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Best Baby Bottles for Formula and Breastmilk

A baby bottle is something you’re extremely likely to use with a baby even if you choose to breastfeed. In this article, we’ve used feedback from over 10 mums who have tested over 50 different baby bottles in total to bring a concise list of the 10 best baby bottles we think you should consider buying.

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Best For Mums Recommends – Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bottles

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Decorated Bottles

After careful deliberation with hundreds of different opinions from mums up and down the country, as well as our own research and testing at the Best For Mums HQ, we’ve decided that overall the Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature baby bottle is the best baby bottle on the UK market in 2019. It’s an award winning bottle with over 500 independent reviews which corroborate with our findings. The naturally designed teat is a breeze for babies to get used to, the shape of the bottle is ergonomic and doesn’t lead to fatigue over a long period and you can usually get this bottle in some very good multi packs to bring the costs down. Why not take a look?

The Best Baby Bottle Brands in the UK 2019

Here’s our top 3 at a glance

Best Overall
Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bottle
Best For Breast Milk Storage
Medela Breastmilk Bottle
Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Baby Bottles, 260ml, 6 Pack, Slow Flow Breast-Like Teat with Anti-Colic Valve, Pip the Panda
Medela Breast Milk Storage Bottles - BPA-Free - Pack of 2 x 250 ml
29,783 Reviews
3,615 Reviews
Where to buy
Best Overall
Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bottle
Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Baby Bottles, 260ml, 6 Pack, Slow Flow Breast-Like Teat with Anti-Colic Valve, Pip the Panda
29,783 Reviews
Where to buy
Best For Breast Milk Storage
Medela Breastmilk Bottle
Medela Breast Milk Storage Bottles - BPA-Free - Pack of 2 x 250 ml
3,615 Reviews
Where to buy

Best Baby Bottle Reviews

1. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Decorated Bottles

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Decorated Bottles

At a glance: The Tommee Tippee closer to nature decorated bottle is an award-winning baby battle and one of their most popular products, ever. The closer to nature element means that the teat resembles a nipple which makes it ideal for those who are wanting to express milk to help them with breastfeeding or to help them move from breast to bottle a little easier. Pack comes with 6 bottles each holding 260 ml of milk.

What we love: The closer to nature set provides excellent value for money for parents looking for a bottle to help them express or transition to bottle. The bottles are well made with intuitive anti-colic and breast like teat to make your baby take to them easier and quicker. The product has over 500 positive reviews which should help put you at ease that this is a well-tested product.

In particular, we loved the way it felt in our grip as we fed our baby. It enabled us to hold it for a decent length of time in the ‘breastfeeding’ natural position. The babies used to test the bottle (who were already used to bottle) had no problem getting a good latch on and were able to get the milk out at a good speed almost instantly. Following a decently sized feed, most babies had very little wind in them thanks to the anti colic valve.


  • BPA free plastic
  • Imitation breast like teat which flexes
  • Anti-colic valve
  • 3 way easy hold for an ergonomic grip

Selected Reviews:

These bottles are made of real quality materials which are not made or look cheap. My little girl loves these bottles and still drinks from them now. For the price and quality I will always recommend these bottles to family and friends. When you next go out, have a look on how many parents you see with there little ones having these bottles and that must tell you something. As your baby gets older, you can buy larger teats to suit your baby, which is a added bonus.

Dwayne Young, Amazon

I will always love tommee tippee, I have always used tommee tippee products with all 3 of my children and ordered these bottles for my 4th baby.. I breastfeed but bottles have always come in handy when I have had to go into hospital for my health conditions. These bottles have lovely decorations on them

Kate Tindall

Why should you buy: Sometimes, sticking to the biggest brand isn’t such a bad thing. The products are well made and cheap and because they are so mainstream there have been thousands of people using them and giving Tommee Tippee feedback – this has helped them refine their designs to create their best bottle yet.

