Best Baby Bottle Makers

Make bottle feeding a doddle with our selection of fast and safe models
Last updated: May 5, 2021

If you’re formula-feeding your baby then you’ll know it is one of the most time-consuming activities but one that must be done perfectly each time – we at Best For Mums recognise how stressful it is and how busy you are, so we’ve come together to create the ultimate list of the best baby bottle makers you can buy to help find the perfect one to fit your budget and needs.

Best Baby Bottle Maker Reviews

1. Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine

The Tommee Tippee perfect prep machine is perhaps the most universally recognised brand for parents who bottle feed in the UK. This reputation, however, is not for nothing as the machine delivers on its promise of preparing formula bottles quickly and to the exact temperature every time. 

What sets the perfect baby bottles machine apart from the competitors is how simple it is to use for someone who has never had to make bottles before and how quickly and perfectly it does its job. The formula milk you get at the end has no air bubbles and a great consistency – a perfect blend of water and formula.

We won’t go into the details on how exactly this machine works but what we can tell you is that it’s a doddle to adjust settings and add your program. It also comes with various light to let you know when the filter is ready to be changed and when it needs to have be cleaned.

With well over 3,500 reviews and a 4.5 star rating on Amazon alone you’ve got a lot of mums out there who can attest to this product being the only one you’ll ever need to make baby’s bottle. We think it’s great and because it is a part of a well known brand, the price is usually reasonable and can often be on sale.

After being on the market for years and perfected over time, we feel that the perfect bottle temperature machine is the best value for money formula mixing machine you can buy and it won’t cost you the earth either with prices almost always being around £100 or less.


  • Takes less than 2 minutes to get a bottle ready
  • Compatible with any powdered formula
  • Initial hot water shot kills bacteria
  • In stock and easy to get from most stockists of baby products


  • Recommended to only use Tommee Tippee bottles to be used
  • Is more expensive than using a kettle
  • Not the most portable for road trips, holidays etc

2. Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced Baby Bottle Maker

Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced

The Formula Pro gives almost instant results, mixing, heating and dispensing baby formula to the perfect consistency and temperature.

Simply choose the settings and push a button, and it gets to work. There is no measuring or mixing required from your end, and it has been designed to work with pretty much all of the most popular brands of formula from Cow & Gate to Aptamil.

The formula is dispensed from a hygienic, sealed compartment so you never have to check on it or waste any. You can also see when it needs topping up without opening it up, which could let air and nasties in.

The customising allows you to adjust the bottle size, temperature and formula concentration so you get the perfect results, without having to manually alter anything. The formula is dispensed in 15 minutes, and once it has been purchased there is little ongoing cost, as you don’t need to buy replacement filters.


  • The most stylish looking formula making gadget
  • Smart MCU automatically mixes with the correct water to baby formula
  • Can make a fresh bottle in 10 seconds
  • Best capacity
  • Can be used with other brands of bottles


  • Expensive to purchase
  • Not very portable
  • Not as widely reviewed as some other brands

3. YXLONG Constant Temperature Perfect Temperature Control Machine

YXLONG Constant Temperature Perfect Temperature Control Machine

Yxlong’s baby bottle machine is a snazzy alternative for busy mums who don’t have the time to boil a hot kettle and hope that they’ve got the perfect temperature right every single time. The instant feeding module enables baby bottles to be made in 10 seconds provided the formula pro has been added to the tank in advance and it has the water ready to be boiled. 

During the water boiling process it is quiet as a mouse which is ideal for those hard night feeds and won’t wake the house up. You can operate the YXLONG Constant Temperature control Machine with just one finger so even if you’ve got your other hands full with babies you can still get the job done. The intelligent configuration means the mix is perfect baby bottles every time. The mixing follows three principles – no bisphenol A, no harmful pigments, no heavy metal pigments – so no need to worry despite many product descriptions being written in broken English.

