble Machine

The EpochAir Bubble Machine has a fun frog design which will appeal to younger children and babies. It has an output of 500 bubbles per minute, a great reservoir and last a long time on 4 AA batteries. Because of its relative small size this is a great little machine suited for bath times indoors and outside children’s parties in the summer. It’s a doddle to refill to the point where even kids can do it, the only thing an adult needs to get involved in is to use a screwdriver to replace the batteries. 

There’s not an awful lot of flaws with this design and it sits comfortably in the middle range and adaptable to do a decent job in every scenario.

9. Bubble Buddies Kids Bubble Machine

Bubble Buddies Kids Bubble Machine

This cute little Hippo design bubble blower is a lightweight and small device perfect for someone who just wants an easy bubble blower for one or two children or toddlers at small garden play times or bath times. It uses two AA batteries, has a small reservoir but a healthy amount of bubbles for a product of its price.

This is an ideal entry level bubble machine for those on a budget but that kids love.

10. Chad Valley Narwhal Bubble Machine

Chad Valley Narwhal Bubble Machine

By far the cutest little bubble machine around.

This little narwahl can actually create thousands of bubbles in minutes, packing more of a punch than you’d expect. Bubbles can fire up to 20ft in the air, and one amount of bubble solution should make around 20,000 bubbles.

It is quite small as it is, but still folds for easier storage, say over winter. It would be a great bubble maker for any kids who are young and will be using the bubbles as a motor skill developer as opposed to for a party.

Bubble Machines for Kids Buyer’s Guide

Bubble Machine for Kids

Best For Mums create a wide variety of product guides to help mums and dads find the best products to suit their needs. We curate and review each product ourselves and only recommend ones we’d want to use ourselves. In this case, we have taken a look at the bubble machines market to find a definitive top 10 list that is split between specialist models such as the best on budgets, for parties, for bath times and portability. We also crown one to be the best overall.

We take everything we write seriously and we hope we have been able to help you find the perfect product that you will love, every time. We try to add our experience and others to create a trusted source.

What are bubble machines?

Bubble machines, also known as bubble blowers and bubble makers are designed to automatically create a large number of bubbles continuously as opposed to manually using single wands and blowing them yourself. Bubbles makers will have a motor inside which rotates a wheel of rings which automatically dip inside bubble solution which goes past the motor blowing air through it which creates perfectly spherical bubbles. 

Modern bubble machines will have a bubble solution reservoir where the bubble solution is held so that it can run continuously without needing manual intervention too often. The motor inside is typically powered via alkaline batteries, rechargeable USB lithium batteries or via the mains. 

The method of gathering the solution for air to pass through creating the bubbles is almost always the same – a wheel of several wands with a loop at the end will rotate with the lower half passing through the solution – the blowing air is generated by the motor and a fan air intake at the back.

Lastly, every product will have a unique design to cater for the specific audience – add bright and colourful features for children and bland and industrious for those in the entertainment industry. With some models you may get extras such as LED lights and/or accompanying music alongside the bubbles output.

Are bubble machines good toy for kids?

Absolutely, bubble machines are one of the most entertaining toys for kids as young as 1 and we’ve yet to see someone who doesn’t love the experience. As most parents will probably attest, children and toddlers are absolutely mesmerized by the appearance of bubbles and fascinated how the physics of bubbles work – this is called the Marangoni effect. Children love watching the bubbles fall and will attempt to catch and burst them. Add some music and you’ve got yourself a very good time on your hands. Due to their lack of understanding of how bubbles work this can provide a lengthy amount of entertainment for them.

Through the use of bubble makers, a parent can help their child improve their fine motor skills, Fun Early Learning emphasis this need and state “They help children perform important tasks like feeding themselves, grasping toys, buttoning and zipping clothes, writing, drawing, and more”. Tracking the bubbles and attempting to catch/burst the bubbles also improves hand eye co ordination, ILS Learning Corner stress the importance of this skill by saying “Hand-eye coordination is one of the most important parts of the learning process. It helps your child track the movements of their hands with their eyes, which is essential for reading and decoding.”.

Is bubble solution safe for kids?

There is an alarming lack of safety information available online when it comes to bubbles toxicity. Modern bubbles mixtures which are purchased from reputable vendors such as Amazon are eco friendly and non-toxic when added to a bubble blower. However, there are almost no websites out there who outwardly state this which made us worried for parents desperately seeking the answer before making their purchase.

However, bubble solution is NOT guaranteed to be hypoallergenic, it may cause skin irritation and will almost definitely cause eye irritation if the liquid itself comes to contact. When in bubble form the solution is fairly safe to use in moderation. Mother Nature Network puts it best “It’s basically just dish soap and won’t kill a kid, but it’s not the best thing for kids to ingest, either.”

A common-sense approach should always be applied and children under 3 should never use a bubble machine or handle bubble mixture alone.

Bubble Machine FAQs

How much does a bubble machine cost?

Modern bubble machines that we have been able to review on the UK domestic market as of 2020 range from £5 to £35. The price depends on the size and performance output of the motor fan, the capacity, the type of battery and how it is charged and quality of the exterior materials.

How does a bubble machine work?

Bubble machines work by having a motor automatically turn a wheel of wands or rings which dip into bubble mixture kept in a reservoir before having air blowing through the ring to create the bubbles.  

How do you make a Gazillion bubbles?

Gazillion bubbles is a brand name which refers to a specific bubble machine as seen below. It is not one of our recommended bubble machines and we have yet to review and so is absent from our top lists.

Gazillion bubble machine
182 Reviews
Gazillion bubble machine
  • Includes a 4 oz bottle of bubble solution

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