Best Trikes For 1 Year Olds

We've curated a list of the best trikes for 1 year olds and a buyer's guide to help you get the right one
Last updated: August 16, 2020

Welcome to our article covering the best trikes for 1 year olds. If you’ve got an active child who loves exercise and moving or just want them to get a fun way of exercising then a suitable trike is one of the best ways to do that. There are hundreds of trikes designed for 1 year olds out there – we’ve whittled the list down to the 10 best for your convenience.

Best Trikes For 1 Year Olds Reviewed

1. Little Tikes 4-in-1 Trike

Little Tikes 4-in-1 Trike

The Little Tikes 4-in-1 Trike is one of the best value for money trikes for 1 year olds in the UK. It is suitable for children from 9 months onwards and because it has been designed to grow with them can be used all the way to 3 years old. The The Little Tikes 4-in-1 Trike has been designed to give the parents control at first through the push handle and foot rests before they are able to move on to using the pedals themselves as they get bigger and the seat is adjusted.

At a glance

  • 4 stages to grow with your child
  • Durable, quiet-ride tyres and non-slip pedals that fold away and detach
  • Removable shade canopy and detachable push handle for parent control
  • 5-point seat belt harness and protective safety bar, seat adjusts to 4 positions
  • Convenient beverage holder and extra large storage bucket with dumping feature

The four stages are 9 months, 12 months+, 18 months+ and finally 30 months+ – you can see the images of the 4 stages which shows how this is done. This is a huge selling point and one of the biggest reasons why it’s received over 300 glowing reviews on Argos and 200 on Amazon.

The tyres are very grippy, durable and quiet which can be useful for indoor use. The images don’t show it but the frame of the trike is made out of solid metal which is very strong yet light and agile. For further safety, the trike seat has a 5 point belt and harness. The trike glides easily and is not a chore for a parent to push and is arguably easier than a pram. It even has a bottle holder and a basket at the back to carry your items.

Overall, you simply can’t go wrong with the The Little Tikes 4-in-1 Trike as an entry level for a 1 year old or even for a 3 year old. The price point is incredibly generous considering how many years of use you should get out of this.

2. Besrey Pushchair and Trike

Besrey Pushchair and Trike

The Besrey Pushchair and Trike can only be described as a ‘mega trike’ as it starts off as something that is closer to a pushchair than a trike but over time can be scaled back as your 1 year old gets older leaving you with a fully fledged solo trike. It is quite simply an amazing product but does carry a hefty price tag. However, for the parents who really do need a better or new pushchair but also a trike at some point then this is the daddy.

What sets this apart is the level of quality in the product throughout. The chair itself is one of the most comfortable and safest. It also has a very ergonomic handle stick for the parents to push them around before they’re able to use the pedals themselves. For the 1 year olds, it has the footrests you’d expect and pedals for later on. It’s got very grippy and chunky handle bars and a nice little bell, too.

The body of the trike is metal with plastic accents and mud guards. The rear wheels are smaller to make it easier to turn and gives greater responsiveness from the pedalling. There is a much larger and superior functioning canopy to protect your child from the elements and overexposure to UV rays which is an enormous bonus. Some other trikes we’ve reviewed had canopies but not this big.

The biggest thing you will find with this product is that it feels quality and sturdy. You know you get what you’ve paid for in spades and the fact that it has so many functions will last you a very long time, probably longer than most other trikes on the UK market. It’s safe, solid and comfortable for everyone. You can get it in three colours too which are black, grey and red.

Overall, this is one of the best trikes if the pushchair feature is something you’re after. If you are sorted for a pushchair and just want a simple trike then this probably too much. That’s a compliment.


3. Chad Valley My First Trike (2 years+)

Chad Valley are one of the most well known brands of children’s products in the UK and it’s no surprise that they also make a trike really. This product isn’t for 1 year olds but it isn’t far off which is why we’ve included it here. Clearly though, it is a trike made for very young children and up until now they’ve probably not had a trike before.

Anyway. What’s good? Honestly, the first thing that popped into our head when we reviewed this was the incredibly low price – it was £20 when we tested one and we believe nothing still hasn’t changed. You may not think you’ll get much for £20 but the frame is made of metal with plastic handles, seat, wheels and bucket. Weighing in at 3.6kg that’s a lot of kit for twenty quid. 