What we would say about this product in closing is that it does the job well enough, but not the best. The baby formula that comes out is perfect and safe and the whole thing is easy to clean with water but to many people the fact that the manufacturers have not made anywhere near enough effort in writing good product descriptions and add the fact that it doesn’t have many verified reviews it becomes a tad worrying. This is not a cheap product and we just feel a little bit more effort for the UK market would have gone a long way. 


  • A viable alternative to the mainstream baby brands
  • Fixes up fresh baby milk in 10 seconds flat
  • Can be operated with a single finger – just add water!
  • Silent when operating


  • Yxlong product descriptions and manuals written in poor English
  • On the expensive side, even for baby products
  • Very few customer and third party reviews out there

4. ÜneeQbaby Baby Formula Kettle with Built in Thermostat

ÜneeQbaby Baby Formula Kettle with Built in Thermostat

One of these is not like the others, and that’s the ÜneeQbaby Baby Formula Kettle with Built in Thermostat. Now, clearly this mega kettle is completely different as it doesn’t mix baby formula for you, instead what it does it provide water at an exact temperature readily available throughout the day leaving you with the task of just getting the bottle read to manually mix the formula up. This sounds like more hassle for you when you compare it to the others we’ve reviewed so far and you’d be half right with that thinking and some food for thought.

It’s easy to focus on what this kettle can’t do but it’s important to focus on what it does – have water available at all times, sits stylishly in your home and doesn’t require any sort of cleaning whatsoever after formula starts to clog up the pipes. Not only that, this kettle is half the price of most other baby bottle makers making it ideal for those on a budget but still don’t want to do anything manually and take any chances with the wrong temperature.

This kettle is completely silent and can be kept in the same room as your baby when they sleep which is great for the dreaded night feeds when they just need food. Once your baby has moved on from formula pro this then just becomes a kettle to make tea or coffee. If you plan on having more children in the future this can be resurrected as a baby bottle kettle again. Amazing.


  • One of the cheapest options
  • Completely silent
  • Made with high quality materials that feel strong and safe
  • Can be used as a normal kettle


  • Doesn’t mix the baby formula for you
  • A normal kettle can still the exact same thing

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Baby Bottle Maker Buyer’s Guide

Baby Bottle Maker

Feeding your baby is going to be one of the activities which takes up most of your time and be one of the most important things you can do to help their development. Despite decades of research, making a bottle of baby formula milk will never be as easy or as nourishing as breastfeeding but slowly through technological advancements the gap is closing, at the end of the day the most important thing is that they get food. If you’ve opted for baby bottle feeding over breastfeeding then a bottle maker should be an essential piece of equipment from day one along with a monitor, nappy bin, carrier and of course, bottles.

In this buyer’s guide we are going to go into depth on a short list of recommended models, what to look for in your purchase and some background on how these magical devices work with your baby’s food at the heart of every decision.

What are bottle makers?

Baby bottle makers are devices which will either mix baby formula for you to the correct temperature or simply boil water to the temperature you desire. The reason why baby bottle makers exist is because most formula needs to be made with water no less than 70ºC according to the World Health Organisation’s guide to prepare formula for Bottle-Feeding at Home to protect the baby from any bacteria present in the powder such as Cronobacter.

Different brands of baby formula, in the UK mainstream brands are Cow & Gate, SMA and Aptamil, require specific ratios of formula to water before being given to babies – without a bottle maker you will have to do this all manually. An article by CafeMom stress the importance of bottle formula preparation and we agree that it should not be taken lightly.

Benefits of having a bottle maker

The benefits of baby bottle makers for those choosing to formula feed are massive with the biggest advantage being the convenience, speed and accuracy for the resulting bottle. Being a mum is hard work enough so a good bottle maker can be a helpful tool in your day to day job caring for your little one. Here is a break down on why you should buy one today.

Correct temperature and ratio of formula and water

Automatic formula bay bottles preparation machines will prepare the water to the exact temperature you set it every single time it is used, without fail. We’ve already discussed how crucial temperature is in this arena. Most of the baby products we review (and we will state if it does not have this feature) will also mix the formula in with the water to the exact measurements required by the manufacturers of that formula. 

