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Best Sex Positions to Get Pregnant

Sex is a fun and natural part of a healthy relationship, but it becomes so much more when you have parenthood in mind. Having a baby is the goal of many couples! While there are certainly a number of couples who end up with babies as a happy accident, there are many people going out of their way to conceive.

When you think about it like that, it can add a lot of pressure to you. You aren’t just having sex for you and your partner anymore, but another party in mind. While many couples conceive with no problems at all, there are a significant number of people that have to work for it. Whether you are in the middle of a struggle or just made the decision to jump aboard the journey to parenthood, here are the best sex positions to get pregnant.


Does position make a difference?

In most things involving pregnancy and conception, position is a matter of preference. Unless otherwise instructed by a healthcare professional, never feel the need to do something that you feel uncomfortable with. Now, it is difficult for research to pinpoint exactly which positions work best, but many experts feel that there are certain positions that would make it more likely for you to have a baby.

This more or less has to do with exactly how sex makes a baby. We all know the basics of it, when a male’s sperm reaches the uterus, there is the possibility that there is an egg there to fertilize. What you want to do is get those sperm there and there are a number of sexual positions that may encourage that. While there is no surefire way to get pregnant solely on the position that you have sex in, doctors suggest you think in terms of gravity and deep penetration when investigating the best sex positions to get pregnant.

When and it would make sense that you incorporate in on your desires to get pregnant. Think about it this way, you will not get pregnant the instant that you have sex. Sometimes, it may not even be the same day! The road to conception takes more time than you think and you need to do what you can in order to get the sperm here they need to be.

When trying to conceive, keep in mind that the best sex positions to get pregnant are ones where you keep the semen inside of you for as long as possible. Some doctors recommend that you use sex positions that keep you lying on your back or slightly up, where gravity would be in your favor. Others suggest that you take some time to lay down afterwards, giving the sperm some time to “settle in.” You can even try for positions like doggie style that allow for deep penetration and a quicker route to the egg.
Of course, not doing these things doesn’t ensure that you won’t get pregnant, but if you are looking to get pregnant, these things could really help you.

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Does an orgasm play a part in conception?

Orgasms are one thing that people wonder play a role in conception, and unfortunately, science has not been able to find the answer this time. There are a number of theories over why an orgasm may help in conception, however, the results of these empirical findings have been rather inconclusive.

Some theories argue that the contractions of a woman’s reproductive organs during orgasm encourage sperm retention. Others say that it just makes a woman more tired after intercourse and more likely to get pregnant due to lying down. There is also just the idea that is just encourages girls to actually want sex! But again, studies investigating these ideas have not found concrete evidence consistently, so we really aren’t sure.

While experts argue over whether or not it helps, there is no disagreement that it is not necessary!

This doesn’t mean you should strive for a female orgasm when having intercourse, but can alleviate you from a bit of practice if you may think that is the reason you are having trouble conceiving. Still, having a mutually satisfying sex life is a great way to get started into pregnancy and partners should always feel comfortable about communicating their wants and needs.

Before you go

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Preparing for baby-making sex

Just try to relax! Following advice about the more effective sexual positions and maybe even finding a method to find out when you are most fertile are two great ways where you can try to have a baby. If you have any questions or are really struggling on your own, you can always go to a doctor where they ca give you advice on your reproductive health.

How can the couple get in the mood to increase the chances of conceiving?

When you, as a couple, decide that you want to try for a baby, you are directly agreeing to do what it takes. Unfortunate, and especially when you are trying to conceive, the mood tends to go down quite a bit. This just tends to happen when sex becomes to feel more like a chore than anything else. This doesn’t mean it has to be. Keeping up with communication and making sure to fulfil each other’s needs can lead to an, overall, more satisfying love life and help keep sex more exciting no matter what the circumstance.


Best Positions to get Pregnant

  • Doggy Style: allows for deep penetration
  • Magic Mountain: Much like doggy style, but where the man leans on the woman’s back for support
  • Legs on Shoulders: puts you at an angle the sperm to your cervix
  • Missionary: has you lying on your back which some experts believe  allows for better sperm retention
  • Cowgirl: allows for deep penetration which can encourage implantation
  • Reverse Cowgirl: allows for deep penetration, even with those with a tipped uterus
  • The Wheel barrel: It’s just like it sounds, but don’t let that scare you. It is not as hard as it seems and is the ultimate position in favour of gravity
  • Triangle: where the girl lays back with her legs up and the man enters from the front while kneeling in front of her, this allows for both deep penetration while being tilted back to encourage sperm collection
  • Edge of the bed: this allows you to move around in a much easier position, it makes you feel more comfortable and also allows you to still face your partner where you don’t have to stand up
  • Mermaid Position: like the traditional edge of the bed, but with your legs straight up in the air to encourage sperm flow
  • The Butterfly: and additional twist on the edge of the bed, but where your partner lifts you up a bit more, think like the mermaid but elevated. More advanced but further encourages sperm flow
  • Against a wall: if you’re looking to spice things up when sex becomes to feel like a chore, you can go a little wild and have sex against a wall, you can put your legs up around your partners waist and have fun
  • The handstand: this position is exactly as it sounds and pretty adventurous, the ultimate way to take gravity in your favor but only try it if you are really comfortable with your balancing skills
  • Side by side: keeps the work down for the both of you plus it keeps you down to encourage the sperm to reach the cervix
  • Right angle: if lying down directly with missionary doesn’t work well for you, you can always try this.

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Conception Content Hub

Conception is a tricky subject. Here’s a selection of articles to help you navigate and get pregnant!

Post sex tips

Never try to put yourself in a position that you’re not comfortable with, and remember to always communicate with your partner. If you are still having problems with conceiving, you can contact your health care professional for additional advise.

One thing that can be helpful would be to track your fertility and determine which is the best time over the month for you to conceive. You can determine which is the best time of the month for you to be able to maximize your chances to get pregnant.

Some experts also advise that you lay on your back for 15 min or so. This way, the sperm has time to reach the cervix. If you are really struggling with conceiving, they advise against standing up directly after. While it is not exactly scientifically proven to change so much, it can’t hurt to try!

What are the chances that I will get pregnant?

There is no surefire percentage to determine which of your encounters will get you pregnant. There are some people that try everyday for years with a lot of struggle while others get pregnant by accident using birth control on a single encounter. Everyone is different and the best you can do is take the steps necessary to maximize your chances.

When all else fails, talk to your doctor. They know best and may be able to find a simple solution for an annoying problem.

Sex is fun, and don’t try to stress yourself out too much about it. It can get a little stressful when you’re getting frustrated about a baby, but don’t worry too much. Many couples have been in your situation before, and many of them have entered parenthood.





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