Where to buy:

2. Philip Avent Natural Feeding Bottle

Philips Avent Natural Feeding Bottle

At a glance: Philips is probably more known for electronics but they have a surprising amount of baby products under their banner, too. We’ve reviewed some of their monitors and found them excellent and their Avent Natural feeding bottle is no different. Despite them not being the most widely known baby product manufacturer you’d be a fool to not take a closer look at their baby bottle offering.

What we love: The natural feeding teat on the bottle has been designed very well and none of our bottle fed tester babies struggle to get a good latch and a good flow going. The Anti-colic valve worked well enough as you’d expect – it didn’t stop all wind but it certainly is nowhere near as bad as budget bottles without this valve. The Philips Avent has been designed to be gripped comfortably and we can confirm that this is the case with even longer feeding sessions not being too much of a strain on the grip.

Although most bottles are essentially the same, we did find the performance of the grip and anti-colic valve of this Natural Feeding bottle to be superior to most. The cost is higher and you get this in a pack of 3 but we felt it was worth the price tag. The material is BPA free and feels high quality. The overall construction is solid and we have zero incidents of any leaks.

Selected Reviews:

For us Avent works. I do not know why but the soft plastic teats seem to work much better than the alternatives and gives you a much more peaceful baby. They are worth every penny.

Andrew Dalby, Amazon

All my grandchildren have had these Phillips Avent bottles to feed on. Now with another on the way, I have taken advantage to obtain a new set for the next sprog! They are, as you would expect, versatile, easy to clean and baby friendly. The teat resembling a mother’s teat. There is not much more you can say about a baby bottle other excellent product and good value!

Jago Wells, Amazon

Why you should buy: We think that the Philips Avent Natural Feeding Bottle is one of the most complete and possibly best baby bottle on the UK market in 2019. It’s easy to grip and doesn’t make the holder fatigued, the anti-colic valve works well and the overall construction is solid without leakages. The drawbacks are that it is on the pricier side which may rule out mother’s on a budget. But, if you’re not on a tight budget and can afford to buy a couple of boxes then we think you’d be doing a good thing here.

3. Lansinoh NaturalWave Bottle

Lansinoh Natural Wave Bottle

At a glance: The Lansinoh NaturalWave bottle is a futuristic looking bottle designed to be used with expressed milk. This bottle’s unique selling point is the ‘natural wave’ teat which gives the baby feedback as a real nipple and breast would. This is an ideal feature and one our testers can confirm works a treat – the babies who were feeding off expressed milk took to the bottle first time in every case! Despite being designed for expressed milk, this can still be used with formula milk but the benefit of paying a little extra for the natural wave may be a little wasted.

What we love: We love how futuristic and modern the Lansinoh NatureWave bottle is and how easy it is to grip but the star of the product is the natural feel of the teat. The flexible BPA rubber really can wrap like a natural nipple which enables one of the best latches of all the baby bottles we’ve reviewed and it’s the perfect shape and size to reach the top of the mouth – the perfect breastfeeding position. This allowed our tester babies to get a fantastic flow of milk and feeds that lasted the same time as real ones. Moreover, because the babies were able to latch so well they didn’t ingest any air and did not need to be winded. This in part is the work of the AVS (air ventilation system) built in. This is a fantastic bottle specifically for those who are expressing. It’s not cheap as we couldn’t find any multipack deals, sadly.

We would probably add that the bottle itself isn’t as ergonomically design as its competitors which have led to a few testers feeling the fatigue, however they did note that it wasn’t severe or a major problem. As basic as the bottle itself is, its still made with BPA free plastic and has the usual measuring graphics on the side.

What others have said:

Though one of the most inexpensive bottles we tested, it feels like a quality product, particularly when paired with Lansinoh’s excellent electric breast pump. The Natural Wave silicone teat is the real star player here: incredibly soft and flexible, with a sweeping upward slope that’s designed to encourage the baby’s natural feeding pattern at the breast.


