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The Best Portable Changing Mats in the UK

When you go out and about with your little one, it’s so important to have the best portable changing mat with you. Whether you are popping to the shop, visiting a friend or heading out on a long day out, you need a convenient, easy-to-use changing mat on hand for those essential changes.

You never know when they will need to be changed; I don’t know how many times my baby has filled their nappy when I least expect it. It’s never fun looking for a baby changer, especially if you are outdoors.

We have looked at the best portable changing mats available in the UK market that will let you conveniently change your baby while on the move.

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Best Overall
Skip Hop Pronto Portable Changing Mat
Skip Hop Pronto Portable Changing Mat
  • Front zipper pocket for personal items, large mesh pocket holds changing essentials
  • Strap it to your wrist or clip it to your stroller
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Best on a Budget
LEADSTAR Portable Nappy Changing Mat
LEADSTAR Portable Nappy Changing Mat
  • Padded mat with a sponge cushion for comfort
  • Three pockets with for plenty of storage of essentials and personal items
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Best for Style
Baby On-The-Go Buggy Bag with Changing Mat
Baby On-The-Go Buggy Bag with Changing Mat
  • Stylish design with a handbag look and feel
  • Compact, so better for short outings when fewer supplies are needed
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Best for Swimming
Splash About Baby Neoprene Changing Mat
Splash About Baby Neoprene Changing Mat
  • Keeps babies away from unclean changing room and poolside floors
  • Easy to care for, simply roll and reuse
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Best Innovation
Anti roll Changing mat Baby
Anti roll Changing mat Baby
  • Place bear’s arms around your little one and kneel on the kneepads to stop babies from flipping or crawling
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Best for Comfort
Bambino Mio change mat
Bambino Mio change mat
  • Super soft and quilted lining provides a comfortable changing surface
  • Absorbent inner padding catches accidents
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The Best Portable Changing Mats

Here is Best For Mums’ list of the best portable changing mats that will make the task easier while you are away from your home.

Skip Hop Pronto Mini Changer

Skip Hop Pronto Changing Mat

The Skip Hop Pronto mini changer is an ideal choice for when you are outside of the home. Being able to attach this to your pushchair or your wrist is a game-changer. With its modern design, it is attractive to carry around like a bag clutch too.

As with most Skip Hop products, that quality is excellent, as well as the attention to detail. The mat easily zips off and you can take a couple of nappies with you. The pillow area is another nice feature to keep your baby comfortable. In addition, it’s so easy to wipe when you are finished using it. There is also a case for the wipes which makes it convenient with everything to hand.

On the downside, it is more expensive than other portable changers. Also, once you have added the nappies, it does get bulky fast. This will get tiresome when you are trying to fit it into your changing bag. However, overall we feel this is the overall best portable changing mat.

Check Skip Hop Pronto price: Amazon

LEADSTAR Portable Nappy Changing Mat

LEADSTAR Portable Nappy Changing Mat

The LEADSTAR portable nappy changing mat is an ideal choice for when you are travelling with your little one. I chose this one for my child due to the storage pockets. You can easily fit all the nappies you need in the pockets along with a packet of wipes and nappy cream!

I like the unisex style of this portable changing mat, with an attractive grey stripe. It’s very easy to use, and it folds quickly away to store in your bag for your next trip out. The head cushion pad is ideal for when you are placing your baby on the ground on the changing mat. It’s a great compact and lightweight choice for changing your baby.

As well as being waterproof, it’s simple to wipe and easy to remove any poo stains. A detachable strap makes it easy to hang on the pushchair when you are out and about.

I would say that my baby doesn’t fit on it properly now she is over a year, so it’s a shame it doesn’t grow with your baby. Also, another downfall of this portable changing mat is that the material could be more comfortable for your child.

Check LEADSTAR Portable Nappy Changing Mat price: Amazon

JoJo Maman Bebe Baby On-The-Go Buggy Bag with Changing Mat

JJMB portable changing mat

You can look super stylish while ready to change your baby with JoJo Maman Bebe’s Buggy Bag. This handy bag design is a cool choice for busy mums. The stylish bag has room to fit some nappies, wipes and cream in so you are ready to change your little one. Perfect for your buggy, you can attach this onto the handles giving you easy access when you are away from home.

The changing mat fits inside easily and attaches with a strap that will keep it safe and clean while out. You can then lay it out flat when your baby needs changing. I like the unique design and it will finally feel like you have a handbag while out with your baby. I also like it has a top handle so it’s easy to carry. The stripe design is appealing and on-trend too.

Unfortunately, it is quite compact, especially if you want to take lots of other things out with you and your baby. The changing bag is designed with appeal and style in mind rather than practicability.

Check Baby on-the-go Buggy Bag price: JoJo Maman Bebe

Splash About Baby Neoprene Pool Side Changing Mat

Splash about changing mat

Swimming is one of my favourite things to do with my baby. But when they fill their nappy while in the pool, it is inconvenient to go to the pool toilets to change them. This Splash About changing mat is therefore a perfect choice to change your baby by the pool. You can just lay out the mat and safely change your baby without them touching the floor by the poolside or in the changing rooms.

You can easily roll it up and put it in your changing bag and reuse it time and time again when you are visiting the swimming pool. It’s easily wipeable and will keep in good condition. I also like that you can get matching swimsuits from the Splash About range. I bought the swimming costume for my baby and they are of great quality with a range of fun designs.