A human being will never be able to measure the baby formula exactly with a scoop but a machine can and will. This again saves you time and stress time and time again.


Sterilising baby bottle between food is crucial to protect your baby from infections which can lead to diarrhoea and vomiting, says the NHS. Some of these baby bottles maker can sterilise the baby bottles before/after use which is yet another time saver for mums and dads up and down the country. 

Speed and convenience

It is impossible for a human being to make a baby bottle as perfect and quickly as even the worst of these products, and you can quote us on that! Indeed, these bottle makers really do make a bottle feeding parents life so much easier and convenient. No more will you have to boil a kettle with one hand, shuffle over to get the baby formula tub and the scoop then hope you got the measurement right with a hungry baby in the other.

Buy a bottle maker and start getting precious time back, time you can spend bonding with your children and helping them develop into strong young children. 

Always there

Once you’ve bought the product, all it should need is a regular clean and it will continue to prepare baby bottles for your baby for as long as they are still fed formula. Then, you can pack it up and keep it until the next child comes along, if you choose to formula feed babies consecutively then you can divide the original cost by the number of babies you’ve had.

What to look for in the best bottle maker

Follows guidelines on safety

There are a staggering amount of guidelines on baby nutrition and everything to do with formula and food in general – way too much for us to list them all here. Luckily, UNICEF have gathered a host of resources on Infant Feeding which we highly recommend reading up before making a big purchase or before putting any food in your babies mouth that isn’t breastmilk. Bottle makers should be BPA (Bisphenol-a) free and be CE (consumer electronics) and EMA (European Medicines Agency) approved. 

Ease of use

A fantastic bottle food product should be easy to use even for the biggest technophobes out there. No one should need to be a master of IT to be able to easily configure, use and maintain a formula bottle maker. Let’s not under emphasise that this product is designed to be convenient and fast so if you’re having to potter around working through confusing modes and dials then it’s simply not good enough. A good litmus test should be whether or not it can be used with one hand as many mothers will be holding their baby while preparing a bottle, especially during night feeds.

Flexible with which bottles you can use

Our top rated bottle maker recommends only using the same brand’s bottle, which is an inconvenience. However, you can purchase formula bottle makers which do not require you to buy any specific bottle.

Easy to clean and maintain

Unfortunately we have not found a single self-cleaning bottle maker so it is down to the user to clean it regularly. Because it is essentially a formula shake it gets messy and the stuff gets everywhere in a cycle. Formula milk is organic material and if left can go off and create a nasty mess which can carry bacteria which will inevitably get into the bottles and make your baby sick. Get one that is easy to clean and with clear instructions on how to do so.

A good warranty and guarantee

We have this section in every baby product guide we write. Research what the returns, warranty and guarantee period for any product which is more than £20 – this is especially true if you are chancing your arm on a brand that is perhaps not as well known as the others. 

Value for money

Don’t pay over the odds for a product when you’ve just had a newborn as this is just one of many things you can get. As soon as you’re confirmed to be pregnant spend the next 9 months finding the exact one you want within your budget and wait patiently to see if it becomes on offer somewhere and during times like Black Friday further discounts can be found. 

Well reviewed

Products which have garnered hundreds if not thousands of positive reviews are the ones least likely to give you any problems or disappointments. We are just one baby product review website – see if others have said more or less the same.

Baby Bottle Maker FAQs

What is the best formula dispenser?

In our opinion the best formula dispenser is the Tommee Tippee perfect preparation machine.

Does perfect prep machine Sterilise bottles?

No, most prep machines don’t sterilise the bottles but there are some models out there that do. 

Does perfect prep kill bacteria?

Yes. The initial shot of hot water is designed to kill the bacteria before it starts to mix the formula with water.

Does the Tommee Tippee prep machine work with other bottles?

Yes, but it is not recommended by Tommee Tippee and performance may differ. It may also invalidate the warranty.

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