We have been trying to get our little one to take a bottle for a while but with no luck. We have tried pretty much every bottle going on the market. This bottle was the only one she took without any issues and happily drinks from it to date. Would highly recommend it.

Kindle Customer, Amazon

Why you should buy: Buy this Lansinoh baby bottle if you intend to express milk but not give up breastfeeding cold turkey. The natural wave teat is simply second to none despite its drawbacks in other areas.

Where to buy:

4. NUK First Choice Silicon Baby Bottle

NUK First Choice Baby Bottle

At a glance: NUK First Choice baby bottles are a hybrid bottle which is suitable for breastfeeding, expressing, half and half or just formula feeding.The unique selling point for the NUK first choice bottle is that it’s been designed with the help of an orthodontist, a Professor Doctor by the name of Balters to be precise, to make the bottle easier to switch from the breast to this. The tears are also made with silicone rather than latex which makes them much more durable and strong. We recommend this bottle for those looking for a bottle with official approval from a child mouth expert.

What we love: There’s an awful lot to like about this bottle. The design team behind the bottle have made what can only be described as the best teat in the business which fit perfectly in every single tester babies mouths during tests. Naturally, most of the babies were breastfed and drank expressed milk to match the target audience of the product with fantastic results. Our mums remarked on how quickly and easily babies were able to get used to the teat and get a good amount of milk out. Also included was a NUK anti-colic system which must have worked as no babies reported any wind.

Although the feel of the bottle itself is not as economical as some of the others we’ve reviewed on this page it was nonetheless serviceable with only a minimal amount of wrist/arm/hand fatigue reported over feeds longer than 30 minutes. NUK may not the biggest household name in this list of bottle makers but they may well be the most experienced with over 60 years experience creating products for babies and parents alike. If this baby bottle sounds like the one you want to try but you don’t want to invest too much money then NUK offers a 1 pack as well as a 2 pack and 4 pack.

What others have said:

My baby loves these bottles and only these bottles. As he used the NUK in the special care baby unit we knew he like these. We tried all the market leaders and he would not take any milk from them. The NUK bottle is easy to use, fits perfectly in the cold water steriliser, microwave steriliser and our electric steriliser.

The Baby Website

Fantastic bottles, easy cleaned, come in lovely designs, very durable still using the same 4 bottle and teats I bought 6 months ago! Also fantastic for breastfeeding as my LG easily went between breast and expressed milk in these bottles as if there was no difference highly recommended!

M Gillen, Consobaby

Why you should buy: We feel you should buy the NUK First Choice baby bottle if you’re looking for a hybrid which has been designed to not move on to formula but to stay half expressed half breastfed. This is a low risk product as you can buy as a 1 pack before committing to more.

5. MAM Bottle Trainer Plus

MAM Bottle Trainer Plus

At a glance: The MAM bottle trainer looks like something a baby would use while eating solid foods but looks can be deceiving as this is a fully fledged baby bottle designed to transition from breastfeeding or bottle feeding to cup drinking. The biggest difference with this one is this one doesn’t take the angle of a ‘natural nipple’ angle but one of a wide opening so it’s more like a cup than a bottle, this is a good way to wean them off from what they’re used to. The end result and what a lot of people have praised the bottle for is a bottle that doesn’t take the baby any skill or adapting to be able to drink from the bottle making it almost easy.

What we love: It’s important for us to provide a balanced range of baby bottle reviews for all baby stages so we wanted to add at least one baby training bottle for between normal baby bottles to larger cups. The MAM bottle trainer plus is one of the best ones and can be used for babies 4 months and older. The one we reviewed was pink, designed for girls, but they do come in blue for boys as well. We loved the opening of the bottle for being so wide and not requiring any sucking but still not a full-fledged cup where the flow of liquid is uncontrollable. The action the baby needs to take to get the milk out is by ‘chewing’ the nipple as opposed to sucking – this is an ideal way to train them out of sucking without making it that much of a change that it feels alien.