From a performance perspective it is serviceable and does the job well enough for the money but there are certainly better ones out there for more money. Your child will have a load of fun with it but when they outgrow the Chad Valley My First Trike then it does become useless. However, for a cheap and cheerful new toy then why spend all that money on a flashy trike they might not even like?

Indeed, the Chad Valley My First Trike definitely has been marketed as a fun toy that’s cheap and cheerful. It has all the features you’d want but at a scaled down level – it has a bucket but it’s a little small, it has a parent handle but it can not be used to steer, it has plastic wheels but they’re hard and not grippy etc. 

Do we recommend it? Absolutely. For someone who isn’t willing to go overboard on their kids toys but want to get them something new that’s cheap and ‘good enough’ then this really is the one for you. Chad Valley are a reliable and popular brand that rarely get things wrong.


4. smarTrike 4 in 1 Vanilla Tricycle - Navy

smarTrike 4 in 1 Vanilla Tricycle - Navy

The smarTrike is an excellent trike suitable for children from 10 months to 3 years. It can be constantly adjusted to cater for your growing bundle of joy and seamlessly goes from a buggy replacement to a full on independent trike for them to use on their own. The frame of the trike is made with metal and is suitably sturdy, the wheels offer perfect balance and along with the 3 point harness offers top notch safety.

There are some nice quality of life features with this trike which may appeal to the parents out there, it includes a basket with a lid and hand covers on the push handle. There’s some nice features for the child one is one of the most ergonomic chairs out there on the UK trike market. The 1 touch steering is a feature only available in this product as it is a patent and gives the pedals better shock absorption and the parents the ability to switch from parent led to baby led in just one press of a button.

Our only niggles with the smarTrike is the wheels aren’t as grippy as some of the others, the pedals could be chunkier and more responsive and the price point is a little more expensive where we think it should be making it lose out to the likes of the Little Tikes 4-in-1.

Overall, this is still an excellent trike with some really nice features for the parents and the child itself. This trike should last you a good few years. 

5. Charles Bentley Trikestar

Charles Bentley Trikestar

You’re probably more than aware that there’s very little difference between these trikes we’ve reviewed. That’s because most babies are roughly the same size and physically not much difference between them. The Charles Bentley Trikestar doesn’t try to be too different or carve itself its own unique selling point. Instead, it does everything that you want it to do well without being too flashy. 

First of all, it’s a 4 in 1 trike with an adjusting seat which allows to be used from 1 years old all the way to 3 years old. It’s got the footstand for when they’re little learners and of course the pedals for when they’re ready to take their destiny into their own hands. It’s really smooth to ride and to push for the parents – the pedals are nicely responsive and the handlebars turn easily with little to no friction. 

The Charles Bentley Trikestar does not have a lot of parental quality of life features outside of the detachable bucket. However, it is made with a sturdy metal frame which is light and agile and surrounded with brightly coloured plastic. As you’d expect really.

So this all sounds negative so far and we’re not giving many reasons to buy this trike for your 1 year old are we? Well, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this trike and in fact it’s a very good trike and would be a wonderful gift for a 1 year old. All we’ve been able to really note, and we are nitpicking to be fair, is that there’s nothing special about this trike that separates it from the others. However, it is a trike that can often be found on offer so if you are reading this be sure to click our check price buttons to see if it’s on offer.

Overall, the Charles Bentley Trikestar is a perfectly serviceable trike that will do the job you’re after without problems. Even better when it’s on offer during busy shopping periods such as Black Friday, Christmas, January Sales and of course the summer when these sorts of toys will be used the most.

6. Kiddo Smart Design 4-in-1 Childrens Tricycle

Kiddo Smart Design 4-in-1 Childrens Tricycle

The Kiddo Smart Design 4-in-1 Childrens Tricycle is definitely one of our favourites and just sneaked in to our list due to it being usable from 1 and a half years. It’s one of the most feature rich and robust trikes on the UK market. I’m sure you can agree from just the image alone that it’s one of the best looking and packed products.

What separates this from the saturated crowd are excellent additions of the tick rubber tires, the bendy handle bar suspension, the bell on the handle bars, chrome wheels, the strong canopy to protect from the elements, a bigger than average storage back on the back and the comfortable and ergonomic seat for the little one. These are features rarely seen in budget models – the Kiddo Smart Design 4-in-1 Childrens Tricycle isn’t a budget model but the price point is close enough to them that it appears as an amazing return on the extra £20 for it.