The only concern with one of these is that it might get wet quickly sat by the pool and is another wet thing you will have to dry out when you get home from the pool. You also have to hand wash it which is a negative.

Check Splash About Changing Mat price: Amazon

Anti Roll Baby Changing Mat

Anti roll portable changing mat

If you have a wriggly baby, you can end the nappy battle with this anti-roll changing mat by The Wriggler! It is designed to stop your little one from wriggling around when it’s changing time.

The cute bear design is adorable and kids will love it. The innovative design works by the arms of the bear wrapping around your baby to provide a swaddle feel. You can kneel on the kneepads to stop them from moving around when it’s changing time. This can make it a much better experience for you and your baby.

This is a great idea that will grow with your little one. You will be able to use this throughout their toddler life until they potty train. It easily rolls away to place in your bag and is completely waterproof and easy to clean. There is also padding in the headrest to keep your little one comfy while laying down. It’s a benefit that it is quite lightweight and it’s a very popular choice as it has won multiple awards.

The only negative is that it is a higher cost and might be more than you want to spend for a travel changing mat. Also, it’s possible the arms might upset the baby  more, making nappy changing harder work. However, we definitely feel this mat is worth a place on our list of best portable changing mats.

Check Anti Roll Changing Mat price: Amazon, and The Wriggler

Bambino Mio change mat

Bambino Mio Change Mat

I really like the dreamy feel of this Bambino Mio change mat with a charming cloud design that is adorable for your little one. It is also available in lots of other designs to suit your preference!

Most importantly, it’s been designed with comfort in mind – it is super soft making it cosy for your baby and it’s cushioned for extra comfort.

It’s a lightweight choice and isn’t too bulky; ideal when your changing bag is already full of other baby bits. Once folded, it secures tightly so that it doesn’t take up too much room and is easy to take with you out and about.

It’s highly absorbent so will catch any accidents that may occur when you are changing them. This is so important in those early days when they catch you by surprise with a wee while changing them.

The only downfall is that it takes a few steps to fold it up. Anything with instructions on how to fold the mat is a bit of a concern to me! Also, once your baby reaches toddler age, it is quite compact and of a small size.

Check Bambino Mio Change Mat price: Amazon

Best Overall
Skip Hop Pronto Portable Changing Mat Station

Skip Hop Pronto Portable Changing Mat Station

  • Front zipper pocket for personal items, large mesh pocket holds changing essentials
  • Strap it to your wrist or clip it to your stroller
  • Integrated pillow for baby's comfort

Portable Changing Mat Buying Guide

portable changing mat

What to look for in a travel changing mat

When it comes to choosing the best portable changing mat for you, here are a few things that you need to look out for that are most important for the ultimate travel mat.

  • Comfort – You need a mat that will ensure your baby is comfortable while you are changing them. Features such as a cushioned head and a soft material to lay them on are so important to keep them safe and cosy.
  • Easy to clean – It’s so easy to get marks on the mat, especially if you are dealing with a nappy explosion. Therefore, you want a travel changing mat that is very easy to clean after use and will not leave a permanent mark.
  • Foldable – You want something easy to fold up and still compact. It’s hard to fit everything a baby needs into a changing mat, without needing to place a large mat too. The easier and smaller it folds away, the better.
  • Style – It’s important to choose a mat that is stylish for your little one, especially if you want to stand out at baby group. I always would choose a mat that offers a funky pattern or nice colour that will look beautiful when changing your little one.
  • Easy to carry – If you can find a portable changing mat that has a handle or will easily attach to the pushchair, this is a great choice. You might want to go for a walk and then can just take this with you so you can change them while on the move.

Do I need a portable changing mat?

A portable changing mat is so essential to change your little one while on the move. Your baby doesn’t mind the location; they will go when they need to go. So you need to be prepared and ready to change them wherever and whenever. A portable changing mat is also needed for when you are visiting other people or in the outdoors when a changing station might not be in the area.

You also can use a portable changing mat when you are on holiday. Whether you are going on a plane, a car or a train, the mat is important so that you are ready to change your baby.

Frequently Asked Questions about Portable Changing Mats

portable changing mat uk

What size should a portable changing mat be?

You ultimately want one that grows with your baby, from newborn through to potty training. However, you also want a changing mat that will fit in the desired location. You’ll find that portable changing mats for the bag tend to be around 70 x 40cm, but it does vary, so make sure you consider this before purchasing the mat for your bag.

How do I clean a changing mat?

With a lot of baby changing mats, they are wipeable and you can hand wash them with soap and hot water after you have got home. If you are on the move, you can use a baby wipe to give them a clean before you reach home or your destination. Some changing mats are machine washable so it’s worth checking this before purchasing.

How much do travel changing mats cost?

Portable changing mats range from £10- £40. It depends on what your requirements are and what main features you are hoping for from the mat. The higher you pay, the more you will get from the changing mat.

The Bottom Line

I am really impressed by the range of portable changing mats available on the market. Whether you are looking for a mat that is perfect for the pool, ideal for those walks in the woods or a travel companion on your next flight, you are bound to find the best portable changing mat that ticks your boxes in the list above.

While I have used the Leadstar portable mat with my youngest, I would definitely look at getting the anti-roll mat if I had another baby as this looks like it would be worth every penny. But the cheaper travel changing mats do have a range of benefits and are a great compact choice for changes while on the go.