The teat is made out of BPA free silicon which is firmer but stronger than baby bottle designed for younger babes. It doesn’t contain an anti-colic valve but you shouldn’t need one for the purpose of the bottle. – it should be almost impossible for them to ingest enough air to get colic. It’s dishwasher safe and suitable for most sterilisers. Overall, it’s a very pleasant drinking experience and the extra design on the bottles makes it the most personalised bottle your baby will have at this point – to some it became their favourite thing!

What others have said:

I bought this for my son, and love it! I love that it is spill proof and is easy fir him to hold, and transition to a sippy cup. It is one the only type of bottle I buy or recommend. Only wish I had bought one for my daughter when she was younger!

Mamaof2, Shopmambaby

Bought to transition babe to sippy cups and was planning to use with her formula but she drinks more then the ammount the bottle will hold so have to save now until she will be drinking water/juice. Also i initially liked that ot came with 2 spout options (regular bottle nipple and flatter, more open sippy cup-like nipple) but the regular bottle sized nipples have no holes? As in it doesn’t allow any liquid through. Will still be handy but not exactly what I thought it was going to be


Why you should buy: The MAM Trainer Bottle plus is one of the best rated training bottles for babies inbetween their expressed milk or formula milk bottles and actual drinking cups. It’s got a simple yet effective design at a price point for everyone.

6. Medela Breastmilk Bottles

Medela Breastmilks Bottles

At a glance: The Medela breastmilk bottles, as you’d expect, are bottles design for women who express and want to use their breastmilk in a bottle without the need to get a boob out. Medela is a company who also make the actual expressing pumps as well so they’ve got a better than average idea of what works for mum and baby. The unique selling point of the Medela bottles is their durability and ability to store breastmilk safely in a fridge or a freezer. They’re tough enough to be dropped without cracks or splinters and the BPA plastic is durable enough to handle being frozen and thawed repeatedly. This is an ideal solution for those who pre-plan and express often in a long term routine with their baby.

What we love: We really love that there’s just no gimmick with the Medela breastmilk bottles – it’s simply a strong bottle designed for parents who are serious about expressing, possibly even to stop breastfeeding altogether from the nipple as some of our tester mums did. Some of the mums had mentioned that they had the Medela breast pump kit and used these to compliment that.

What others have said:

If you’re breastfeeding and only need to give a bottle occasionally, the Medela Calma bottle might be a good choice for your baby. For added convenience, you can use the Calma nipples on Medela breast pump bottles.

Veywell Family

I loved these bottles!!!  They were great when I was pumping but I also love how simple they are.  The design is great and we continued using these bottles even after I was done with my breastfeeding journey.  These bottles are great and my daughter loves them!

Brittany P

Why you should buy: If you’re serious about expressing milk and want to store large quantities in the fridge and freezer then these are the ones for you. The tough plastic can take a knock when dropped and can handle the freezing temperatures and then being thawed repeatedly. They’re not the best for anti-colic or have a complicated teat to make it as natural as possible for the baby to suck but they are serviceable if you purchase separate teats from their back catalogue. We would say these are the best baby bottles for milk storage but not for milk feeding.

7. Hegen PCTO Baby Feeding Bottle

Hegen PCTO Baby Feeding Bottle

At a glance: There isn’t a lot of information online about this bottle which is a bit lazy of them to have to rely on websites like Best For Mums to write their product descriptions for them. Either way, this is a bottle suitable for babies of any feeding type – expressed, formula and half and half. It doesn’t have any unique selling points when compared with the others but it does have an excellent track record of performing quite well with all tester babies. It’s a no-fuss baby bottle that may not be the best but it is handy to compare with the others while in the buying cycle. Just so you know, this baby bottle is square!

