Best Kids Microphone

Keep your children singing and dancing with one of our top rated kids microphones

Do you have a little performer in your family that loves to sing and dance and just isn’t interested in any of their other toys and games? Why not get the little superstar in your house the perfect present in the form of one of our best kids microphones.

A kid’s microphone lets them sing to their heart’s desire and pretend they’re really on stage, not only do they entertain your child but also fuel their passion whilst improving their musical and oratory skills. This could be the best present they’ve ever received! 

Best Overall
ALLCELLE Wireless Karaoke Machine for Party Singing
Best with Stand
VTech Microphones with stand for Kids
Best Karaoke Machine
ION Audio Party Rocker Express
Wireless Karaoke Machine for Party Singing,Karaoke Microphones for Kids Compatible with Android and iOS Device for Home KTV Outdoor,18th Birthday Gifts For Girls (rose gold)
VTech Kidi Super Star Kids Microphone And Stand, Musical Toy For Children, Electronic Toy, Sounds and Lights Toy For Boys & Girls Aged 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 Years Old, Black
ION Audio Party Rocker Express - 40 W Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker System & Karaoke Centre with Party Light Display and Microphone
Where to Buy
Best Overall
ALLCELLE Wireless Karaoke Machine for Party Singing
Wireless Karaoke Machine for Party Singing,Karaoke Microphones for Kids Compatible with Android and iOS Device for Home KTV Outdoor,18th Birthday Gifts For Girls (rose gold)
Where to Buy
Best with Stand
VTech Microphones with stand for Kids
VTech Kidi Super Star Kids Microphone And Stand, Musical Toy For Children, Electronic Toy, Sounds and Lights Toy For Boys & Girls Aged 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 Years Old, Black
Where to Buy
Best Karaoke Machine
ION Audio Party Rocker Express
ION Audio Party Rocker Express - 40 W Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker System & Karaoke Centre with Party Light Display and Microphone
Where to Buy

Best Kids Toy Microphone Reviews

1. ALLCELLE Wireless Karaoke Machine for Party Singing

ALLCELLE Wireless Karaoke Machine for Party Singing

The ALLCELLE kid karaoke machine is perhaps the best kids microphone. It has 3 main features – Bluetooth speaker, music player and a recording device which is quite a lot to fit in.

The key feature of voice capturing is crystal clear and the voice changing features will delight your kids as they sing along. The advanced audio technology processes and tune the recorded audio and makes it really seem that it’s a professional singer and provides great sound quality.

Works with all major phone operating systems so they can sing their favourite songs from whatever device they or you have available.

Lastly, the microphone feels light and easy to handle in your hands, the buttons are well made and sturdy and even a child will get it up and running in minutes and battery life will keep them going for a long time.

As an advanced microphone, however, it is not indestructible and a toddler will make short work of this especially on hard floors. However, this is a relatively cheap toy despite it being so popular.

This is probably one of the best kids microphones on the market for children older than toddling age.

2. Popstar Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

Popstar Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

Does your child have a favourite popstar who they just can’t get enough of? Do they want to be a million-selling artist when they grow up?

This microphone will allow them to start out their dreams and reenact those sellout stage performances. Wireless, they can also work on their dance moves and treat the living room like a concert venue.

The Bluetooth compatibility will connect it to music players, phones or other online compatible devices so they can sing along to YouTube or karaoke apps. There is echo control and volume control which may keep the neighbours happy, and a handy USB port will allow it to be charged when needed.

At the base is a built-in speaker, so no extra equipment is required, and it is very lightweight so suitable for all ages. It is a great price, and while it may not last for years, it will certainly keep them occupied over a Summer holiday or Christmas break.

3. VTech Microphone with Stand for Kids

VTech Microphones for Kids

The VTech superstar karaoke machine kids is probably the best kids microphone stand and makeshift karaoke machine suitable for children aged 5 and older. It’s got the distinct feature that the microphone itself is not the unique selling point, instead, it is the device on the top of the stand and of course the stand itself.

A kid’s microphone with a stand is particularly useful for kids who are very serious about singing and want to practice posture as well as memorise lyrics as there is a sheet holder built-in. It’s also a hidden gem for parents of disabled children who find it difficult to stand or that are wheelchair-bound.

The height can be easily adjusted and the centre console boasts a plethora of features let alone Bluetooth and wireless functionality so they can just play their favourite music and sound effects. They can even place a phone or tablet in the sheet holder which can play videos with the lyrics shown.