The main body of the trike is a nicely finished glossy metal frame which really pops. Style does matter when it comes to baby products doesn’t matter what anyone says. As reported by – bright colours catch young children’s eyes and therefore are more likely to engage with something like this rather than one that’s bland and muted.

It is a 4-in-1 trike that can be adjusted all the way to 5 years which is typically 2 years more than most trikes and therefore offers more return on your money than other options. The standard 3 point harness is present. Other safety features are non slip pedals, adjustable footrests and an adjustable parent steering handle. Complies with EN71.

Overall, we really rate the Kiddo Smart Design 4-in-1 Childrens Tricycle. It is one of the best looking and best performing trikes for 1 year olds and up. The overall quality of the trike can be easily seen and felt and although it’s not strictly cheap it is nevertheless one of the best value you’re ever likely to find. Top marks from us.

7. Braet My First Trike

It would be a really strange list without mentioning a ‘first trike’ entry without bells and whistles and as basic as it gets. The Braet My First Trike is as back to basics trike that can be powered by foot or by pedal and intended to be something for them to sink their teeth into and used indoors or in very safe places. 

The reasons this one is chosen over some of the other similar models is because the cost is super low and the quality is pretty good. The bright colours also help it appeal to get your child interested in the first place. The wheels are nice and grippy and the handlebars are ergonomic.

However, it has no safety features to speak of and there’s no way for a parent to be able to steer them safely in a straight line. This is simply a cheap trike to see if your child is into these kinds of toys. If they are then when they’re ready for a trike in the big open world you can get an upgrade but if they don’t take to this then at least you know and haven’t invested much.

Overall, this trike does exactly what it says on the tin and with a cheap price tag. 

8. Wooden Trike

Wooden Trike


If you’re just not into plastic and metal toys for your child but you’re after something to help keep your 1 year old moving then why not consider this Early Learning Centre wooden trike from mothercare. 

Gone are all of the fancy parental handles and even the pedals in favour of a trike that needs your child to use their own strength to get it moving. If you’re thinking this product is a bit poor when you’ve just scrolled past so many modern and feature rich ones then consider this niche – this trike, in our opinion, is designed for 1 year olds who are a little bit behind on their walking, possibly ones who aren’t interested at all.

Because there’s no pedal your 1 year old has to engage their legs to get going which makes them stronger and better coordinated. We probably wouldn’t recommend this at all for 1 year olds who are advanced in terms of physical development simply because we just don’t think it’s challenging enough and you can’t really take this out of the house and in local parks as it will wreck the wheels and their shoes. As the image shows, this is a good toy to have in the garden.

As far as the product itself is concerned, this is a beautifully crafted piece of joinery and will blend well with other wooden products you may have. It has a cute little compartment in the back to help them transport their toys from A to B and back again. The wheels are small but they have rubber around them to give them longevity and to protect flooring if it’s used indoors.

Overall, this is a really niche trike for 1 year olds who are a little behind on their physical development but it will help them exercise and get stronger to be able to take their next development step. It’s a little on the expensive side for what it is but if you’ve looked at the other trikes and find their a bit too much for your child then this is perfect. 

9. VTech Baby 2 in 1 Trike to Bike

The VTech Baby 2 in 1 trike is an activity centre and entry level trike designed for babies from 18 months old to enjoy learning to be active with bike/trike as well as engage with the activity centre located by the handlebars. 

The activity centre itself is what you’d expect in any VTech product really, with an emphasis on shapes, colours, sounds and flashing lights. It’s a great little gimmick to get the child on the trike in the first place if getting them to exercise seems a struggle. It is one of the most approachable trikes and one few parents struggle to get their kids to have a look at – the bold colours and the chunky features are just begging to be investigated. 

As far as the trike is concerned it looks great and works well enough for indoor use and perhaps on grass in a garden. Because it is made entirely out of plastic it’s not ideal to be used in the local park or anywhere with rough terrain. This is a little bit disappointing considering the price tag because you’d need a decent sized house with a clearing for them to get anything out of it.

This is a bit of a niche trike even if it’s made by such a household name as VTech. We feel it’s been designed by parents who are struggling to get their children into physical toys but they are interested in electronic toys. It’s designed for parents who want them to use this toy indoors with no intention of taking them outdoors with it. If you’re this parent then here’s the best trike for 1 year old for you.

10. Radio Flyer Steer and Stroll Trike


The Radio Flyer Steer and Stroll trike is our only entry where we’ve valued it’s appearance over anything else. To put it simply – we just love the way it looks and one of the most stylish trikes on the UK market.