What we love: We love the stripped back and basic performance this bottle gives without any gimmicks (other than square shape) and an inflated price because of it. We tried this bottle with both bottles fed and breastfed babies with no problems whatsoever. Our testers highlighted the fact that it felt high quality but it seemed to lack an ergonomic design and fatigue did set in a little bit on feeds over 30 minutes. The teat that came with the bottle was not one with bells and whistles but again the tester babies took to it no problem thanks to its nipple design. There is a built in anti colic vent.

The wide neck makes this bottle easy to clean. The polyphenyl sulfone material used is BPA free, robust but stretchy. What we’d probably add is that Hegen’s marketing team do need to get the word out on this bottle as we could find so few reviews – we liked it but we always compare our findings with the general public to see if there’s a match.

What others have said:

Our baby, who has been breast-fed from birth, had never been keen I’m taking a bottle. I thought I’d give it one more go and bingo, he loved this one. He even uses it on his own now (coming up 10 months now). Highly recommend.

Claire Farmer

I personally really loved the press-to-close, twist-to-open idea because when your baby is hungry and screaming away for milk, having to slowly screw your baby bottle while your whole mind is in panic mode can be pretty annoying. I also noticed that Hegen bottles were a lot easier for Kayla to self-feed! Maybe it’s because the teat is not right in the middle but closer to one side, so it was easier for her to hold it up for longer amounts of time. I really enjoy watching her hold her own bottle so this is a plus for me!

Forget growing up Blog

Why should you buy: The Hegen baby bottle is something a little different which we saw as an also-ran in the race for the prestigious title of the best baby bottle. It’s square shape is quirky but doesn’t really change anything.

8. Mimijumi Very Hungry Baby Feeding Bottle

Mimijumi Very Hungry Baby Feeding Bottle

At a glance: You can see from the image that this bottle is a little bit different, a little bit quirky and designed to look and feel like a real boob for a more familiar latch to babies transition from breastfeeding or drinking expressed milk. It’s made out of latex which is BPA and EA free with an integrated anti-colic valve. It’s a bit eye-catching with some contrasting colours which may grab your babies attention more than some of the duller ones. If you’re into colours and products which are different then this may be the best baby bottle for you.

What we love: We love that Mimijumi has tried to make the teat close in both appearance and feel of a mother’s real nipple. We love that they’ve made the effort even if it’s probably not the most natural teat we’ve reviewed. Perhaps they are overcompensating for that by adding the skin tone to the latex and make the rest of the bottle so full of colour. The bottle is easy to open and easy to clean in between being loaded with formula or expressed milk. This has been “created with input from designers, mothers, nurses, physicians, and lactation experts” which is a nice gesture but we aren’t sure if it’s 100% correct.

However, in tests at the Best For Mums office, we found this bottle to be serviceable and did work quite well! It didn’t produce wind and the bottle was ergonomic with little fatigue over a long feed. The bottle was, as you’d expect, praised for its striking looks above its performance, however. If you’re looking for the absolute best baby bottle performance wise this ain’t it. This baby bottle has been reviewed quite a bit so we would regard this as ‘thoroughly tested’.

What others have said:

My boy struggled with bottles until I used this one. He is one now and has fed from this bottle beautifully for ten months now. We like it so much we have two. You get over the fact you can’t put it in the microwave and that the cover lid is pants but, the bottle is second to none and worth every penny!

Sam Hunt

I am a nanny and my nanny baby’s mom actually introduced these to me. As an exclusively breastfeed baby I never thought then transitional process would be so easy. We tried a few brands but this ones shape actually met my little nanny baby’s expectations. Great bottle hands down!

Yvette G

Why you should buy: Buy this baby bottle if you’re looking for something that has a natural teat but a striking bottle. A little niche, we know, but that niche might be yours!

No products found.

9. Chicco Natural Feeling Bottle

Chicco Natural Feeling Bottle

At a glance: The Chicco natural feeling bottle is the mainstream manufacturer’s attempt at a baby bottle and it’s a good one. Although it looks like a beaker you’d find in a laboratory it is a very ergonomic and effective method to feed a baby who is used to breastfeeding or a baby fed only on formula milk without them getting colic through to intuitive angle or struggling to work the teat. It is actually a very strong contender for the title of Best For Mums best baby bottle because the price is quite reasonable and performance is of a high standard.