The quality of the audio is not the best but it is serviceable. However, there aren’t many microphones with stands that are purpose-built on the market and out of all of them this one is probably the best. 

4. The X Factor Kids Karaoke Machine

The X Factor Kids Karaoke Machine

If you have a child that’s obsessed with the hit ITV show X Factor then what better microphone to get them than the official one they can play along during an episode! Don’t be fooled by the branding, underneath is a quality microphone with great features. 

Can play music via Bluetooth and SD card so they sing along to whatever they want, at any time, but also has voice effect changer so they can have fun changing their voices, even during a live X Factor show. No batteries required as it is completely rechargeable for 5 hours of use at a time.

Additional features are voice recording and playback as well as a high-quality Bluetooth speaker to amplify their music when they don’t fancy singing anymore.

All in all, this isn’t just brand merchandise, this is a genuinely good product with excellent sound, playback and features. Feels good in the hands and as genuine of a ‘real’ microphone as you’re going to get! You can’t do any better if you little ones love X-Factor but you do feel like you’re paying slightly more for the privilege. 

5. kidzlane Kids Karaoke Microphone

kidzlane Kids Karaoke Microphone

If your kid is just starting out on their musical career, then the chance to sing along with their favourite nursery rhymes as well as songs off the radio will help.

Bluetooth enabled, you can play any track they wish and hear a brilliant rendition, or for toddlers, there are 10 classic nursery rhymes and a corresponding lyrics book complete with charming illustrations.

They can select “Duet Mode” for a fun singing match during a birthday party or weekend roping the grandparents into playing, or “Music Mode” when you’re ready to go solo!

A 100-second record and playback function lets kids practice and hear their own tunes, in case they need to fine tune a few notes. A built-in Voice Changer will provide some extra entertainment too, and the flashing lights will create that popstar experience in the living room.

The buttons are easy to control and manage, and it is nice and easy to hold for long periods.

6. DC Super Hero Girls Portable Karaoke

DC Super Hero Girls Portable Karaoke

They really don’t make many karaoke machines for kids, especially traditional ones that need to be lugged around but here’s one and it’s a bit of a cracker even if you’re not into the DC girls superhero thing.

This is a colourful little box with plenty of personality that has two jacks to enable your child and a friend to sing along – something most parents overlook when shopping for a microphone for their children. 

It is battery operated so no recharging here unfortunately but it is somewhat economical with great battery life. It’s got bright colours while it’s on turning a dark room into a proper disco. 

Lastly, this can play CDs! The microphones are not wireless, however, the box is and does connect to iOS and Android so you can play your own music!

Overall, this is a hefty purchase that can be nabbed for £20 and under most of the time and you will get a lot of bang for your buck. Definitely one to consider if you want more than one microphone at once for a duet that they can sing to the same song with.

7. Chad Valley Guitar, Microphone and Amplifier

Chad Valley Guitar, Microphone

A standalone microphone isn’t quite enough. Whether they want to pretend they’re a one-man-band Oasis tribute act,  simply can’t stick to just perfecting one skill, or you have a few kids who want to be the next big thing, this set is ideal.

The guitar is especially for little hands, with nice easy controls and buttons including 8 musical notes, 3 rhythm sound effects, 8 demo songs and a demo key to listen to all the songs.

The microphone stand is adjustable in height to suit any ages, and the amp has flashing lights which will really give a rockstar feel. A great selection of sounds will give a good basis if they just want to practice, and best of all it is great value for money to say so much is included.

8. Moana Microphone

Moana Microphone

Your child will either love Moana, or LOVE Moana.

With this microphone, Moana will sing with your child. They can use the built-in songs or plug it into an MP3 source in order to sing along to Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift and all of the other chart topping pop stars.

It is really well built, and a great price for something which feels so long-lasting. Sound quality is top-notch, and the wireless feature means it is also portable for taking to parties or their Grandparents for a sleepover.

9. TONOR Dual Wireless Microphone

TONOR Dual Wireless Microphone

This has not been designed for kids but it can be used for kids, the reason we have listed it here is that the sound quality is pretty much the best there is and there are two wireless microphones included for duets.

If you have a child over 5 years old who’s very serious about singing then this is one which should be considered but for a bit of a laugh then avoid as it is expensive. However, even if used by kids it can take a beating as it is completely metal with no dainty plastic bits.

Huge downside though is that this is an input device and not output – it does need to be plugged into a proper sound mixer. Does not plug in to laptop, iOS, Android etc.