Of course the performance does matter and it doesn’t disappoint. It has a comfortable seat for the child and a really cool box at the back with a lid. The wheels are quiet and grippy and the carry handle for the parents is nice and easy to use. The footrests at the bottom make it comfortable if your child doesn’t want to pedal or not old enough yet.

As far as being the best trike – it isn’t. But we are so in love with the American aesthetic we had to include it for those looking for something that’s a bit cool. It’s rather expensive but is well received by verified purchasers.

Baby Trike Buyer's Guide

What is a trike?

A trike is an abbreviation of a tricycle which is a three wheeled pedal vehicle. A children’s trike is usually made out of plastic and it’s designed to be easy to pedal and gain momentum as well as stable. Trikes can be used from 1 year old all the way up until they’re around 4 when they can start to learn how to ride a bike. However, trikes can still be used for many years as a way to make exercising fun and to give babies and toddlers much needed fresh air alongside walking.

Are trikes good for 1 year olds?

In short, yes. Trikes offer a fun and safe way for children to be active and particularly useful for children who are yet to walk. Trikes for children as young as 1 will usually come with a handle for the parent to push to keep them going in a safe direction, to help them maintain a good speed or even as a replacement for a buggy if they don’t fancy peddling.

Exercising children can be a challenging if it’s not fun and if they aren’t at the stage where they can walk. Tries can help develop their leg muscles. In general, as stated by Get Active Sports, exercise in general at such a young age develops their self confidence, muscle strength, improves their mood and gives them a positive attitude and outlook in life.

What better way to do it than with a trike?

Can my 1-year old use a tricycle?

best trike uk

Not every 1 year old will be mentally and physically ready to get the most out of a tricycle. You will have a feeling if your child is ready is the best advice we can give. The two key indicators whether they’re ready for a trike or not is muscle coordination and balance. If your child is walking or in the phase of learning how to walk then this is a good sign that they could make use of a trike.

If you have a child who is a little behind on their physical development then we would recommend holding off on a trike and allow them the time to develop naturally without forcing anything upon them.

Benefits of a trike for your 1 year old

Toys and games are some of the most expensive purchases a parent can make. There are so many things you could buy them it can be confusing to know what to buy and what not to. Here are some detailed benefits why we think you should buy your 1 year old a trike.

It’s fun

There are a few articles online about trikes and none of them list the most obvious benefit of a trike – it’s a really fun, somewhat inexpensive toy that they can use both indoors (if you’re lucky to have a big house or a garden) or outdoors and in any weather. Kids love trikes because they can get at it 100% and move around over distances and speeds they’ve probably not experienced before.

Kids love trikes and can start having fun with them as soon as they hit 1.


According to the NHS, babies and toddlers should be active throughout the day, every day. A trike offers a way for a child to do that whilst having fun and gaining some independence.

At 1 year old your baby may or may not be able to walk and so a trike can help the latter get moving. A baby/toddler who is able to walk can exercise in a different way.

A trike is one of the first examples of how you can teach your child that being active can be fun and rewarding.

Confidence and independence

Children are not born independent and confident. They need their parents to show them that it’s ok to get out there in the world – one of the ways to do that is with walking and literally getting out of the house and into the world. A 1 year old can’t do a whole lot of activities outside barring walking which is why trikes are such a good idea. The Maternal and Early Years organisations says that taking part in a variety of physical activities helps maintain a healthy weight, improves self-confidence and social skills and can provide opportunities to develop friendships.

A trike lets them experience the outdoors where they actually get to participate themselves – no carrying, no sitting passively in a pram but actually moving themselves! Doing this gives your child a huge confidence boost and helps them tremendously on their way to independence – and let’s face it who doesn’t want a child that is happy to occupy themselves from time to time. 

Stepping stone to bicycles

Tricycles are a natural stepping stone to full on bicycles which most parents would agree they’d be delighted to one day teach their child to ride. With the use of trikes you can get their confidence and strength up enough to transition to bicycles with stabilisers and then to the full fat bike. 

A different way to travel

When children get confident with walking they can start to dislike the pram and being carried about – a trike with a handle in the back can be a new mode of transport that they are able to enjoy and tolerate giving you a great replacement to the outgoing pram and buggy.

This probably won’t be the permanent replacement of course but it may come in handy from time to time on clear days.


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