What we love: The key feature for us when we tested this bottle was the twin anti colic valves which produced no colic symptoms whatsoever in any tester baby. Second, the angled design of the natural nipple shaped teat provided a very comfortable feeding experience for the mum which led to very little fatigue of the wrist or arm after a long feeding session. The baby also seemed to appreciate it as they found it much more comfortable and didn’t spend any time adjusting their position to be fed. The angle keeps the bottle full which helps with the colic, too. All in all, this is one of the most comfortable baby bottles to use and for some that may mean it’s the best.

From a practicality point of view, the bottle is BPA free and easy to clean. We couldn’t really fault this baby bottle in all honesty and it was a pleasure to use. But don’t just take our word for it:

What others have said:

When it came to giving Kenzie her first Chicco NaturalFeeling bottle I was very nervous. I don’t know if this happens others but I had thoughts she would take the bottle and wouldn’t want the boob again. I had visions of expressing while eating breakfast, dinner, and tea. Thankfully that didn’t happen. There was not a bother to her, she took to the bottle perfectly. Joe, Kayla, and Frankie all got to bond over a bottle and I got some well-earned rest or played with Kadie.


Finn took to the bottles straight away and it was the first time he ever finished a whole bottle. He had little to no wind thanks to the anti-colic valves. The bottles were easy to clean and are dishwasher safe. I would recommend the Natural Feeling range, especially to parents of a baby who suffers from colic or trapped wind.

Bumps and Roundabouts

Why you should buy: The Chicco Natural Feeling bottle is one of the best anti-colic bottles on the market and it’s very comfortable to use for both. The price point is excellent also. It’s one of the best.

10. Haberman Suckle Feeder

Haberman Suckle Feeder

At a glance: The Haberman suckle feeder is one of the best baby bottles to reduce colic after feeding. It’s advanced valve make it almost impossible to give the baby wind. The angled teat makes it less likely for the baby to overfeed and be overwhelmed with milk making this a very safe bottle to buy.

What we love: The Haberman suckle feeder is a specialist bottle that has picked a niche and became the master of it. We don’t remember trying any baby bottle that produced fewer colic symptoms than this. That said, it was also a very comfortable bottle indeed for both mum and baby with the angled teat and natural-like nipple. It needs some assembling before you can get going but it’s a doddle to do so. It’s sold in single packs 1 which isn’t the most cost effective but it is low risk for those wanting to try before investing too much.

What others have said:

From the first use of this bottle we noticed a huge improvement in baby boys feeding. He no longer coughed and spluttered because he was in control of his feeding. It was a lifesaver.
Baby boy is now no longer using bottles but I would have no hesitation buying these again in the future if I needed to.

Not so perfect parent blog

I love the way it was so close to feeding a baby like a real nipple. This means mums who want to continue for their baby to have breast milk can without them changing get their feeding technique with other bottles.I would buy this and I know many friends would love this product. I would recommend this bottle. You always hear of mums trying to find bottles for breastfed babies but struggle to get a baby to accept a normal bottle. Brilliant product which really does work and puts mums mind at ease that their baby will happily take to a bottle when they are unable to feed themselves.

Claire Styles

Why you should buy: If your baby’s technique isn’t the best with feeding then this bottle is the best for you as we find that it was the most comfortable for babies to use and not get colic. However, if that is not the case then there are plenty of others which are better and cheaper.

No products found.

Do I need a baby bottle?

The question of whether or not you need a baby bottle ultimately comes down to how you’ve been feeding the baby and how you want to feed it moving forward. Here are a couple of examples of when a baby bottle is appropriate:

Formula milk feeding

If you’re planning to feed your baby formula milk or follow on milk then you will absolutely need a baby bottle. If your baby has never been breastfed, however, then having a ‘natural’ teat isn’t essential as they’ve never experienced it before. Instead, it’s important to get a bottle that feels good and doesn’t fatigue the wrists too quickly and a bottle which has a good anti-colic valve to keep the flow of milk steady.