With over 300 (positive) reviews the TONOR Dual Wireless Microphone is pretty much the undisputed king of the kids karaoke party and worth every penny if you can afford it! Probably not ideal for parents – this is more for kids party entertainers and DJs.

10. ION Audio Party Rocker Express

ION Audio Party Rocker Express

This is a mini karaoke machine that will blow your children’s minds with it’s over the top lights and very powerful performance. This is a product for kids who are dead serious about their singing and parents who are willing to part with just under £100 for it.

It will connect to your standard Bluetooth devices to play whatever you want but the microphone is wired in. This does mean the quality is a little better but at the cost of convenience. Can be plugged in with mains or even with 8 C Cell batteries.

Overall, this is a karaoke machine for the committed but it does pack an absolute wallop and even the parents can enjoy it when they’ve finally got a free house!

Kids Toy Microphone Buyer’s Guide

kids microphone

Welcome to the Best For Mums microphone for kids buyer’s guide. We create a buyer’s guide with every curated list of products we make to help readers make the best choices when it comes to spending their money.

We have real-life testers and curate opinions from verified customers to bring you a list of products we deem to be good enough for our readership. We also provide a guide below to educate and provide information about the products as a whole.

If you have any feedback please let us know in the comments below!

What are microphones for kids?

A kid’s microphone is just a microphone designed for children to sing along to their favourite tunes with. Nothing more and nothing else. In general, a microphone designed for infants will have a smaller grip for little hands, flashing LED lights and some basic voice changing features.

They are not designed for any proper concerts or live performances, just for fun domestic use. They will be designed to connect to mobile phones and tablets and have a speaker function to play the music.

Sometimes they may come with an amp but these are few and far between and much more expensive.

Benefits of a kids microphone

Although there are no benefits of a kids microphone directly, there are huge benefits of encouraging your child to sing and dance.

First and foremost, sing along with music makes kids happy which releases the feel-good hormone oxytocin. As the BBC found, when the sacculus of the inner ear is stimulated by music during a sing along it releases more oxytocin. Although this is not as a result of the microphone, it can still encourage your child to get into singing and music which will help make them happy.

Secondly, learning music and being involved with music aids brain development in a child in a great way, in a paper by Adrian Hille and Jurgen Shupp called “How learning a musical instrument affects the development of skills” it was found that kids who engaged with music were much more likely to develop better memory skills (remembering lyrics, multi tasking) able to think quickly with tempo changes and concentration. 

Thirdly, speech and language skills are boosted phenomenally as they practice pronouncing words and reading the lyrics as they sing. The younger the child the more they can benefit from singing which can help them discriminate words, become aware of sounds and how they work, expanding their vocabulary and help them pronounce better – The Speechies.

Lastly, kids will inevitably stand up and dance whilst they sing which is great physical exercise for them which doesn’t need any explanation as to why that’s a good thing! An easy way to keep your child

All in all, a microphone for children can be an absolute win-win for parent and child and an easy decision to make.

What to look for in a kids microphone

Here are some features to consider before parting with your cash today

Ease of use

Kids can’t work out complex devices, especially if this is designed for toddlers from 1 and up. Moreover, they will struggle to figure out complicated controls to skip track, change modes etc which can cause frustration for them and yourself.

Buy a microphone which is easy to use and is appropriate for the age of the child you’re buying it for.

Great Features

Do you need a microphone with flashing LED lights, voice changing, voice recording and for it to be wireless? Don’t be fooled with ultra-cheap mics which are bare-bones and equally don’t pay over the odds for a microphone that does all sorts that you will never use! 


Check that the microphone you want is compatible with the device you have that will be used to play the music. If you’re an entertainer make sure the microphone has the correct jack for your equipment.

Battery type and lifespan

Consider whether or not you want a microphone which is rechargeable or one that needs batteries inserted? The former will be more expensive at first and then get cheaper and the latter will have a cheaper initial cost but the lifetime cost will rise as you purchase more and more batteries.

Great Durability

Kids can play rough so a microphone which has been built to take the knocks that come with being used by children. No microphone will be indestructible but there will be some which are just better built than others. 

Kids Microphone FAQs

What is the best karaoke microphone?

There are dozens of microphones out there, of which we have picked the best.

But the best for your actual child will depend on where they will be using it, which songs they will be singing and how old they are.

Are there Bluetooth microphones?

Yes. Most of the products we have listed here are Bluetooth microphones and will connect to most modern devices.

What is an echo microphone?

An echo mic is just a microphone which creates an artificial echo. It’s a common feature of toy mics.

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