Having a bottle which can be sterilised easily and fits into generic sterilising units is essential as you’re going to do an awful lot of that. We recommend getting a pack with at least 6 bottles if you’re going the formula route as a single bottle won’t be enough.

Feeding them expressed milk

If you’re expressing milk then, of course, you’ll need something to hold it which can either be a bottle or a pot before transferring to a bottle later. For mums who are breastfeeding but are wanting to give their baby expressed milk will need to look for a bottle with specific features to make this partnership work. Look for a bottle with a naturally shaped teat to mimic their mother’s nipples and bottles which can be frozen.

Feeding a bay who is used to being breastfed is arguably the trickiest and that’s why we really do advoate going fro the very best and definitely not the budget option.

Moving on from breastfeeding

If you’ve had enough of breastfeeding and want to move on to a bottle then we’d still recommend getting a baby bottle with a naturally shaped teat to minimise the discomfort for the baby. You wouldn’t necessarily need to buy multipacks for this task and 1 or two should be enough.

Don’t forget that you’ll also need to a sterilising kit along with the bottles which is something you’ll probably not be that used to at this point!


How do we decide which is best?

There are so many baby bottles on the UK market currently and more and more will be added every day. When we decided we wanted to create this article we got together and determined we needed to find some key features that we’d expect to find in a good bottle. We set a plan to come up with specific criteria for each and every bottle we review and only the top 10 which scored highest across the board were able to get into the final list.

This doesn’t mean a bottle needs to have top marks in every section as that would suggest it’s a specialist bottle. Instead, we used the criteria as a guide and applied it as a weighted score. Here are the criterias:


Colic can be a nasty and annoying issue when feeding from a bottle. It won’t cause any permanent problems but it will be a major inconvenience right after a feed which means you’ll need to wind them to get them to feel better. Colic comes from the ingestion of air while feeding which can lead to trapped air and discomfort for the baby – this leads to a very upset baby afterwards.

Always look for a bottle with anti-colic valve and some good reviews to back it up. Every bottle will say they don’t give baby colic which is why we test it ourselves and take a look at what others have said before recommending it. You probably won’t be able to stop colicy symptoms 100% of the time but the best bottle will drastically reduce the occurences of it.

Ergonomic bottle shape

Feeding a baby over a long period of time can fatigue your wrists if the bottle isn’t ergonomically designed and if the teat is such that the baby will have to be held at an awkward angle for them to get the most amount of milk out of it.

Look for a bottle that’s easy to use backed up by genuine reviews.

Easy to suck teat

This one is potentially a deal breaker. A teat that isn’t easy for a baby to use is useless. Even if they aren’t going from breastfeeding to the bottle the teat still needs to have been designed with some thought behind it so that any baby will find it easy to suckle and get the milk.

To be fair, most if not all of the baby bottles in our final top 10 list will have a ‘natural’ teat that imitates a real breast but it’s always worth double checking if you decide to purchase a bottle not on this list.

Cost effective

This is a score that’s difficult to gauge as a product which is expensive isn’t necessarily not worth the money just as a cheap product is a poorly made one. When reviewing a bottle we try and see the value for money for the cost above all else – this is especially handy for parents out there who need a bottle but they are on a tight budget. In saying that, even if you can easily afford any bottle the most expensive one still might not be the best.

Safety compliance

Shockingly, baby bottles are NOT regulated other than the fact that they must use BPA free plastic. However, we want to see baby bottles which are made with plastic which are dishwasher safe, can put up with changing temperatures if you’re planning to freeze milk and can be used with sterilisers.

Just because there are no official government regulations on the manufacturing of baby bottles does not mean that we at Best For Mums can downgrade a bottle if it looks flimsy.

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